How to take care of your spandex

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Nowadays, there´s a very wide range of fabrics that are used to make the best garments. Spandex fabric is one of everyone´s favorites. Since, unlike fabrics that don´t stretch, this does and in turn, returns to its natural state to provide greater comfort. However, like other fabrics, it´s necessary to know how to care for a spandex garment.


Thanks to all its advantages, you can find spandex fabric in lycra, leggings, belts, and other pieces of clothing. And even in accessories to adjust to the daily needs of each person. Also, once you get a garment made with this material. And take proper care of it for a long time, it´ll have greater durability and will remain like new.


What is spandex fabric?


Fashion Trends and Style - How to take care of your spandex - Spandex

Spandex is the generic name for a synthetic and elastic fiber that´s made from elastomer. Also, it´s very common that the consumer also knows this type of fabric by the name of “elastane”. And one of its most important properties is elasticity. In the same way, the spandex fabric is what we also know as lycra. This would be its official name when they patented it in 1959.


This is one of the types of fabrics that have more advantages, especially in the world of fashion. Since both men and women can combine spandex with other types of natural or synthetic fibers when making a look. Likewise, an outfit must look impeccable, and just as you have to be careful with certain types of fabrics. Spandex is also more than necessary.

How to take care of lycra clothes?


It doesn’t matter if you call this type of fabric spandex, lycra, or elastane. The whole point is that you learn how to treat it at home. The reason is that the more you take care of a garment made of this material, its elastic qualities will last. The good news is that the care of spandex fabric turns out to be very easy. And if you follow the advice that we will give you below, they can last longer than you imagine:


Use cold water


Fashion Trends and Style - How to take care of your spandex - Spandex

This is the first golden rule for lycra care. When washing or rinsing this type of garment it´s necessary to use cold or warm water. Since hot water can shrink your clothes, and even damage them. Also, you should wash lycra clothing by hand and without excessive stretching. Or in the washing machine by placing the garment in a mesh lingerie bag and on a gentle cycle.


Ignore fabric softener


It´s not recommended to use fabric softener or tumble dryers on spandex fabrics. Although most detergents are generally safe, the combination with the fabric softener can cause the elastane finish to dull. And the garment will lose its beauty.


Leave the dryer for other types of fabrics 


Fashion Trends and Style - How to take care of your spandex - Spandex

You should never place spandex garments in hot clothes dryers.


Now, in case the drying needs to be very fast, use a dryer with a low temperature and check the garment frequently.


For the rest, choose to hang your clothes made with this fiber and let them dry in the sun.


Don´t iron this type of fabric


Fashion Trends and Style - How to take care of your spandex - Spandex

How to iron spandex fabric?


Clothes that are made of 100% spandex should never be ironed. In contrast, garments that have a combination of elastomer or other fibers can be ironed if the temperature is low.


Also, it´s essential to keep the iron moving on this type of fabric.


Since if the iron is left on a certain point of the fabric for a long time, it can melt.


Never use bleach


Fashion Trends and Style - How to take care of your spandex - Spandex

Be careful with this advice. No lycra fabric can be treated with bleach or bleachers for stain removal. Because it will automatically damage its fibers.


So, we recommend that you only use oxygen-based bleaches, and in stores, you can find many commercial brands.


Don’t use dry cleaning


Garments containing spandex shouldn´t be dry cleaned unless they´re labeled with this warning. If so, it´s best to seek the help of a professional cleaner. Because they will be the only ones who will treat your clothes properly.


How to remove stains on spandex fabrics?


Fashion Trends and Style - How to take care of your spandex - Spandex

In the case of spandex fabrics, they´re likely to stain at some point and you must know what to do. First, you have to follow the suggestions according to the specific type of dye. Also, removing oil stains is an urgent matter because they´re the most difficult to remove.


Similarly, you should avoid using a brush to remove stains or you may risk fraying or spoiling your garment. The most convenient thing is that you take a cloth moistened with water and detergent. And then rub the area where the stain is until it disappears.


Another interesting tip is to remove strong odors from spandex fabric. To do this, you can fill a container with water and baking soda. And submerge the clothes so that they´re soaked overnight in this mixture. Then, you just have to wash your spandex clothes as usual, and that’s it.


Keep your spandex clothing as good as new


Fashion Trends and Style - How to take care of your spandex - Spandex

Spandex fabric is good, and your spandex garments are worth taking care of, so they last much longer.


Being an elastic fabric, you can wear this type of clothing to do exercise, dance therapy, or simply to keep yourself cool and comfortable.


Follow each of the tips that we have given you in this post. A


nd you will give all your spandex clothing the care it deserves.