5 tips to add style to your look

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5 tips to add style to your look. How many times have you complicated your life trying to make what you’re wearing look different? Has it ever happened to you that you feel a bit frustrated because you have no idea what to do to make what you are wearing look more stylish? Me too! That’s why today I come to solve your doubts and help you to achieve them.


Stop feeling simple or boring, because the secret is in the balance and not in the money you have to spend to get extravagant or eccentric clothes. In this sense, if what you are looking for is to stand out from others, at Fashion Trends we bring some special tips for you.


Standing out above others is a matter of attitude and creativity, so the main thing we have to achieve is an inspiration. Ready for this discovery? Keep reading, you’re going to love these tips!


How to elevate your style?


First, enough to complicate yourself! You will only need to find basic elements that you combine with simple trends so that in a matter of minutes you can make that simple look, something more striking.


Give your essentials a fresh look. 


How do you do this? You must have your wardrobe with basic clothes. We generally forget what we have and the versatility it allows us to combine. That is why I invite you to take them out and use them, because you must have an idea of ​​how many combinations a white t-shirt can give you with new trends, for example.


Play with layers. 


Fashion Trends and Style - 5 tips to add style to your look - Outfits

I say it and I will not tire of repeating it. Layers are perfect for creating amazing and different outfits. Do not be afraid to add layers to your look, I assure you that you will not look overloaded because what you have to achieve is that you use a variety of textures and colors, starting from the lightest on the inside to the thicker on the outside.


Use a two plus one. 


From all that you have in your closet, try to put together two styles with at least two basic garments and a different or more striking one. You will be surprised by the result. That is a basic shirt with a pair of jeans and add a striking bag or neon shoes. I invite you to explore with your creativity!


Monochromatic is your ally


Especially for those days when you have no idea what to wear or what you can wear to look different. Therefore, I invite you to wear the same color in different shades. You will look very elegant and more when we talk about colors like white, gray, dark blue or black.


The accessories. 


They will help you a lot when it comes to putting together a very stylish look, probably one hundred and eighty degrees because they allow you to stand out since they will capture all the attention. You can choose between necklaces, rings or bracelets … or whatever you prefer to be varied for day and night looks.


What makes your outfit original?


Fashion Trends and Style - 5 tips to add style to your look - Outfits

In addition to what I told you before, there are some other tips that you can take into account or serve as inspiration to make your outfit more original. The change will be almost instantaneous and you will be able to look very good. You will remember me!


Don’t be afraid to repeat clothes.


Get out of your head that you need a thousand different things in your closet! Of course not. What you need are those with which you feel comfortable and pretty, from those pants and shirt that makes us feel like all divas.


The blazer can be your great ally.


It does not mean whatever we have on hand. Choose a well-structured blazer. You can opt for a T-shirt and jeans and the blazer in striking color with a discreet collar.


Bandanas or scarves.


Either in the hair, neck, wrist, or purse if we do not feel comfortable with that hanging. In any color or pattern, use it that in any way will be noticed and highlighted with originality.


Well-thought-out shoes.


An interesting outfit can also be achieved with footwear that attracts a lot of attention, they do not necessarily have to be heels of 25 centimeters or more. You can choose the ones that best suit you and that perfectly complement what you want to communicate.


How to find your style of dress?


Fashion Trends and Style - 5 tips to add style to your look - Outfits

Do you know your style? Do you know which clothes you feel comfortable with and define who you are? Knowing yourself and knowing what looks good or not is essential when it comes to enhancing that image that you want to show very fashionable and very in trend and harmony.


Defining it is simple, as long as you know what your tastes and your lifestyle are so that you can detail what you are looking for when you buy, do you want elegance, comfort, attract attention?


Personal style is how appearance defines and describes us. What makes us different from others and expresses our personality. It is not a trend. It’s the way we adapt to what’s trending. In Fashion Trends, we find some tips to identify your personal style of dress, ready? Take note!


Know yourself. 


You must know what are the colors, clothes, and shades of the chromatic circle that suit you according to your skin type and what your season is. It is achieved through a study of colorimetry.


What’s your body type.


Depending on your morphology, you are an hourglass, triangle, inverted triangle, rectangular, or round body. You need to know this to know which cuts and textures favor you and which ones are not.


Femininity is your taste.


Almost all women, if not all, have a feminine essence that is manifested in what we wear and how we express ourselves. Determining it with clothes will guide you to discover what your style is.


How to improve your way of dressing?


Fashion Trends and Style - 5 tips to add style to your look - Outfits

To project your perfect image professionally and personally, there are some habits that we must add to our routine, once we achieve it, they will also be able to add that style to our look.


Choose the clothes the day before.


If you find it difficult to combine, I recommend that you choose it the day before, in this way you will avoid spending ten minutes wasting time in front of the closet with the same old question: what should I wear?


That the clothes fit you.


Please! Nothing that makes you look like a wrap, or anything so big that it falls off by itself. It is important for you to feel good about yourself and to stylize your silhouette.


Don’t neglect the hair.


It is a detail that we must pay attention to. So a good hairstyle, cut or the silkiness of it will help us to make you look better and interesting.


Do you already know how to dress better and put sobriety aside? At Fashion Trends, we hope so.