Find the perfect lipstick color for your outfit

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Find the perfect lipstick color for your outfit. Mixing your lipstick with your favorite look isn’t a practice of the past. On the contrary, it can bring you more benefits than it seems. Celebrities even follow this trend to always look perfect for every occasion. Fashion is very versatile and this combination, of course, is allowed.


There are lipstick colors that never go out of style and remain popular, such as red. By itself, this tone is very strong, and that’s why many ask if they can use it with accessory or clothes of the same color.


If you wonder the same, you must know that there are some rules that you must follow. If you follow them to the letter, you’ll ensure only the best makeup and outfit.


How to achieve the perfect contrast between your lip color and your look?


If you don’t know how to mix your lip color with your look, don’t worry, here’s how:


Use nude tones in the rest of your makeup 


Dare to use nude tones in your makeup as they look great on any type of face and you can use them with any color for your clothing. By using nude tones, you will be able to make your look stand out a lot more.


Your main focus should be your chosen lip color, this way you won’t go overboard with your makeup. If, for example, you have a special meeting and you want to wear red lipstick, wear a dress of a similar shade. However, try to include satin shadows in your makeup. After all, your goal should be to achieve a very subtle look with your makeup.


Don’t make an exact match


Celebrity makeup artists are very experienced in their professional field and make incredible recommendations. In most cases, wearing the same lipstick tone and in your clothing or accessories isn’t the best choice. So, go for a lip shade darker than your outfit.


It’s also important that you don’t choose the same lip color as your hair. This tip is special for redheaded girls.


the perfect lipstick color for your outfitTake the “bite mouth” effect test


If you still don’t know if you should wear your lipstick alongside your look, try the effect of the bitten mouth. Instead of outlining your lips, use your fingertips to apply the lipstick evenly.


Now, if you want a more exaggerated effect, give some touches directly with the lipstick, just from the center of the mouth to the inside. This way you can get a darker shade on your lips.


The rest of your outfit should be smooth 


If you want to have a balanced look, there must be harmony between your clothes, makeup, and hairstyle. After combining your outfit with the color of your lips, try to wear a simple hairstyle. After all, if you elaborate too much, you will look as if you’re trying too hard. So, highlight your femininity with a softer look.


The perfect lipstick color for your outfit: Don’t risk doing more than one combination 


By matching your lip color to your clothes, you’re already running a great risk of looking good or straight up failing. That’s why makeup and fashion experts recommend maintaining a good balance.


So, don’t combine your lip color, clothes, accessories, and nail paint all at the same time. Everything at once will look very saturated and, as a result, you won’t look sophisticated.


Use colors in your favor 


If you like a monochrome look, you should take advantage of every occasion to use the lipstick colors that best suit you. For example, red lipstick has a great advantage, and it’s that it favors everyone.


However, colors that are brighter or more saturated favor fair-skinned girls or blondes. For brunettes, shades in burgundy or dark colors are preferable. And for redheads, there will be nothing better than orange lipstick.


To highlight your lip color, don’t use flashy makeup on your eyes 


This golden rule that you must understand very well to take advantage of it. If you’re wearing a lipstick color combined with a light outfit, you can use dark shadows to highlight your makeup. But if this isn’t the case, you should keep your eye makeup simpler to avoid competition between your makeup.


Of course, this rule doesn’t tell you to stop applying makeup to your eyes. After all, a striking stare is a fundamental part of your face. That’s why you shouldn’t stop using good eyeliner and mascara on your eyes.


If you don’t want to match the color of your lipstick with your clothes, try accessories


If you still don’t want to combine your lip color with your dress or other clothes, no problem, you can also try accessories. For this, you can take advantage of your high-heeled shoes or sandals with details to combine them with the color of your lipstick and look fabulous.


Take advantage of lipstick colors found in fashion trends


Did you know that there are lipstick colors that must always be present within your makeup bag? You just have to know how to take advantage of their magic.


The perfect lipstick color for your outfit: Red lipstick 


This is one of the most versatile shades of lipstick. Depending on the depth of the color, you can create a totally black or white look. Even if many styles go with this lip color, a nautical one adds a lot to look fashionable.


The perfect lipstick color for your outfit: Pink lipstick


This is a romantic shade, and it’s perfect for clothing in neutral or pale pink colors. Prints also look great when mixed with this shade of lipstick.


The perfect lipstick color for your outfit: Nude lipstick 


Black and red are sensual colors par excellence, however, you should try a new style by using a white look with a nude lip color. Although your lips look very discreet, rest assured that you will look great and attract the attention of many. The Soho style is also perfect for this lip color.


The perfect lipstick color for your outfit: Lipsticks in intense colors 


Brown and wine lipsticks have never gone out of style and can be worn with different color combinations. At no time should you hesitate to wear your lips painted with any of these colors. After all, they will give you the touch of glamour that you need so much.


As you can see there is a perfect lip color for every occasion, you just have to know the right time to wear it. So, what’s your favorite lip color?


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