Trending colors for fall 2022

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Trending colors for fall 2022. Trends are born on the catwalks in each season, and fashion week celebrated during the year. And for the colors, the dynamic is not different. However, they do not materialize as such until they see the light of the streets and stores.


In the spring-summer of this year, it was possible to appreciate what will be a trend for this fall season. We are already telling you is out of the conventional and the typical classic tones and colors of the time.


To do this, we anticipate that this fall, we will see combinations of bright colors that, together with the classics, will create beautiful contrasts that you will undoubtedly want to show off in your outfits.


For this reason, and with autumn installed, today we are going to talk about the colors in trends for this beautiful season of the year, as well as some garments and clothing trends that will also dominate the streets during these months.



Color Trends for Autumn-Winter 2022


This fall will be very different from the rest since we will see atypical colors in addition to the usual classics that, well combined, will make you a true fashionista of the season and steal looks.


So, without further ado, let’s get to know the colors in trend for this fall 2022:


Blue Pacific Ocean


Fashion Trends and Style - Trending colors for fall 2022 - Colors

This is an intense, bright, and vibrant blue, which has been showing on the catwalks for some time now and is finally on the streets.


It´s very different from the darker blues we are used to because of the summer color.


However, we like it. This shade of blue will be one of this fall’s protagonists.


So, look for how to combine it and prepare to attract attention wherever you go.


Burnt orange


Fashion Trends and Style - Trending colors for fall 2022 - Colors

Certainly, orange is the quintessential autumn color. Still, this time it is presented in a burnt or more opaque tone, which will go perfectly with many colors and garments.


And it means that you can also combine it with more vivid or striking colors. And thus create a beautiful contrast.


However, we do not leave aside the most vivid shades of orange since this fall. These types of colors are the ones that will dominate the trends.



Lemon Lime


Fashion Trends and Style - Trending colors for fall 2022 - Colors

Another surprise for fall is this lemon-lime color, or as we see it in the Pantone System, Lime Punch. We have already seen it in dresses, jackets, and accessories throughout the year.


If you are daring and like risky combinations, you can well take this color and mix it with one of the tones described above.


Otherwise, go for the basics like jeans and white t-shirts, among others.


And, of course, nudes and browns of the season never fail.


Barbie Core Pink


Fashion Trends and Style - Trending colors for fall 2022 - Colors

This shade of pink took over this year and has even been seen at the Met Gala.


It’s definitely going to stay with us for a long time, thanks to the influence of the iconic Barbie Doll and her upcoming movie. And the fact that it was the dominant color in Valentino’s fall-winter 2022 collection.


This color has already been represented in many garments, so imagination is the limit to using it. And if you are a fan of pink and in this intensity, then you are in luck because this tone promises to continue among us beyond autumn.


Beige Vanilla-Late


Fashion Trends and Style - Trending colors for fall 2022 - Colors

We come to the classics, which naturally could not be missing at this time, especially if your style is more conservative and you want to stick to the traditions of the moment and dress in the typical colors of the season.


For this reason, beige, vanilla tones, and others will always reign as autumn selections.


And if you prefer to get away from colors like those described and are more classic in style, outfits in these tones are equally beautiful and very elegant.


Autumn Brown


Fashion Trends and Style - Trending colors for fall 2022 - Colors

As we already mentioned, this color is a classic and perfect to combine, either in clothes or accessories, or prints.


They will all look phenomenal.


Try a houndstooth print to give that chic and elegant touch to the look.


And, of course, don’t forget how good brown boots, scarves, coats, and ponchos, among others, look.



Mellow Yellow


Fashion Trends and Style - Trending colors for fall 2022 - Colors

With a romantic touch, the soft yellow, no matter how spring-like it may seem, is also taken as typical of autumn since we can find it in the leaves of the trees.


Being able to put together a good number of combinations with this tone, either with the bright colors from the beginning or with the classics of the time, looking great with basic garments as well.




Dark Gray


Fashion Trends and Style - Trending colors for fall 2022 - Colors

We know that gray is a color that can denote sadness or melancholy, and it is not in vain since, according to the psychology of color, this is its meaning.


However, when it comes to dressing, it is very versatile. Since it is possible to combine it with both bright and dark colors according to the look you want to achieve.


So, it will look perfect with Barbie-Core pink and burnt orange or light yellow. The obvious right combination being with black, white, and ocean blue.


Dark gray will also give you a minimalist and elegant outfit at the same time.




Fashion Trends and Style - Trending colors for fall 2022 - Colors

This 2022 has been a year of breaking the rules and getting out of the conventional regarding fashion, colors, fabrics, combinations, etc. Since white is not typical of this time, it is already noticed that although we lean towards other tones that are also light, white, which is the king of spring-summer, also bursts in to be the protagonist in these months as well.


So, from dresses, skirts, and total monochrome look in white, we will see them among us without hesitation.


Between tastes and colors, your style and personality are what ultimately make you choose between one color over another. But here are the trends for this fall, and know what you risked to show off your outfits in trend and without fear of looking strange or old Fashion.