What’s the tie-dye trend about?

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Who doesn’t love colors? They have come to us to help us communicate, express ourselves freely and be a symbol of optimism and hope. For this reason, and thanks to the quarantine, the tie-dye trend returned with great force.


Are you one of those who made shirts at summer camps? Exactly! You know what I’m talking about.


The tie-dye trend is that desire and determination to put color in your life, and that commitment leads you to show it even in clothes. Tie-Dye came to infect us with joy and opened a window of inspiration for large industries, adapting them to comfortable looks and fashions.


We find them in T-shirts, jackets, outfits, bags, and shoes. Tie-dye is proof that dyed clothing can also be a high-end option. In fact, Luis Vuitton launched his LV Escale collection, and there we find garments in blues, reds, and pastel colors and a wide range of accessories.


What is the tie-dye trend?


Fashion Trends and style - tie-dye - trend

It’s a Japanese technique based on Shibori. It consists of twisting, tightening, and tying certain fabric parts so they aren’t dyed. Starting from there, you can create many designs. Coming from the 70s, it’s inspired by the hippie world and is characterized by colorful garments with character.


It was promoted in the late 1990s and early 2000s. The name comes from the technique used: “tie-dye.” So, the process starts with tying the shirt, and then you start dyeing it.


For its part, the best-known techniques are the gradient, spiral, heart, or circles. However, the beauty of this technique is that it allows you to be inspired and draw unique and original designs.


How was tie-dye born?


According to the portal 180 degrees, they say that one of the oldest forms of tie-dye is the Bandhani; that is, its origin could be from India. However, in Japan, dyeing is traced from the years 552 to 794. For this, they used a technique called Shibori, and the colors were obtained naturally with the plants, fruits, roots, and insects that were boiled to fix the color.


How to use tie-dye?


Fashion Trends and style - tie-dye - trend

This colorful activity is fun; you can do it with family, friends, or alone, depending on your preferences. I recommend using an apron and an old t-shirt when doing it to avoid possible stains.


To start, you need a white garment or a bleached one. Then, you will need a noticeable color, fabric dye, garters, coarse salt, face wash, and chlorine—the latter in case you want to end up bleaching.


After this, you will have the bleach or fabric paint on hand. It’s important to note that the design you want to make will depend on how you tie the garment. For example: if you want a circular design, you must spread the shirt on a table, take it from the middle, and roll it up. Tie it with the garter and paint the garment.


As I said, the colors of your choice take this opportunity to be different and bring out that creative vein that you have hidden, or perhaps not so much. Finally, let it dry for more than eight hours, then rinse with gloves and machine wash.


I recommend washing it alone because the color will continue to come off, which can stain your clothes.

What dye to use for tie-dye?


Fashion Trends and style - tie-dye - trend

Do you already want to make your shirt? Oh, I do! For this reason, you must know what fabric dye you should buy to achieve your goals. The dyes are the key element and you don’t want the color to fall off in two washes, so you must choose the best ones.


  • Iberia dyes. They are the most popular brand on the market. It’s also a product that wasn’t designed for this pattern but rather to improve the color of basic garments.


They are easy for everyone to use. On the other hand, they have a wide range of intense and bright colors that are very well fixed and can be dyed by hand or machine.


  • Imola dyes. Did you know that the dyes for this technique are Amazon favorites? And it is that in addition to quality, it has a good price. Imola offers a complete package with everything you need to bleach and exploit your creativity.


This brand is easy to use, safe and non-toxic, its color is long-lasting, and they are perfect for any garment.


  • Essort Tie Dye dyes. This is a little-known brand, but it’s a very good and economical option. They come in powder form, and you only need water to mix them.


They offer high quality for professional looks, are permanent, and the colors act fast. It’s an option suitable for all surfaces and easy to apply; just use them with natural fibers.


How to make tie-dye liquid?


In addition to buying them, you can also make your own based on natural products. You can do it at home if you don’t want to buy it. Do you want to know how? Keep reading, and I’ll tell you how to do it.


Natural dye


Fashion Trends and style - tie-dye - trend

Get two heads of purple cabbage and put them to boil in a pot of water. Once boiled, lower the heat to a simmer and leave the cabbage to heat for two hours, or until you see that it has no color.


Strain it, and there you have your purple tint.


For the red color, bring blueberries to a boil, bring out the color, and let it sit over low heat for a couple of hours. Strain the blueberries. For its part, you can also use beets for this color.


Now, for a brown color, you can prepare coffee and use it for the color.


How long will the tie-dye trend last?


2020 managed to bring us this fashion with great force. Today it comes with the same style as always, but with a different message because now it comes to stay. Thanks to its colorful characteristics, many associate it with summer and happiness.


Which clothes can I tie-dye on this summer?


Fashion Trends and style - tie-dye - trend

In 2021, you can wear it in a total look, with different garments of the same color or pattern—for example, dresses, jeans, sweaters, pants, jackets, shirts, and tops.


And in swimsuits and bikinis? Of course, who said fear?


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