Spring 2022 and all the trends that come with it

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It’s incredible that we have not left 2021 and there is already talk of some trends that will be dominating spring 2022!


The fashion world is like that, a Russian roulette of changes and new trends. The future is tomorrow, and they always show it to us in this world. In the blink of an eye, everything can be different.


Now, if this last year has focused on adaptability and practicality, freedom and simplicity, the next one will bring a lot of optimism and joy. It will show itself as an escape from every day to move on.


Although the next collections are indeed in September of this year, we can thank WGSN, the world leader in trend predictions, and several brands that have decided to show their proposals. Thanks to them, we can get an idea of ​​what 2022 will bring us.


What colors are coming for spring 2022?


Fashion Trends and Style - Spring - clothing

The idea is to make us stand out through electric and bright tones. This will give collections and runways optimism, making it seem like it’s always summer. It will bring us colors, relaxed and elegant styles. We will find colors such as butter yellow for nourishing air, bright orange for energy, fuchsia for beauty, and juicy colors such as bubblegum pink.


It is said that they are two clear currents that will predominate in terms of color for the spring of 2022: the basic and neutral tones and the novelty. Within the novelty, we can also find olive green to connect with nature, magenta pink to attract positivism, and Atlantic blue that reminds us that we are sustainable.


What are the trends for 2022?


Fashion Trends and Style - Spring - clothing

According to Vogue, the three biggest trends that are going to hit spring 2022 are full of sustainability, comfort, and color. They first tell us that the focus is on the shoulders.


In addition to the colors, the stream of inspiration will be connected with euphoria and wit. Being the first reference protects us and helps us connect with ourselves. While the comfort that we must look for will be aesthetics and exclusivity. As for the colors, they are always dual: calming and energetic.


We want to find versatile silhouettes and play with accessories and details like elastic waistbands, rubber bands, and fabrics. We also look for the so-called “digital atelier” – mostly 3D and digital garments.


On the other hand, in terms of ingenuity, it refers to simple, natural, and sustainable fashion. This means that we will see a lot of flax and creativity. We continue to maintain fashion as something pure and with details that are reusable with organic textures. Very neutral in terms of timelessness. This means that we will find a lot of Victorian styles.


Finally, euphoria is the evidence of freedom that together with creativity, will give an emotional explosion that will use color to achieve what is sought to communicate. We will see exaggerated prints, more shine, and retro. This is handmade because it aims to create awareness.


What trends are coming back into fashion?


Fashion Trends and Style - Spring - clothing

We will find synthetic textures, and we will maintain the tailoring, which I particularly hope will never go out of style.


The glitter, sequins, and everything that the word “party” symbolizes, will follow.


Consequently, we can also find extravagant accessories such as XXL bags, prints on prints, long gloves with prints, plush shoes, flowers, and what you thought would never return.


In other words, the Tie Dye.


Spring 2022 trends for women


For this next year, we will find designs that will achieve a more significant impact on society. We will continue to maintain basic garments and add energy with striking pieces and trends that will change the world.


Here, you may ask yourself, what are those? Keep reading and you will discover them.


Gender free.


Fashion Trends and Style - Spring - clothing

A trend, also known as genderless, will be introduced this coming year with timeless and wearable focus pieces.


We will see many everyday looks that we can combine with anything and for any season, for example, baggy suits.


Fabrics and prints will stay, but we will elevate creativity by combining them.


We will see many fringes, hand painted and, thank God we are thinking about the planet, upcycling will be crucial to achieving natural fibers. This is an excellent way to open our imagination.


The loungewear. 


This trend is not going away anytime soon. However, although it may not be the main option, we can find that it is updated with sunny and bright tones. For their part, designers have added volume for more comfort. We will also find ribbons with drapes and hems.


Prints and more prints. 


In short, we’re no longer afraid of combining patterns. The more you have, the better you will look. Of course, beware of the exaggerated and bizarre. We will see bold and modern blends that will bring hope and optimism to our looks.


The minimalist prevails.


If in your case you do not love colors, you can opt for more minimalist and sober styles. As I mentioned before, the balance in 2022 will be a very important point to take into account; we will find neutral colors mixed with tailoring or in the case of athleisure, more relaxed and light.


The intense fuchsia. 


This color is one of those chosen for spring 2022. We will find a relationship between flowers and the weather. This color is the main for positivity. Designers like Max Mara and Oscar de la Renta likened it to the orchid flower. This is because it reflects positivity and shine so that it will lift your spirits instantly.


The shoes.


The main one will be the high loafers, the platform, and the block sole, and we will keep the heels as our essential basic.


As you can see, timeless fashion will keep creating garments that achieve an incredible outfit that can perfectly be functional with the new. We can find other options such as stripes in many directions that give us an unusual style. On the other hand, squares and diamonds remind us of those times of flowers and picnics.


Here at Fashion Trends, we are delighted with everything that is coming, and we want to share it with you and know your opinion and vision regarding fashion for the coming year. Tell us what you think. Do you agree with the timeless and minimalist? Do you like the colors? Tell us more.