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Introduction to Fashion Brands from Ireland


In Ireland’s green and breezy country lies a world full of hidden artistic gems. Indeed, they pose a remarkable and admirable example for you to become aware of because they teach the importance of ingenuity. 


In addition, we are also earning appreciation for Irish designers’ rare and exclusive approach they implement into the fashion world. Moreover, as we introduce the Top Ten Fashion Brands from Ireland, a sense of urgency unfolds as international talent radiates!


Here we aim to provide a better perception and fresh shade to the performance of how Irelands craftsperson’s function. In summary, let’s begin our way on this riveting journey as you discover the top ten fashion brands from Ireland!


Manley and Danielle Romeril


Fashion Trends and Style - Top Ten Fashion Brands from Ireland - Fashion

First, we proudly introduce the compelling establishment of Manley! Moreover, this styling name derives from 2010 by a fashion design graduate named Emma Manley.


Since then, the designer has made her way into the scene as she gains recognition as an inspiring leader. One can see this in Manley’s signature attire that emulates a sense of “Edgy femininity” as modern fabrics combine harmoniously! 


In addition, this fashion house knows how to make you shine with its ingeniously crafted soft pleats and ruffles. Indeed, there is no failure in fascinating and emulating an aesthetic that becomes you. 


Moreover, this is one to consider if you seek to style with delicacy and refinement. On the other hand, our next featurette of the top fashion brands of Ireland goes to Danielle Romeril. Furthermore, this ambitious brand creates a name for itself internationally as many fun and striking designs are present. Since its creation in 2013, famous fans from Laura Whitmore and Angela Scanlon have donned this lively presentation of wear.


Overall, Manley and Danielle Romeril make a great addition to Ireland’s top ten fashion brands as inventiveness prevails!


Edel Traynor and Petria Lenehan


Fashion Trends and Style - Top Ten Fashion Brands from Ireland - Fashion

Apart from the first two styling names in the industry, our attention goes to the talented Edel Traynor and Petria Lenehan. One of the most significant unparalleled elements of Edel Traynor’s wardrobe is the designs of timeless presentations!


You can discover various coats, jackets, bags, and footwear styles that ooze eccentric and whimsical structures. Apart from this, Edel Traynor earns official recognition as the winner of 2016’s Future Maker Award for her impeccable work. 


One thing for sure is that this fashion name deserves exploration because you can benefit from its progressive styles. Differing from Edel Traynor, we now highlight Petria Lenehan.


With this said, Petria Lenehan earns a notable reputation for her attire creation because they emphasize her homeland. To further elude, her structure and visuals in clothing are naturally reminiscent of the emerald isle’s natural beauty and landscape.


Indeed, this makes a unique and outstanding approach to fashion design because high-quality thrives amidst its simplistic appearance. The main fabrics you can find here are Donegal tweed, Irish linen, and Scottish cashmere. 


Additionally, with this information present, these brands are among Ireland’s top ten fashion brands. In summary, don’t hesitate to seek and embrace these reputable brands in your wardrobe.


Richard Malone and Sorcha O’Raghallaigh


Fashion Trends and Style - Top Ten Fashion Brands from Ireland - Fashion

Moreover, we encounter Richard Malone and Sorcha O’Raghallaigh as the following names in the top ten fashion brands from Ireland. Indeed, Richard Malone makes a standalone debut in the fashion world for his reputation as a “Rule Breaker”. 


Furthermore, this name is one not to overlook because he transcends societal norms regarding displaying his clothing. One can see this with the example of dresses, coats, boots, and shirts that emulate a futuristic aura. 


Additionally, he earns the 2015 title as one of the best young artists working in the UK by BBC. If you wish to express your rebellious streak with flair, look out for attire by Richard Malone! 


In contrast to the playful work of Richard Malone, we present Sorcha O’Raghallaigh as the next top fashion brand from Ireland. One thing about Sorcha’s position is that you do not fall short of experiencing wonder with her valuable clothing collection presented. 


Furthermore, she gains an in-demand reputation as her pieces are almost always complimentary to jewellery. One can see this example with celebrities like Lady Gaga and Grimes proudly displaying this glamorous approach to styling. 


For the most part, this brand from the emerald isle is a leader because there is also a limited edition of jewellery available. In total, Richard Malone and Sorcha O’Raghallaigh make a stunning demonstration of their art. 


It earns a high rating among the top ten fashion brands in Ireland.


We are Islanders and Umit Kutluk 


Fashion Trends and Style - Top Ten Fashion Brands from Ireland - Fashion

Furthermore, we encounter. We are Islanders, and Umit Kutluk is our latest artist for the top ten fashion brands from Ireland. As this artist gains recognition for their classic style, we are Islanders; continue to pave the way for presenting yourself.


Indeed, with its luxurious and pastel quality, you will have a hard time resisting not adding their attire to your wardrobe. Moreover, one interesting factor about the designs is their exploration of the environment.


To further elude, with an ingeniously created and neutral coat, you can become one with cultural landscapes. For example, you go to work in a high-rise building, and your appearance enhances embodying business subculture. 


For the most part, the name truly lives up to its name as an eco-luxe leader in the old country. Apart from We are Islanders, the next designer to meet is exquisite, eccentric and whimsical Umit Kutluk. 


Established in 2011, this proactive artist earns a name for himself as his clothing captures the essence of minimal chic. In addition, from haute couture. The designs are to die for seasonal and wedding collections as grandeur thrives!


As a result of his success, Umit Kutluk becomes an ambassador for the Irish Fashion Industry. These two companies undoubtedly make additional and admirable examples of the top ten fashion brands from Ireland.


In short, We are Islanders, and Umit Kutluk captures an admirable essence to look out for as you shop.


Natalie B. Coleman and Zoe Jordan


Finally, we face our final entries for the top ten fashion brands from Ireland. Indeed, Natalie B. Coleman and Zoe Jordan become saved for last as they deliver an exhilarating display of fashionableness. 


Natalie B. Coleman is among the most celebrated fashion designers in the emerald isle because of her constant innovation. One can see this example with her engaging and exciting clothing that aims at uniting clients with positive messages like “Sisters”. 


Moreover, her base material for attire gains high praise as it consists of Organic Cotton, which ensures a long lifespan. Aside from messages and excellent material, new and constant items, such as face masks, become introduced through time.


As a result of her inventiveness, she earns the 2012 Future-Maker Award for excellence. On the other hand, we closed this presentation with our final designer, Zoe Jordan. 


One factor that captures clients’ attention with Zoe Jordan’s work is the effortless embodiment of sophistication with spirit! For example, her precisely designed sweaters, hats, and pants create a sporty finish to kick-start your day. 


Furthermore, as a former athlete, characteristics like adrenaline become evident in her clothing presentation. If you are a sporty individual, look for Zoe Jordan products to get the look. 


Altogether, these names are worth becoming part of the top ten fashion brands from Ireland because they promote a fresh attitude!


Significance of Top Ten Fashion Brands from Ireland


Fashion Trends and Style - Top Ten Fashion Brands from Ireland - Fashion

In conclusion, from edgy femininity, minimal chic, cultural appreciation, and unifying others, the top ten fashion brands from Ireland blossom! The emerald isle undoubtedly has much-hidden talent lurking and waiting to emerge in time. 


There comes appreciation as we become more enlightened to the diverse methods or designers’ art and talents. While we highlight the top ten fashion brands from Ireland here, this doesn’t mean that this is all. 


Moreover, don’t be shy and seek the larger pool of stylish designers in the industry to develop a signature look. Overall, take care of yourself and never stop learning!