Wardrobe pyramid: the basic clothes you must have for every occasion

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Have you read or heard about this? A wardrobe pyramid. And if you know little or nothing about the subject, you came here at the right time. Because today we will talk about this topic and how it helps you get the most out of your wardrobe.


The wardrobe pyramid is a fashion strategy that shows us what types of pieces and what quantity we should have available for our day-to-day, work, seasonal seasons, outings and accessories.


It is a tool that helps us visualize what is necessary for our wardrobe. So, if you go shopping, do it to the right extent and get functional garments. And not so many of the season or that are in fashion, since perhaps with time will not help you much.


It is also possible that you have many clothes you do not wear and have forgotten. That is why this pyramid is a good option when purging and rescuing what is still in force. And to donate or discard what you definitively won’t use.


So, stop spending hours trying on clothes and not getting anything that convinces you. With this, you will be able to determine how your closet should be made up. So that it has what is necessary and helps you put together quality outfits at all times.


Before starting, the tip represents the garments to which we should give less importance in the pyramid. And the base would be the mainline.


Accessories and finishing touches (5%)


Fashion Trends and Style - Wardrobe pyramid basic clothes - clothes

The number represents the percentage that this first station of the pyramid must cover.


As we said before, the tip represents what we must downplay.


All those accessories that we must have to give the final touch to our look are grouped in this category.


Pieces of jewelry or costume jewelry such as earrings, chains, necklaces, and rings. And others, such as hats, gloves, glasses, scarves, pashminas, etc., become part of your look. So, when buying in this department, choose well and go for pieces that you can wear with several clothes.


Another important detail is that you do not bother to acquire large quantities. But have quality accessories that assure you they will last over time, both for the material and its timelessness.


Seasonal clothing and special garments (10%)


Fashion Trends and Style - Wardrobe pyramid basic clothes - clothes

At this point, we will talk about those trending garments that go viral and everyone wants. People buy them to be immediately fashionable or wear them for a special occasion.


Certainly, we always seek to follow the current in the latest releases, but before splurging large amounts on this type of piece, be honest. Determine if what you want to get will be functional in your closet in the future. Make sure you will be able to take advantage of it with other garments and that it goes well with basics. Because this type of clothing tends to go out of style quickly.


Of course, it does not imply nor are we telling you to reject trends. Since we know how tempting it is to have the latest that is being used. In addition to the fact that it makes us feel good. Only that, choose wisely and try to pick pieces of clothing that you can continue to use over time.


We can also mention the clothes used in specific seasons in this category. If you live in a place where you can enjoy all four seasons, you know how long you will last wearing coats, cool dresses, boots, and any other pieces of clothing that correspond to specific months.


For this reason, just as you shouldn’t lose your head over seasonal clothes, don’t overload yourself with too many winter clothes either. For example, if winter doesn’t last as long in your region.


Formal wear or for outings (10%)


Fashion Trends and Style - Wardrobe pyramid basic clothes - clothes

Or also known as party clothes.


This type of clothing is the one that we use less frequently. Since it is used for those outings, usually at night, or for special events that require special clothing.


Here are dresses, heels, and striking accessories. Therefore, if you are going to arm yourself in this line, try to buy a black dress. It can be medium length or a cocktail dress. Choose shoes in nude tones that combine with everything and sandals. Add some garments with glitter along with skirts and jackets. And one or another piece in velvet or similar textile that looks elegant.


Everything is focused on long-term functionality.


Casual wear (20%)


Fashion Trends and Style - Wardrobe pyramid basic clothes - clothes

With casual clothing, we reach the middle of the pyramid. And here we make a super important stop because it is about the clothing we use daily. We are not referring to basic garments, but to that clothing that you like and that goes well daily. Therefore, you should focus on what you choose to combine with each other and always give you successful combinations.


Pieces such as jeans, t-shirts, jackets, shirts, printed garments, and trendy colors will help you create those combinations to look perfect daily. And on occasions that may require a slightly more formal and less casual look too, by just including good accessories to give that superior touch.


Work clothes (20%)


Fashion Trends and Style - Wardrobe pyramid basic clothes - clothes

You may be wondering why this ranking has 20%. It is because we spend most of the day at work.


If you are one of those who work outside home in a company or office, you know what we are talking about.


That is why it is so important to have garments that allow us to put together an outfit exclusively to show in our workplace.


Remember that we will reflect a specific image from the dress where professionalism must come out.


There is always an implicit dress code in the workplace. So, leaning towards neutral colors, tailored suits, long, mid-length, or below-the-knee skirts, pants, shirts, blazers, and low heels is relevant.


However, there is no reason to think this girl should be dull. Remember to play with color whenever you can, and your workplace allows it and bring this clothing to life.


Basics (35%)


Fashion Trends and Style - Wardrobe pyramid basic clothes - clothes

We reach the base of our pyramid. And it´s not a surprise to find the basics that we talk about tirelessly.


It is considered the most fundamental category. Because, from a good supply of basic garments, it can be said that you have a functional wardrobe. A closet prepared for everything, always like a weapon up your sleeve.


And why are they so necessary? Thanks to their practicality, simplicity, and neutrality. These are easily adapted to other garments and serve as the basis for putting together any look.


One of the rules to follow is to combine basics with trends and thus have a modern image.


To do this, we briefly remind you what pieces are the basics of the closet: jeans, t-shirts, blazers, black dresses, white shirts, cardigans, garments in neutral tones, and leather jackets.


Now that you know the wardrobe pyramid, its classification, and its importance, you will be able to refine or load your closet efficiently to achieve successful outfits at all times.