5 ways to upcycle a coat/jacket into something you love


5 ways to upcycle a coat/jacket into something you really love. As winters are around the corner in many parts of the world, it’s time to grab an extra clothing piece to keep yourself warmer and cozier. Now, there are many winter clothing pieces.


For example, coats, jackets, hoodies, sweatshirts, trousers, socks, beanies and the list goes on. However, the main problem is that it is very difficult to find the best clothing items for you according to your shape and size. Besides, good winter items need good investment too. 


Fashion doesn’t mean that you are supposed to spend every penny on the things you love or on the latest fashion trends. But in fact, you need to use your creative mind to reuse and recycle your different old clothing products in order to create some fantastic clothing items. 


In the article below, I am going to tell you 5 different ways to upcycle your old jackets and coats and to create something fascinating for the upcoming winter season. 


So, let’s have a look at them. 


Ways to upcycle a coat/jacket: Add Ruffles and Details


How about adding a little detail to your old leather jacket or coat to create something really exciting? Maybe your leather coat is too long, and you need a low-length coat this season.


Then, take scissors and cut the extra length. Now you can convert this extra fabric into a ruffle or a frill and add it over your coat collars or in front of studs/buttons.


This simple effort can help you to convert the old boring leather coat into an exciting one.


In addition to that, you can also play around with other simple ideas. For instance, adding a waist belt to an old coat, or add up small embroidery pieces. 


Create a new leather bag 


If you have an old leather jacket/coat in your wardrobe, you have to ask yourself if you’ve been wearing it for too long.


Then, it’s the right time to upcycle it and to create something different using the same leather jacket. Take an old leather jacket from your wardrobe and take scissors along with it.


Next, you’ll need a needle along with a thread. Now cut the leather jacket into a circular manner. Cut some long stripes too. After, sew it using a needle and give it the shape of a bag. Now attach the long stripes to the circular body. Finally, you have created your own leather bag using some old clothing items. Isn’t that amazing? 


The idea of reusing old products to create new ones is so soothing, it gives you the confidence that you are doing your part to save this planet. 


Ways to upcycle a coat/jacket: Turn your coat sleeves into a clutch


How many clutches are enough for a lady? The answer is a lot. Have you ever tried turning your coat sleeves into a clutch? If not, then here is a hack for you.


Take out your old leather coat from your wardrobe. Now is the time to cut into a sleeveless woolen coat. Cut the sleeves and fold them to give it the look of a clutch.


For creating this clutch you will be needing scissors, a coat, a needle, and a thread. 


For adding extra beauty to an old simple clutch, you can use other items like add some small embroidery pieces. Or paste some colorful buttons to make this clutch even more attractive and beautiful. 


Refashion your hoodie into a pea coat


Are you tired of wearing the same hoodie all the time? Then don’t worry, you can convert it into a pea coat this season.


Take scissors and cut the hoodie. Now use the extra fabric over the front to give your hoodie the look of a pea coat. 


Pea coats have been in fashion for decades, and they are not going out of fashion anytime soon.


So try this different upcycling trick this season and let me know how you felt.


Ways to upcycle a coat/jacket: Wrapping up


This is an era of sustainable fashion, our earth demands us to be extra sensitive about environmental pollution.


It is the right time to realize that fast fashion is causing a lot of damage to our planet. You can re-use, recycle or upcycle your old clothes to create something new without damaging the environment.


We need to save our planet along with the human beings, and animals living here. 


Do you have some upcycling ideas? If you do, then feel free to share them with us in the comment section below. 



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