Fashionable hands: trendy colors for a summer manicure

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Fashionable hands: trendy colors for a summer manicure. If there is a body part that speaks of our image and self-care, it is our hands.


Ensuring their cleanliness and care is essential to reflect a good image, even more so when we take great care of our appearance. Neglected nails would undoubtedly ruin the look and detract from our overall appearance.


For this reason, manicures have become relevant in beauty routines and are one of the most in-demand services today.


Since fashion adapts to the seasons, nail trends are no exception.


So, let’s examine what will be happening in terms of colors and manicure art at the end of spring and summer 2024!

Trending techniques for a summer manicure


French style


Back in the 90s, the base of the nail was painted beige, and its edge was white. This trend is back but in a maxi version.


This time, we will see a more intense tone for the base of the nail. As well as a marked edge that is much thicker than in the past but in a tone more inclined to translucent.




The coquette trend does not surprise us since it has been growing stronger since the end of last year.


Polishes in pink colors in their different shades, lilacs, and pearl and bow inlays, among others, are big right now. They will also be a trend for the coming months of the year.


Soap nails


Soap nails are the so-called version of silent luxury, but they are used in manicures.


It is a way to wear your nails in a natural version, as they look short and transparent pink. But they are worn with a lot of shine to show a clean and highly polished appearance.


To get this effect, a gel base must be applied as the first step, just as if we were seeing soap bubbles. Then, a slightly tinted nail polish is applied to provide that transparent, shiny, and minimalist appearance.


Milky Nails


Fashion Trends and Style -Fashionable hands: trendy colors for a summer manicure

It is another trend that inclines us to wear natural-looking nails. As in the soap nails, the pink color is repeated but combined with white.


In this case, to achieve the effect, a layer of top coat is added last to give the manicure the finishing touch.


An advantage is that the nails are prepped if you add some additional design and break with the minimalism.


Naked disco


It follows the same style as the previous manicures, except in this one, the nude color predominates. Crome or glitter is added to this in different forms (frosted nail polishes, applications, glitter, among others) to give it a chic touch.


Jelly nails


Its name comes from the fact that the result resembles Jell-O. To achieve that tinted and very shiny effect, just add a few drops of your favorite nail polish color to a transparent one and apply it.


Glazed donut nails


Fashion Trends and Style -Fashionable hands: trendy colors for a summer manicure

They are nails to which a finish is applied that seeks to imitate the glaze on a donut. This effect is also called the translucent or frosted sugar effect.


But for this season, the trend is also towards wearing them with a chrome or gradient effect. Add something that makes them look very shiny and iridescent.




This manicure, in silver tones and in the best futuristic style, uses specialized chrome powder applied to the polish. You rub it with a sponge to get a very polished and neat mirror effect.


With minimalist designs


Just as the manicures for this spring–summer of 2024 are being worn mostly in uniform and very simple tones, the same goes for the designs.


During these months, we will see how the drawings on the nails stand out because they are small. Tiny dots, fine lines, discreet colors, metallic details, and even smaller crystals are on trend.


Floral prints


And since spring and summer are also synonymous with flowers, these will be seen in the designs we order.


They are the best way to define and express this spring and summer style. Along with the season’s colors, they symbolize joy, enthusiasm, and energy.


So, if you are a flower lover, you’re in luck! Do not hesitate to wear it the way you like best in your manicure during these months.




Fashion Trends and Style -Fashionable hands: trendy colors for a summer manicure

Nowadays, one or more nails are still worn with a different design that combines with the rest of the manicure.




Tie-dye effects, happy faces, gradients, rainbows, and daisies, with a psychedelic and colorful trend, will be seen strongly.


Trendy colors for a summer manicure


If you are more into wearing plain colors without effects or designs, take note. We have compiled a wide and varied list of the colors that will be in trend these months. All so you can get the most out of your tan.




From the Pantone color of the year, Peach Fuzz, a pastel shade of peach, through coral in its strongest modalities to those that lean more towards pinks and yellows. They are all perfect for these days and get a modern look.




Fashion Trends and Style -Fashionable hands: trendy colors for a summer manicure

Bronze and copper tones are ideal options for enhancing your tan and showing off elegant and sophisticated nails. They are suitable for both day and night without exaggerating or being too flashy.




A classic and timeless color to wear on your hands is white, regardless of the time of year.


This is undoubtedly the best option if you are looking for a minimalist look that highlights your skin after the sun. In addition to being a color of the season, it is also elegant and sophisticated.




In all its shades, it is a color that cannot be missing in some of your manicures this summer.


Pink will always be a wise choice. From the very subtle tones we saw previously in the techniques we mentioned to the most intense fuchsias. You can all safely combine them with your looks.




Nude is a color that not only goes with everything and can get you out of trouble. But is also extremely elegant and sophisticated.


It will be worn from the brightness of the color to the most solid ones in these months and well beyond the summer. Since, like white, we can use it all year round.


Sky blue


Just like the color of the sky, wearing your nails in this shade will be a perfect combination.




Here, we include electric blue because it is a striking option that will attract attention every time you wear it.


Likewise, navy blue is a trend that has finally reached manicures in any of its shades. It had been relegated for a long time but is now back.




Fashion Trends and Style -Fashionable hands: trendy colors for a summer manicure

Another classic is the eternal red, which, like other named colors, can be worn all year round.


If you want a functional manicure day and night while looking elegant, sexy, and sophisticated, red is the answer.




In all their possible shades, greens will be a trend in the spring-summer season of 2024.


From olive green, which evokes the colors of autumn, to fresh mint green, which contrasts with tanned skin. These versatile and unique shades are on the rise.


Also, aqua green, turquoise, or aquamarine, inspired by the tones of the sea, are in! These modern and youthful options immediately take you to the beach. They will look perfect for summer!




Chocolate and brown tones have gained popularity in nail art, offering a range of nudes to darker colors.


Brown is the new favorite to wear in manicures, becoming a must-wear classic.


The options are on the table. You have a great diversity of colors, techniques, and designs to try in these months of the year. Wear the latest fashion trend on your nails without the risk of getting bored or going unnoticed!