Find the perfect summer dress to shine like the sun!

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Dresses are the perfect option for a hot summer. They’re versatile, elegant, and super easy to combine. They’re also perfect for a mood switch from day to night just by adding accessories. You can also go from an informal look to a formal one. Did you know that the best casual dresses are chosen through textures? No? Neither did I! Today we will talk about it and let you know how to choose the best casual dress for the summer.


Which are the best summer dresses?


There are clothes for each occasion, including both formal and casual. It all depends on their textures such as cotton, denim, and linen. What’s important is to ensure they make you feel comfortable and free. This is more important today due to the popularity of sustainable and organic fashion. As a result, you can choose options between a kimono, a maxi dress, a shirt dress, a loose short dress, or basic tees.


There are quite a few firms around the world that have proposals for designs and cuts where they ensure that dresses will continue to be the boom this season. The reason? It comes as a consequence of confinement, and as a result of this, the concept of comfort cannot be left behind. That is why we more often pay attention to the silhouette or details.


At YesStyle, we have beauties with casual dresses that drive me particularly crazy, as is the case with this new white ankle-length, A-shaped dress. click here.


Basic tees


Fashion Trends and Style - dress - Plain Short-Sleeve T-Shirt Dress


Basic tees are perfect for hot days. In fact, with a good combination and accessories to match, it can even be functional for an office day. The secret of wearing this dress is to have in mind its straight shape, which means that it won’t highlight your figure.


Because of this, you can wear a so a jean or bomber jacket, or even another shirt tied at the waist. This way, you will bring out your silhouette.


In YesStyle, there are beauties of all styles and shapes, as is the case with this monochrome short-sleeved shirt in colors such as black, blue, purple, pink, or yellow.


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What should I wear for summer 2021?

Look flawless with a shirt


Fashion Trends and Style - dress - Short-Sleeve Double Breasted Mini Dress


This long shirt style is the safe option for this summer.


With this outfit, you will be able to feel elegant while having the freedom of matching it with anything you want.


You can easily wear it with your favorite pair of flat sandals.


What I particularly love about this shirt style is that it suits every important occasion, from going to the office, a walk on the beach, or having dinner with your friends.


You may already have one in your sights; however, I fell in love with this option mid-thigh length and crossed with double buttons from Yesstyle. The ruffles at the waist give it a super elegant touch, so you can look luxurious with just the dress on. Look at it here. Don’t wait any longer, it’s new and we want you to have it in your closet.


Are maxi dresses in style for summer 2021?


Fashion Trends and Style - dress - Spaghetti Strap Floral Midi Dress


I am in favor a Bohemian style that can be very chic. This is what I want to show every time I wear a maxi dress. After all, it makes me look elegant and at the same time jovial. I will always want to look younger!


It gives me a romantic air, transporting me to the 18th century, where I can feel happy and in love.


Do you like flowers? I confess that until recently my answer was no, but I changed my mind when I saw thousands of beautiful options.


I recommend you look at this option that Yesstyle brings us with this summer dress with spaghetti straps and floral prints. It’s on sale! Buy it here 


Kimono dresses 


Fashon Trends and Style - dress - Knutsford - Puff-Sleeve Tie-Waist Midi Wrap Dress


This type of dress is crossed and tied, which allows it to adapt very well to any type of figure. Besides, it’s perfect for a day at the beach and walks through a park on a hot day.


I love that I can combine it with stilettos or boots. Would you dare to wear a dress with boots? I am a fan of this risky, elegant, and rocker style at the same time.


I’m certainly a fan of all the outfits you’ll find at YesStyle because they offer us a mid-calf wrap dress with a knotted waist model with bulging sleeves, which you can perfectly combine with sandals or boots.


It comes in different colors such as dark and light green, khaki, light blue, maroon, black … and other colors that I will let you see for yourself by clicking here. This fiery summer brings us this spectacular and discounted piece.


Original prints


Fashon Trends and Style - dress - Long-Sleeve Color Block Mini Shirtdress

Now, if you like prints and long blouses, this style is ideal for you, especially on these hot days, where the sun sometimes comes out without mercy.


Paired with platform heels and a mini bag with accessories.


By clicking here you will find a type of two-color dress crossed at the waist with half sleeves to mid-thigh.


With this type of shape, you will look radiant and elegant.


Dare to crochet


Fashon Trends and Style - dress - Crochet-Lace Short-Sleeve Midi Dress


Bohemian fashion is in ultra-trend, and they also serve as inspiration for hot days.


The fabrics are elegant, vintage and will make you look very luxurious.


They will give you freedom and will take us back to the 70s. You can find it from white to multi-colored tones, with or without a back, stripes with necklines, asymmetrical.


They are beautiful, right?


I already have mine from Yesstyle, which you can find in different colors: black, green, light pink, pink and white. You can make your master purchase by clicking here.


How to find your perfect dress?


Fashion Trends and Style - dress - 3/4-Sleeve Embroidered Tunic Dress


As you already know, anything goes when it comes to fashion freedom and comfort. What’s important is to feel comfortable with your body and the situation you’re in. That’s why designers have reinvented the use of dresses. Click Here.


Today, they don’t longer need to mark your silhouette. As a result, you can wear a baggy dress and also look feminine and stylish. Don’t forget that it’s not about what you use, but how you use it.


I found this one on Yesstyle, which you will love. Add it to your cart here spice up your closet.


At Fashion trends, we want you to stay up-to-date with these casual dresses. You can combine them with your favorite sandals, ballerinas, shoes, and why not? Boots. This allows you to tailor them with blazers, jackets, or to suit the office. Don’t forget the importance of accessories. They will give you the final touch to all your outfits.


Tell us what you think about these dresses, did you like them? Which one will you buy for this summer? Tell us on our social media what you like the most about them, and don’t forget to follow us.