Get to know the types of sandals and how to use each one

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Get to know the types of sandals and how to use each one. The world of shoes is simply enchanting and fascinating. Within it, we find many models, each with different designs in various colors and styles to satisfy all tastes. The sandal is a very common type of shoe and is considered mandatory in the wardrobe.


Gone is the belief and practice that this type of footwear was exclusively used on formal occasions. The sandal has evolved and been versioned a lot. So, today we find it in different shapes and styles, each intended for a specific use.


If you love sandals or it is your favorite model when shopping, you have come to the right place! Because today we will tell you about the existing models and how each should be used according to the occasion.


What are the types of sandals and their uses?




Fashion Trnds and Style - Get to know the types of sandals and how to use each one - sandals

Their sole is flush with the ground, they are very comfortable, and we find them in infinite colors. Those with several straps to go around the foot and part of the leg are very popular today.


We can also find them in neutral, metallic, basic, vibrant, and colorful colors. They are ideal for daily use, and when it comes to informal occasions. These sandals are very common in the summer season, looking great with shorts, skirts, dresses, and pants, among others.


They are perfect for when you want a not-so-formal look, if the occasion calls for something casual, and if the place lends itself to dressing in a relaxed way. However, they are also perfect for formal outdoor events such as beaches and gardens when the outfit goes with them.


Today we find models with a wider sole and in materials such as cork, rubber, etc., which give greater support to the foot and comfort, widely worn for daily use.




Fashion Trnds and Style - Get to know the types of sandals and how to use each one - sandals

It is considered an intermediate model between the flat sandal and the wedge sandal (which we will see below). To better describe them, we can refer to the trend set by Valentino in previous months, with its Barbie Core pink color, which went viral, being found in various colors and materials.


If you still don’t know which model we are talking about, the platform-style sandal is the one that leaves a space between the front part and the heel or, if you prefer, in the middle. The toes rest on a thick surface, and the heel is usually broad and long, both aligned to support the foot and add height if you want to look taller.


Tips when choosing platform sandals:


  • Go for a model firmly attached to the foot and thus avoid risks of an ankle sprain.
  • Try to choose a lightweight model to avoid friction that causes injuries. These are also more comfortable to wear.
  • Platforms are ideal for casual and day-to-day looks and should be avoided for formal occasions.




Fashion Trnds and Style - Get to know the types of sandals and how to use each one - sandals

Some people call them platforms. However, they are not the same model. This model has no spaces in the middle or holes like the previous design since the sole covers from the tip to the heel area.


They can be found in different heights and measurements, and the comfort they provide will depend on this. There are also many colors and materials in which we can find a pair of wedge sandals, making them look more or less casual.


It is usual to wear them daily, either to work or for casual plans. Some more elaborate models are used for the night and more formal looks. However, they are not fancy shoes that should be worn for events of this type or etiquette.


If you like comfort and looking put-together, this option is perfect for you.




Fashion Trnds and Style - Get to know the types of sandals and how to use each one - sandals

With a structure similar to the platforms, without the characteristic thickness of their front part and heel, they are the model for formal occasions par excellence. And they come in greater or lesser heights, colors, and materials to combine with any garment.


Its use is reserved mainly for formal events.


However, thanks to trends and the breaking of paradigms, they can also be worn for casual meetings, even with jeans, and you will still look great.




Fashion Trnds and Style - Get to know the types of sandals and how to use each one - sandals

A trend that is here to stay is the flatform, which, as its name suggests, combines flats, which alludes to this type of shoe that is flush with the ground, without any height, and platforms, where the main feature is the thickness of the sole. So, we have a casual sandal, for daily use, that will make you gain a few centimeters without compromising your comfort at any time.


Of course, its use is for spring and summer. And for walks to the park, picnics, visits to the beach, or when you have to do your errands, not for casual and formal outings.




This is that sandal that only has a thin strip that is embedded in the separation of the first toe from the rest and is flush with the ground without holding on to the heel.


It is a very old model, and it is used even to be at home, without leaving aside visits to the beach where they gain popularity since they are typical of this place and season.




Fashion Trnds and Style - Get to know the types of sandals and how to use each one - sandals

Inspired by Greek styling and their way of dressing, this type of sandals combines comfort and sophistication, even in the most informal models such as flats, where this type of detail is very common.


We also find this type of strap in high-heeled, platform, and wedge sandals. They are a perfect detail to wear with skirts, shorts, and dresses that show off your legs and look very sexy.


Cuban Heel


This trend became popular in the last six months, being a proposal that contains comfort and style. It is characterized by its square heel, like cowboy boots, with some models having a slight curvature at the back. In some, we see the presence of the long straps described in the previous model, which makes them look more striking. We can find them in a wide variety of colors, but the most popular are pastel tones.


They can be worn for casual occasions and when you require something more elaborate. You will still look perfect, and what´s best, all without compromising your comfort.


How to wear sandals according to the height of the heel?


  • 2 to 4 centimeters

It is the right size to wear daily, providing elegance and comfort at the same time.


  • 5 to 7 centimeters

Ideal for use at work and casual outings, or occasions where you have to stay on your feet for a long time. Just like the previous one, they will make you look elegant but are still comfortable.


  • 8 to 11 centimeters

They are recommended for formal occasions, which will give you extra height, and are usually very showy and elegant models. However, other models provide the most comfort to the foot and body in general, but not this one.


  • 12 centimeters or more

Like the previous one, they are worn at formal events. They stylize the figure and give you height but sacrificing a lot of comfort. So, we recommend taking an extra pair when fatigue is extreme.


We hope this guide helps you identify the models and which ones you use the most. And also helps you when you have to go out in search of a specific model without forgetting to consider the heel, its height, and comfort.


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