The best bikinis for the summer of 2021

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Sadly, last year we couldn’t take advantage of our favorite bikinis. However, this year opens its doors to creativity and beach fashion. However, with the impulse of new trends and the initiative of specialized brands, we can see that we don’t need to buy a new pair. In fact, this year, slow fashion has become the protagonist in the fashion world. As a result, we can simply recycle old ideas to create something new, all while taking care of the planet! Isn’t that great?


We love summer because it’s the one time when we can squander personality, outfits and leave behind the abominable routine every day. Sunny days allow us to have a better attitude, inspire us to be more positive, and shine brightly. How delicious it is to be able to go out in the sun for a few days and get a little tan! Of course, always with care! You have to use and not abuse. In the same way, we are here to keep you updated on the latest bikini trends.


What are the most on-trend bikinis?


Fashion Trends and Style . Bikinis - Frutto - Set: Colorblock Bikini Top + Bottom

This year comes loaded with freedom and fun. Well-deserved after a season locked up! That’s why this new trend seeks to prioritize your style by providing you with comfort and elegance.


You may ask, how do you beat that? Well simple. The first trend is ribbed bikinis since they’re functional and very fashionable. This style of fabric also stretches and conforms to your body, making them the ideal choice for lovers of water sports.


And you know what? We have excellent news for you because in collaboration with Yesstyle we found the perfect model for you. Thanks to the beauty of its colors and texture, you won’t even want to go into the water.


All you will be doing is modeling your favorite piece! You can get them in many colors such as fuchsia, orange and yellow colors. This combination will make your skin glow.


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What are the best bikinis to wear this summer?


Cut Out Swimsuits


Fashion Trends and Style - Bikinis - cut out swimsuits - Vinroll - Set: Strappy Bikini Top + Bottom

We love how everything is changing, however, it’s still nice to know how some things stay the same. For example, cut-out swimsuits allow you to showcase your beautiful silhouette.


They are also flattering on all body types, the only difference being that they show a little more skin. How good to feel sexy!


In Yesstyle, you will find a black one with strips to enhance that shape you want so much. Take advantage of the discount!


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Bikini with underwire and rings


Fashion Trends and Style . Bikinis - inderwire and rings - Frutto - Plain Bikini

This will never really go out of style or out of trend, as they have stood the test of time.


The longevity of its earrings and rings is because it flatters the figure and positively favors the classic silhouette.


I want my underwire bikini too! And I found this perfect one in electric blue at Yesstyle which will make you vibrate.


The ring in the middle of the chest will make you feel like a diva and owner of the beach or pool.


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Asymmetrical Bikini


Fashion Trends and Style . Bikinis - asymmetrical - Cassidie - Asymmetrical Floral Print Bikini

Asymmetric cuts come with everything this season because they hug our bodies and accentuate our curves.


They also give us freshness and a new style.


It’s a unique option that I am sure you will love to feel different, daring, and risky.


In Yesstyle, we have this black model with polka dots that you will love.


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Retro Wave Bikini


Fashion Trends and Style . Bikinis - Retro wave - Denverk - Set: Stiped Bikini + Shirt

Retro-inspired silhouettes have dominated many bikinis trends this past season, which is why square necklines to highs have dominated it.


They manage to improve even your mood, and they offer incredible options to combine them such as prints and monochromes. To get one, all you have to do is visit Yesstyle.


In it, you will find many retro bikinis that will drive you crazy like me.


From striped white and blue, to even a matching nightgown, this perfect combination will make you look incredibly beautiful.


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Shine bright in your bikini


Fashion Trends and Style . Bikinis - cheer up with your bikini - Frutto - Faux Leather Bikini

In neon, vibrant pink, bright orange, lime green, sky blue, and electric are the ones that will be more than welcome.


The brighter it shines, the better. This brings happiness and dynamism to your looks for the beach.


It’s time to be unique and lose the fear of shining because you are beautiful and you deserve to shine! Likewise, at Yesstyle, we have the perfect one for you. 


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Animal Print Bikinis


We can continue to bring out the beast that we carry inside year after year and never feel out of trend. It’s the good thing about this trend that will never leave us. And at Yesstyle, you will find the perfect one without strips, half black, and half-animal print. With this bikini, you will be able to capture looks immediately.


Are high-waisted bikinis in Style 2021?


Of course! In fact, they’re the best choice for this summer! Many women love them because they suit almost all body types. For example, the hourglass, pear, or diamond body type is the best for this garment. What’s more, high-waisted bikinis will even make you look thinner. However, have in mind that depending on your body type, they can enhance your curves even more. Some women love this while other hate it, find out your stance!  


The best fashion tips for this summer


Many models, ideas, and beauties that we can find in Yesstyle. Now, we want you to tell us what you think of these ideas and the ones you could see on their website. What I like the most is that we have the freedom to choose what we want and wear what we want without fear of being judged. Today, comfort comes first! Let’s not forget these tips too:


The sustainability


Fashion Trends and Style . Bikinis - the sustainability - Frutto - Strapless Wrap Leopard Print Bikini

Ecological lasts over time and is what we currently defend, that’s why recycling can also be a trend.


Thanks to it, you will contribute to the environment and even to animals.


In Yesstyle, you can find them too!


We love this store and everything it offers.


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The accessories


Fashion Trends and Style . Bikinis - accessories - Aisyi - Round Sunglasses

Accessories go perfectly with bikinis and swimsuits, in fact, they’re in their golden age.


And if originality and glamour are your things, you are in the right place.


We have a diverse variety of incredible pieces that will add luxury and style to your beach trip.


Like these round-colored sunglasses.


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It’s amazing how I already want to go to the beach! Here at Fashion trends, we are more than sure that you are too. That’s why we shared with you these incredible, unique, and super beautiful pieces. Tell us on our social media which ones you liked the most and which one you dusted off to take on your vacation.