Types of bags and their uses

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Handbags or bags are undoubtedly accessories that end up giving that final touch to your look.


In addition to being part of the outfit, because it´s considered an accessory, it is also a useful complement. As it gives us the support to carry our essential items.


The bag, therefore, has become an essential part of our day-to-day life.


Some people reject its use because they don´t like to have anything in their hands. While others are the personification of Mary Poppins and even take a lamp out of their bag.


Whatever your case, it´s always helpful to know the types of handbags that exist and their uses. And most importantly, which ones we should use depending on each occasion.


What are the types of bags and their uses?


Let’s start by defining what types of bags exist:


Tote or Tote Bag


Fashion Trends and Style -Types of bags and their uses - Bags

It´s a type of large bag, square and broad. And It´s characterized by its ability to store a good number of things.


We find it in various materials, colors, and patterns and with different handles.


From long to short to carry them both on the shoulder and the forearm. It´s a very casual type of bag.


Uses: You can wear it both day and night. It´s common to use it for the office and casual day or night outings.




Fashion Trends and Style -Types of bags and their uses - Bags

We know the crossbody bag for being carried mischievously from one side of the body to the other. But you can also wear it traditionally hanging from the shoulder.


They´re usually a little smaller than the tote model. And they typically come with the option to use several handles, and they are super practical.


There are many versions of this model. It only depends on the brand that manufactures it.


Uses: Like the tote, this bag can be carried daily. Its way of carrying it crosswise makes it practical, allowing you to carry your hands-free. Also, it´s perfect for evening looks.




Fashion Trends and Style -Types of bags and their uses - Bags

Also known as an envelope bag, this bag is relatively small. You usually carry it in hand, so it’s another way of identifying it as a handbag.


However, we can see it with its long handles hanging from the shoulder.


Uses: It´s a type of bag that was only intended for the evening and elegant events. Still, this model has been versioned, and today, we can see it on a daily basis. Always providing a chic touch to a casual outfit.




Fashion Trends and Style -Types of bags and their uses - Bags

It resembles the tote model; it´s equally big and of rectangular or square-like shape. With the difference that its material is firmer (hence its name structured) than the tote. And its designs are usually a little more elaborate and elegant.


You can wear it with a short and a long handle to carry it as a shoulder strap.


Uses: It´s a lovely model you can wear to the office when we want a more detailed and neater look. And it´s perfect for nights out.




Fashion Trends and Style -Types of bags and their uses - Bags

Called bundles or backpacks, they are super practical and informal. They are generally carried on one shoulder but on the back, which leaves our hands free.


They usually have a good capacity for our things, including books and laptops. We find them in countless designs and various sizes.


Uses: As we already mentioned, its use is informal, and is you wear it for the day. However, we can find shiny models with patent material ideal for the night.




It alludes to a bowling bag with short handles, but the model is usually elongated. They also adapt to the structured mode because they are made of firm materials.


Uses: They´re perfect for day-to-day office and casual events both day and night.




Fashion Trends and Style -Types of bags and their uses - Bags

It´s a small type of bag, like a clutch, you can carry it on the shoulder. And it´s versatile in its designs,bags finding the right one for day or night.


They are compact to carry just what is necessary.


Uses: Its use is mainly reduced to occasional outings or events due to its small size. Still, you can wear it during the day or at night.




It has a single handle, and they are pretty wide. Their material is not very firm. They´re casual bags, and their style resembles the tote and structured bags.


Uses: They are spacious and comfortable. You can wear them daily, to the office, and even nights out.


Maxi bag


As their name indicates, they are large, wide bags. We can find them in various materials and styles.


Uses: They´re perfect for hand luggage. And in canvas or light fabric models, they are perfect for summer at the beach and pool.


Shoulder strap


Fashion Trends and Style -Types of bags and their uses - Bags

It´s very similar to the crossover and clutch. This bag is small, made to carry on a single long handle crossing the body, and leaves you, like others, your hands-free.


It´s very convenient, although it doesn´t have too much space.


Uses: It can be perfect for traveling. And for carrying what you need in nights out where you don’t need to carry many things.




It bears a strong resemblance to a teacher’s bag. You carry it crosswise or by its short handle in hand.


It´s spacious and ideal if you carry a laptop, documents, and folders for your work.


Uses: It´s limited to the workplace.


Doctor bag


Fashion Trends and Style -Types of bags and their uses - Bags

As its name implies, it has the appearance of a doctor’s bag. Its style is retro. This model is also spacious and very comfortable to store many things. Besides, its handles are short, so you carry it in hand or on the forearm.


Uses: Ideal for the office and daily use.


Partying bag


Here we can find a repeated mode when talking about a clutch-type bag. With the difference that we see them with bright fabrics, appliqués, stone embroidery, beading, which gives a striking and elegant look.


Uses: Only for elegant night or day events.

What´s the difference between a handbag and a bag?


Fashion Trends and Style -Types of bags and their uses - Bags

A question that arises is the difference between a bag and a handbag.


All of them are bags. However, handbags are worn at night for being small with more careful and elegant designs.


While the bag refers to the large, informal, and oriented to use them daily and frequently.


I hope this guides you when choosing your ideal bag.