5 Trendy Skirts this 2023

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5 Trendy Skirts this 2023. The biggest fashion figures have already discussed the trend for this spring-summer season in 2023. And the most popular looks in street style include different types of skirts.


Now preppy styles and short skirts are more fashionable, but midi skirts have also become popular. This type of garment is gaining more and more space in the fashion world, not only because of its versatility but also because of its comfort. Without a doubt, they provide a modern and very chic outfit.


If you want to dress in a relaxed way without looking messy and feeling free, skirts are for you. This article will show you the 5 trendy skirts this 2023.


Pleated Midi Skirt


Fashion Trends and Style - 5 Trendy Skirts this 2023 - Skirts

It is a versatile, comfortable garment that has been a trend for a long time. And its great relevance will continue. Especially the long midi, which is currently very popular.


You can find them in neutral colors, vibrant tones, prints, or however you prefer. You must have them in your closet if you want to be fashionable for the spring-summer season this 2023.


It is easy to combine them because they go with practically everything, but we recommend you wear them with sneakers or flat sandals. They are very fresh thanks to their fine and fluid fabric.


Mini Skirt


Fashion Trends and Style - 5 Trendy Skirts this 2023 - Skirts

Miu Miu has set the mini skirt trend this year. And the combination that is most seen in street style is the mini with a wide belt and a cropped knit sweater. A 2000s-style outfit. It looks great and looks incredibly chic. If you are a total fashionista, you will love this look.


There are sequined, leatherette, and plain. Checkered ones are currently booming, worn by celebrities like Gigi Hadid. These give a preppy touch to your style.


With the exception of some, like Miu Miu’s, the cut of the mini-skirts does not come down from the navel (for the moment). And each designer combines them differently. That’s why we tell you how to put together your outfit with a mini skirt and be more in trend than ever.


The basics will always be a hit, so that you can wear your mini skirt with a basic white blouse. You can also bet on a total white look in that order of ideas.


You can also wear it with a crop top. For this mix, we recommend that the skirt be high-waisted. It will look much sexier.


Long Denim Skirt


Fashion Trends and Style - 5 Trendy Skirts this 2023 - Skirts

It is very long and is an excellent option to get multiple casual outfits out of it during the day.


The 90s inspire this skirt with its length to the feet. You can wear it with a blouse, adding a black belt and some sneakers. Another combination that will not fail you is a jacket and metallic boots. You’ll look like you’re walking the runway for top designers.


And for a more office-appropriate look, wear your denim skirt with a fine-knit jumper and iconic slingback kitten heels.


The good thing about this skirt model is that you can combine it with various colors, whether they are neutral or vibrant, and it will not stop looking amazing.


Cargo Skirt


Fashion Trends and Style - 5 Trendy Skirts this 2023 - Skirts

In its different lengths, but especially the midi, it has become trendy among insiders and influencers, especially Gen Zs. It comes from the popularity of cargo pants, which are also closely linked to the utilitarian trend.


It is very comfortable, and although it may seem complex or difficult to dress, it can actually work with almost any combination. For example, a black top and jacket.


One advantage is that it is the perfect alternative to skinny jeans this spring. It is usually used for casual looks, but you can combine it with a white shirt or plain blouse if you want an ideal and comfortable outfit for the office.


Long cargo skirts can be worn with crop tops, and bomber jackets are a must with this outfit. You can even add vintage-look sneakers or, why not, ballerinas.




Fashion Trends and Style - 5 Trendy Skirts this 2023 - Skirts

It can be of different lengths, but without a doubt, the one that looks best is the midi. Although it seems like a piece that can only be used at night, the biggest figures in fashion have opted to take them out in broad daylight.


Combining them with trench coats or knitwear is possible for a more casual look. Also, dare to wear it with sneakers to sublimate its formal appearance a bit if you are going to wear it during the day.


And as we have mentioned, since it has a formal aspect, it is ideal for evening events. Even parties and special occasions. With the combinations that we leave you, you can wear them at any time of the day.


What are you waiting for? Don´t go without your favorite skirt for an ideal style!


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