Tricks to wear oversize clothing if you are short

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It’s not because I’m short that I love to talk about what looks good on us. Actually, it’s important that all of us, regardless of size and height, know about our body type and what is the perfect fit.


Now, for no one is a secret that in fashion there are trends that forget about short women and we notice that when we buy pants that fit us perfectly at the waist but you have to fly to grab the hem or simply fold the boot.


Besides, we also see that when they refer to XXL or oversize sizes, for example, jackets, all of them are so long that they serve as a napkin. To that, we add the suit pants and the arrival of the ankle boots that remain centimeters.


However, there is some way to play with these clothes and not die trying, so today in Fashion Trends we are going to explain how to dress oversize if you are short, so that it is functional and looks very chic.


How do I have to dress if I’m short?


Fashion Trends and Style - Tricks to wear oversize clothing if you are short

Women of short stature can also be fashionable when it comes to wearing oversize garments, you have to learn to play with size and you will automatically gain centimeters visually. What is the secret formula? The proportion.


It is considered that if we measure less than 1.60 cm we are minions and dressing well can be a headache for many. But do not worry! Everything will be fine. Read on to find out what to wear and what to avoid to look good!


Show the instep with the shoes.


Forget about shoes that have bracelets or straps on the ankles and everything that cuts this area, because what you get is to shorten the legs. You should always seek to create vertical lines, nothing horizontal, and shoes always with a pointed finish.


Monochrome is your best ally.


Fashion Trends and Style - Tricks to wear oversize clothing if you are short

This look stylizes and optically lengthens several centimeters. It is best used with clothes of simple cuts. If it is oversize, you can choose the same, always simple cuts. The minimal must become your best ally.


Go for a trench coat or long coat.


This garment will always flatter to create a tall silhouette. Especially in oversize garments, because you can adjust it at the waist that will help open the neckline that is so flattering when it comes to achieving height.


In each outfit, enhance the waist. 


Why? Because if you mark the waist, the legs lengthen. Even in oversize, each garment or coat, a jacket that you decide to wear, is flared at the waist to always hit the mark. It can be with a belt or a strap.


Always high-waisted pants.


Fashion Trends and Style - Tricks to wear oversize clothing if you are short

The taller, the better, because it will help your legs look endless, even with baggy pants. I recommend you go from skirts to the hips or pants to the hips. Pants in pastel colors that are in fashion, or cut to the ankles, I assure you that it will never be a failure.


Your allies: mini skirts


I love them because they favor you a lot. Always above the knee. They help accentuate the waist and hide the hips. It will make you look taller. If you combine it with an oversize jacket, it will be a great success.




It is perfect to lengthen the torso, stylize and enhance the figure. The V-neckline flatters all body types. Yes to everyone. Matching long necklaces or an oversized blazer and straight-cut shirts.


Show your ankles.


Without fear, even if it seems ironic. You can wear it in cropped pants, culotte type, wide. But always showing your ankles, because it will help you look taller than you are.


What not to wear if you are short?


Fashion Trends and Style - Tricks to wear oversize clothing if you are short

We all want to be fashionable and occasionally wear what is in trend. We always want to look fabulous; it is the law of life. Now, you must take into account that there are certain style errors that we must avoid, especially when wearing oversize garments.


Nothing on the hip.


This applies to oversize garments. It will make you look smaller and disproportionate because it can give the impression of lengthening the torso.


Zero boots that reach beyond the calves.


This generates a duality because some think that they can lengthen, however, I recommend that when wearing oversize, you keep ankle boots.


No big prints.


Fashion Trends and Style - Tricks to wear oversize clothing if you are short

It is oversize, however, we do not want too exaggerated prints, because they can eat you. Literal. Especially the horizontal stripes, because you will gain width instead of height.


Oversize with oversize. 


It’s not that you can’t use them, it’s that you can’t combine them. Because the idea is that you learn to mix with others that frame the figure and give you proportion and balance.


Thick platforms. 


Always proportional to the size of your body, because although they serve the function of increasing the size, you can make the legs look shorter.


What kind of shoes should a short woman wear?


I hope you are more than clear that shoes are important when we wear any outfit. Any! Not only because of how beautiful they are but because they help to stylize or not your silhouette. Yes, you read that right!


If you are petite, shoes will be your best allies, because it is through design, height, and color that you can look taller and lighter. So, I invite you to pay attention to:


Classic heels.


Fashion Trends and Style - Tricks to wear oversize clothing if you are short

They will help your legs appear longer and slimmer. Especially in pointed ends, because they will visually lengthen you.


Ankle straps.


As long as you are not wearing pants, or anything heavy. These sandals are perfect for summer and try not to make the straps too wide.


Mule type.


If you don’t want too much height, these are perfect for you. It will help you look light and fresh. If it is a fine point, the better.


How do I favor oversize garments?


Fashion Trends and Style - Tricks to wear oversize clothing if you are short

First, let’s talk about balance. Think of the inverted pyramid. Is there a way to do it without making a mistake the first time? Yes of course! One of the tricks is to combine an oversized jacket with skinny jeans and ankle boots.


On the other hand, you can use the wide leg with oversize jackets and ankle boots. The trick is that the rise of the pants is high.


Now, you can apply pleats in the boots to generate the visual impact of looking taller. And if you wear a bullfighter, open up space to create the illusion of a tall torso.


What do you think of these tricks? Would you apply them?