Tips to store your off-season clothes without damage

Fashion Trends - Tips to store your off-season clothes without damage

Tips to store your off-season clothes without damage. Is it time to change wardrobe? Another season is coming, and you have to start including the right clothes for that climate in your wardrobe. So, by knowing how to store seasonal clothes for a long time, you can take care of all your clothes and avoid any kind of damage.


In general, this is usually a complicated task, especially if your stored garments have not been properly cared for. Depending on whether the season is hot or cold, you should select the appropriate clothing so that your wardrobe stays up to date. That’s why we will provide you with some tricks so that your outfits remain intact even if they are stored for a long time.


How to store seasonal clothes?


In general, when seasonal clothing is not stored properly when you take it out again, it will be full of wrinkles. Similarly, it will be dusty, dirty, or worse, discolored. The stored smell will also be another of the characteristics of poorly stored clothing, therefore you cannot make this mistake.


The idea is that you learn to preserve your favorite clothes to keep them in good condition. Just imagine that your favorite dress or coat ceases to have a useful life due to not taking care of it properly. It would be a real shame, right?


For this reason, from this moment, you should know how to store your seasonal clothes properly:


Select which garments to keep 


FashionTrends-Tips to store your off-season clothes without damage-Select which garments to keep(1)If the time has come to pick a few clothes from your closet, you should choose well.


To start, you must figure out which clothes will you use for the rest of the year. For example, jackets, flannels, and pants.


In the same way, you can take this chance to get rid of damaged clothes or those you don’t want to wear anymore.


When it comes to the latter, if they’re in good condition, we recommend donating them. This way, others can take advantage of them and give them new life.


Wash your clothes before putting them away 


Fashion Trends - woman doing the laundryMany people ignore this important advice. When you go to store your seasonal clothes, don’t do it without washing them first. Wash your clothes, quilts, and all the implements you want to save to ensure their conservation.


There are very delicate clothes that you cannot wash at home, so the best option is to take them to the dry cleaner.


The important thing is that you never keep your shirts, pants, and other pieces of clothing with any residue or stain generated the last time you used them.


Fold your clothes correctly and protect them


Fashion Trends - woman folding clothesAnother common mistake when storing seasonal clothes is doing it in a disorganized way. It is best to fold it patiently to avoid creases or wrinkles.


In fact, in some articles of clothing such as dresses, coats, or suits, it is preferable to keep them in a cover and leave them hanging. For this reason, if your closet is large, you can locate them at the bottom for greater protection.


You must also protect your clothes correctly. For this, you must prepare the space where you will store them. Moths are dangerous insects that won’t take long to destroy your clothes.


So, to avoid them, the best you can do is add a product that repels them. Nonetheless, we will also show you some other options you can also choose.


Keep the correct order 


FashionTrends-Tips to store your off-season clothes without damage-Keep the correct orderTo store your clothes properly you must apply logic, this way you can find each piece quickly. To get started, store all your shirts regardless of whether they have long or short sleeves in the same place.


Also, gather all the dresses, pajamas, and accessories to avoid clutter.


Your swimsuits also need to be separated from the rest of the clothing, or else the Lycra can disintegrate.


In fact, you can use labels to know which garments go in each of the spaces that you have selected.


What is the best way to store clothes?


If you want to store your clothes from another season correctly, you must find the ideal space to do so. The best thing to do is to place them in a loft, although some space in your closet could also be ideal. Among some other options, you can also choose a chest of drawers to place under the bed or a dresser located in some corner of your room.


The most important thing making sure the selected place is dry; that is, it must have a suitable temperature and little sunlight. It is also important to consider the amount of seasonal clothing that you will need to store, and the space for it. In this case, you can choose plastic boxes, industrial sacks, or airtight plastic bags. Never store your clothing in cardboard boxes, or pests and moisture will take over.


Now, if you don’t have any of these elements, you have no choice but to opt for common bags. If this is your case, you must only get square ones to obtain a greater order. If you leave some clothing hanging in your closet, don’t use wired hangers. This is because they tend to lose shape and damage your clothes. Instead, choose wooden or sturdy plastic hangers and cover your clothes with a cloth. This way, you will prevent dust from getting on them or wrinkling them.


Store your seasonal clothes and avoid bad smells


Fashion Trends - woman storing her clothesYou must know how to store summer or other season’s clothes to keep them in good condition. This may be a boring task, but it’s important.


So, we recommend being patient and take the time to store your clothes. After all, if you don’t take care of them, your clothes won’t last.


With a big wardrobe, you won’t have any issues storing your clothes from different seasons in the same space.


In contrast, if you only have a small space to store them, take into account the tips you found in this article. This way, you will protect your clothes and also avoid any kind of nasty smell.