Tricks to not always wear the same clothes

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I don’t know if it happens to you but, no matter how many clothes I buy, end up wearing the same blouse and pants as always. What happens is that ultimately, with them, I feel comfortable and confident, so I keep repeating them. At least until I get bored and open the closet with the typical question, what should I wear?


That’s why one day I said: this can’t go on like this, I have to vary. So I shook myself out of my comfort zone and told myself, “enough of always showing the same thing, you have to innovate”. Then I realized that my problem was based on the disorganization of my closet. However, this isn’t the only reason.


In this sense, in Fashion Trends, we have compiled a series of tricks so that you don’t wear the same clothes every day. Let’s innovate! Let’s be more original and dare to use different things! Ready for this adventure? Keep reading!


How to stop wearing the same clothes?


Fashion Trends and Style - Tricks to not always wear the same clothes - clothing

I tell you that wearing the same clothes isn’t always our fault. At least not so directly, but from our brain that, in its effort to save functions, always looks for the known. However, not everything will be an easy task, it’s about changing behavior. Next, I’ll show you recommendations to hack that function. Take note!


Clean out the closet.


This is the first step to knowing what your clothes are. Believe me when I tell you that sometimes we have things in storage and we don’t even remember them.


Take your time to test.


While you clean and take out those things that you didn’t know you had, I invite you to take some time to put together some outfits for the week. I recommend that those combinations be creative and that you feel super comfortable with them. Also, while you measure yourself, put on some fun music and enjoy the process.


Be consistent.


I invite you to be aware of this process and for at least a month, use everything you have in the closet, without repeating. That is, if you have already used a garment, don’t use it again until you rotate everything you have in the closet.


You can write down in a notebook how you feel about the combinations, which ones you like, and which ones make you feel better. Take photos and document the process. With those that you don’t feel too comfortable, also write down and thus become aware of what you like and don’t like. So when you go out to buy clothes again, you will know what you like and what you don’t like.


Go for unexpected pieces.


If you’ve already turned everything around and you’re wearing the same thing again, include something unexpected in your outfit. Something that helps you break the habit of using the same thing. It can be accessories, shoes, jackets, even a nice different makeup.


Be conscious.


The mistake is to fall into the so-called “automatic pilot.” It is very important that you are more aware of understanding and knowing how you want to look and what you want to wear, as well as what you want to project. Work constantly to make it a reality.


Overcoming this habit will not be too easy, but it will not be impossible if you start applying these tricks that can help you. Trust me!


How to do to dress well every day?


Fashion Trends and Style - Tricks to not always wear the same clothes - clothing

Now, if you find yourself in that “what do I wear” and what you want is to see yourself original, different, and very in trend, we have already broken with that brain programming and we want to change, look good every day and impress ourselves in front of the mirror.


Fashion Trends knows how to achieve it, and I am going to explain it to you with some basic tips that will take the minimum of your daily effort.


The minimum effort catches your attention, right? I know!


Acquire quality basics.


This is the primary advice of all. You must have a good wardrobe background because it will be the base of all the looks you want to put together. That is why I recommend a sweater, a pair of jeans, cotton t-shirts, shirts in basic tones, dress pants, a dress or a neutral skirt. As well as a blazer.


Garments in neutral colors.


Building the perfect practical wardrobe always needs a good option that never fails, that is why garments in neutral tones are chosen because they are easy to combine and allow you to play with trends.


Prints and accessories. 


We not only have to have neutral tones in the closet. That is why I invite you to choose patterns or bright colors to get out of the monotony. While the accessories will help you give air to the look, such as a belt, scarf, necklace, or rings.


What is the best way to dress well?


Fashion Trends and Style - Tricks to not always wear the same clothes - clothing

Now that you know everything you need to know to avoid wearing the same blouse and the same pants as always, I bring you some keys to dress well with everything you have, even if they are basic garments.


Without being a fashion expert, you must follow these tips to impress with good taste and style, since the image is everything. It has power, especially over first impressions.


Avoid wrinkles and lack of buttons.


You should hang your clothes well and put them away immediately after wearing or washing them. Never leave her out there without paying attention to her.


Footwear is always clean.


Unless you are coming from an amusement park, beach, or camping day. If you are going out, your shoes should always be kept clean. No battered or chipped heels.


Forget about torn clothes.


Zero “holes that are not seen”. No sir. Those broken make you lower the level. It does not matter that they are not seen, because you know it. So sew your garment and if there is no arrangement, buy a new one.


How to improve my way of dressing?


Fashion Trends and Style - Tricks to not always wear the same clothes - clothing

Yes, we are already on our way and putting aside wearing the same clothes and now we want to look better and in this way consciously and constantly get out of our comfort zone. What do you think? Write down!


Wear something that scares you.


Dare yourself! That which you took out of your closet when you were cleaning it and left it in the pile to give away or you just don’t want to use because you don’t know if it goes well or not, put it on! Pair it with some clothes that you feel might fit you.


Donate what makes you feel comfortable.


I know nothing is more comfortable than those home pants that you’ve had since high school. However, I invite you to get out of them and look for something new.


What do you think of these tricks? Will you apply them to make it different? From Fashion Trends, we hope that they will be useful for you and that from now on you will be inspired to do it differently.