Bigger is better: How volume is taking over the 2021 fashion world

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Bigger is better: How volume is taking over the 2021 fashion world. Ultimately, the world of fashion is something that keeps you on your toes all the time. If you are not careful, poof! By magic, there are already three different trends and four garments that should no longer be worn. Crazy, right?! Well, yes, and I am here with you trying to keep up to date. It’s like a race, but without a goal!


This time I come to talk to you about maxi dresses, also called dresses with volume or Poetic Armor. A trend that will be one of the most important trends according to street style.


What is poetic armor?


Fashion Trends and Style - volume - poetic armor

No, it’s not that you will rush out to a play and recite Shakespeare’s classic Hamlet.


Although some of us have the dream of being theatrical actresses!


However, it’s a trend inspired by the retro wave that consists of tiered ruffles, puffed sleeves, and structural volumes.


It’s no secret to anyone that volume has taken over this year’s runways.


Either for comfort or for a new adventure that generates naturalness and simplicity.


What trends follow this in 2021?


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With a maxi dress, you will always be in trend this year. Sometimes, we can think that this kind of garment is very exaggerated; or that it will not favor us when going out on the street.


And, worse still, we can even feel ashamed for what others will say. Here’s when I come and say, do you dress for others? I hope the answer is no.


We have been moving back to the past, current trends are those that, in the case of poetic armor, arrived in the 13th century when garments began to acquire a significant volume.  These outfits sought a beautiful figure that could even generate emotions in others.


So, this year at fashion week dresses with volumes are once again at stake for this season.


What can you wear to join the volume trend?


Dresses with volume


Fashion Trends and Style - volume - dresses

Taking this trend to the next level is Simon Porte Jacquemus’ specialty on the catwalks.


He brought volume to the bottom of long dresses and, for contrast, used thin straps and simple silhouettes at the neckline of his dresses.


That’s why poetic armor is a concept that manages to create romance and aesthetics.


However, we can also find bulky mini dresses with voluminous staggering details and a fitted waist. Others wrapped in tulle or ornamented with feathers and strident polka dots.


Bulky sleeves


Puffed cuts are an interesting proposal that designers have not left behind on their catwalks. That’s why the proposal of extremely voluminous sleeves, such as lantern sleeves and balloon sleeves have become so popular. They were shown with various color palettes that vary between light blue, blue-black, and white.


Structural shape volume


In chromatic tones between white, black, and lime green, Sukeina proposed on her catwalk, while Balmain raised blazers, jackets, and dresses inspired by shoulder pads and sleeves in a structural way.


How can I incorporate volume in my outfit?


Fashion Trends and Style - volume - outfit

First, I must confess that it is not usually very simple, that is why I want to explain it to you. It can be incorporated through sleeves, statement shoulders, flared skirts, or even under the dress. In case you’re wondering, how do I know which structure can suit me best? The idea is that the voluminous skirts at the top are used by those who have small hips concerning the shoulders.


If, on the other hand, you have small shoulders, you can opt for dresses or garments with puff sleeve cuts, ham, or lantern.


Finally, if your figure is rectangular, dresses fitted at the waist with ostentatious volumes in different areas of the garment will be the ideal option for you.


What to do to be fashionable?


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First, you must invest time and dedication. Finding your ideal style is what will help you to maintain a sense of what you wear. However, understand that all the clothes and outfits that you apply in your life must show who you are without overdoing it. For this, the trick is to wear them with attitude and harmony. That is, without exaggeration.


On the other hand, not everything revolves around corsets. Today, many designers have added an armor style to their designs. So, you want to join this trend, but don’t want to go overboard, all you have to do is play with elements that visually provide what you want to achieve.


An example is to combine a blouse with a long vest and metallic fabrics. For example, you can use a black skirt, to create an incredible combination. Same with the hips. The metallic fabric of the skirt could create volume in this part of your body. And combined with black or white and satin blouses, you will shine like a star.


However, if what you like is the medieval era, choose a total silver look of pants with a pleated blazer.


Counteract volume with tight clothing


Fashion Trends and Style - volume - Clothing

To avoid wearing a bizarre style, the best way is to wear it with something tighter, either on the top or bottom. That is, if we wear Danna Paola-type sleeves, it is best to wear them with tight jeans and high heels. And if you want low volume with baggy pants or flared skirts, counter with a fitted top.


Without a doubt, any of these options can lengthen your figure, and even more so when it comes to pants. For example, high rise is the perfect style to lengthen your figure.


Now, if you want a dress with a lot of volume on the shoulders, make sure they are of a linear and straight cut. Otherwise, it will give the impression of making your torso larger.


However, there is, for now, there’s no fashion rule telling you to not wear volume everywhere. Nonetheless, balance is important. So, why don’t you try a crop top with voluminous sleeves and a flared pair of jeans at the waist? You can even cinch it around your waist with a belt.


What do you think about it? Would you use this new trend in your day today? What do you think is the perfect combination? At Fashion Trends, we seek to continue bringing you the new and innovative you need for your wardrobe.