Choose the ideal waterproof jacket for you

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Women love fashion, so knowing how to choose the ideal waterproof jacket is vital. This way, you will always look good no matter what happens. Apart from not getting wet, a waterproof jacket has many advantages you can enjoy once you buy one. For you to learn how to choose the ideal model, we have written this article for you.


What kinds of waterproof jackets for women are there?


Before buying a waterproof jacket, you should know that you will find a wide variety of models for women. However, some models manage to stand out more than others thanks to their design or other elements. The good news is that thanks to the diversity of waterproof jackets you can find the model that suits your tastes and best matches your style.


For you to choose the ideal waterproof jacket, you must know the three most used models because they fit the needs of any woman:


Long model waterproof jacket 


fashion Trends and Style - waterproof jacket - jackets

These types of waterproof jackets are usually the most used by women, and the best of all is that they are on the market with different designs.


In fact, there are waterproof jackets with or without a hood. Besides, you can find them in different bright or pastel colors, as well as, with patterns.


Regarding the material, most of these types of jackets are made of polyester and come with different accessories such as zippers, pockets, buttons, and their sides are usually wide to provide more comfort.


Short model waterproof jacket 


fashion Trends and Style - waterproof jacket - jackets

The frequency of use of this type of jacket is during the winter because they fit perfectly to the body to prevent the cold from passing through.


Concerning the designs, the short model waterproof jackets can be found in both colorful and sober colors to please everyone’s taste.


One of the biggest advantages of these jackets is that they are breathable.


That is why they are usually used when doing any type of outdoor sport, such as jogging or a sedentary lifestyle.


Short model waterproof jacket 


fashion Trends and Style - waterproof jacket - jackets

In general, the short model waterproof jacket is not as popular as the ones already mentioned. However, it is important to note that they fulfill their function well by providing quality waterproofing.


Its design is very characteristic since, unlike other waterproof jackets, the ponchos are wider and do not have sleeves.


The material used for its manufacture can be very varied, and you can find a wide variety of models, either the kangaroo type, with a zipper or buttons.


There are even models of ponchos that have some pockets of different sizes on the sides.


How to wear a waterproof jacket for women?


fashion Trends and Style - waterproof jacket - jackets

This point is very important since to look good you must correctly choose the waterproof jackets that will complement your look. That is why, depending on the type of jacket you choose, you can combine it in different ways.


When we talk about the long raincoat, these are perfect when combined with mom or skinny pants. Similarly, you can mix them with skirts and short and midi dresses. And if you are one of the women who cannot leave the house without boots, you can take the opportunity to use high, low boots, with a military or sporty touch.


If you have decided on a short raincoat, you should know that these look great with skinny pants or joggers so that you feel much more comfortable. And to finish completing your look, you can opt for sweatshirts of any style and sports shoes.


Now, if your final decision is waterproof ponchos, although they are the least popular they can also be combined to achieve a great outfit. For example, these types of jackets look great with tight-fitting clothes, so you can take advantage of them to wear skinny pants or leggings.


Regarding footwear, here you will have the opportunity to choose any sports footwear, and if you choose boots you should ensure that they are low.

How to choose a good raincoat?


This point is of great relevance since before buying a waterproof jacket you should know which option is best for you. To do this, before purchasing your waterproof jacket, it is important to take into account the following factors:




fashion Trends and Style - waterproof jacket - jackets

This is usually a very personal characteristic since each of the women has different tastes.


Therefore, the idea is that you can choose the waterproof jacket with which you can feel most comfortable, and for this, you will find a wide variety on the market.


So, let’s see what will be the ideal waterproof jacket for you taking into account your style. If you like a very casual but sporty look, there’s nothing better than a short jacket.


Now, if your goal is to pay attention to fashion trends and your style is more elegant, a long jacket will be perfect for you.




fashion Trends and Style - waterproof jacket - jackets

All the waterproof jackets on the market have different materials. This is because each jacket has functions that distinguish them.


Among the materials used is nylon, and it is very flattering under extreme conditions as it is waterproof and breathable. On the other hand, there is also polyvinyl chloride (PVC). This is a very waterproof material and with it, you can make transparent or reflective jackets.


Another of the materials used to make waterproof jackets is polyurethane thanks to its high impermeability. In addition to this, being such a light fabric it is breathable and has great resistance.


Just as these materials are used for this type of jacket, there are also EVA and polyester. They are materials that have excellent characteristics as they are waterproof, reusable, and respectful for the environment.


Watch out 


Like other garments, waterproof jackets need some care for their durability. Because of this, you should read what their washing and maintenance instructions are. In any case, it’s best to wash them individually with mild soap and no fabric softeners.


Besides, you must wash these types of jackets with a short cycle, cold water, and from time to time. Finally, you shouldn’t keep them in the closet or your bag when it is still wet.


What is the best waterproof jacket for women?


fashion Trends and Style - waterproof jacket - jackets

To choose the best waterproof jacket for women, you also need to pay attention to its materials. After this, you must also check that the seams are in perfect condition.


Be on the lookout for cracks in the material too.


In the same way, have in mind that these jackets differ in price. It all depends on the brand and its materials.


Thanks to our tips, you’ll be able to choose the best model for you. This way, you won’t ever have to worry about the rain.