How to take care of clothes from humidity

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How to take care of clothes from humidity. Good morning! Today I will become the woman who offers you solutions in 1, 2, 3 That fast! I will show you a trick I know you may be desperately looking for. Or, you probably didn’t know you need it until now.


This trick will fit you like a glove, and you will thank me and Fashion Trends, especially now that we are in the mid-season and we have to put away our summer clothes to get everything out for winter.


This information will also help you if you live in two stations and what you want is to make space in the closet. You may even want to keep the clothes that you hardly wear, but that you know that at any time you may to. Today is all about this day when you decide to wear an old shirt and find a humid smell. Has it happened to you? It did happen to me. Especially with pajamas.


How is clothing protected from moisture?


Fashion Trends and Style - How to take care of clothes from humidity - Clothing

Humidity negatively affects our clothes. Not only because of the bad smell it generates, but also due to the bacteria and fungi, it can create on the surface of it.


Yes, it may start on wood or directly, but these bacteria adhere to our garments and are often quite frustrating and difficult to remove. Also, clothing that retains moisture can permanently discolor or wear out.


This is where you may ask yourself: what can I do? Quiet! Here I am going to give you some tricks to protect your clothes against humidity. Once you put them into practice, I’m convinced that you won’t go through this unpleasant situation.


Don’t store wet clothes.


You may now have a “seriously?” face. However, at some point, we can all pass a wet garment by accident. We also tend to store rain-wet sweaters without waiting for them to dry out. The idea is to wait until it’s dry or wash it.


Clean frequently.


Go from almost never doing it to doing it at least once a month. Empty the drawers, put them in the sun for a while, and take out the dirt. This way, you won’t allow bacteria to form.


Anti-humidity sachets.


Just as cars have air fresheners, cabinets also have certain products that fulfill the function of reducing humidity. For example, those products used in apartments near the sea that absorb saltpeter. If you don’t know about these devices, they usually come in teabags and are very helpful.




If everything else is too complicated, don’t be overwhelmed! You can also use, for example, coffee or rice to make these absorbent bags. Put some in cloth bags and they will do the same. Try it yourself!


How to take care of things from humidity?


I know that humidity can be a problem that we have trouble getting rid of. It can also be quite uncomfortable due to the bad smell. Among the bacteria that develop are mites, dust, and bad odor.


According to an investigation by the Virgen Macarena University Hospital in Seville, Spain, they assure that among the lesions that we can get would be dermatological. Here are some tricks to take care of things from moisture:


White vinegar. 


Yes, it’s decreed as the best to get rid of moisture. We could say that, along with bicarbonate, vinegar is the infallible solution to many problems. It is used for walls, bathtubs, clothes, and kitchens (Mom kills flies with white vinegar).


How do we make it absorbent? You will only need a half cup of vinegar, a quarter cup of water, and a spray bottle. We dilute the vinegar with the water and pour it into the bottle. Next, shake and spray on the damp spots, let it air out, and repeat a week later. If nothing happens, use vinegar alone.


The windows open.


Take out your drawers in the sun. It’s very important to let the wood or material breathe. The circulating air will help to dry naturally and keep fungi and bacteria away. Also, hang your clothes outside and never inside. This will allow it to dry properly.


Sodium bicarbonate.


Fashion Trends and Style - How to take care of clothes from humidity - Clothing

It’s a good and inexpensive way to remove the odor and stains that moisture creates.


Among its properties, we find antibacterial and antifungal ones.


What to do? Simple: rub on the affected area: that corner or the walls of the closet and drawers for two hours.


Then remove it with a brush. You can also dilute it with a little water and distribute it.


How to avoid a musty smell in stored clothes?


Fashion Trends and Style - How to take care of clothes from humidity - Clothing

Probably the million-dollar question. Actually, the trick is in the care and attention we give it. I’ll briefly explain a series of steps that could be of great help to avoid this annoyance.


Wash your clothes very well.


Even if you have only used it once, you must wash it well. Especially if you know that you won’t use it for a long time.


Dry them very well.


As I mentioned earlier. If you have to dry them a little longer, do it, and if you have to leave it in the sun a little longer, too. This is preferable to the smell of storage.


Open the closet doors.


No, the Loch Ness monster will not come out, if you open the closet doors next to the door and the window or the windows of your room you will help your clothes oxygenate. It also doesn’t have to last all day. Just a little while it’s enough.


What to do to remove moisture from cabinets?


Fashion Trends and Style - How to take care of clothes from humidity - Clothing

Prevention is the key when it comes to getting the problem of moisture out of our heads. In this sense, I recommend opening your doors every day for 15 or 20 minutes.


Also, when storing clothes in drawers, always remember to take into account the space between the garments so that the air can circulate.


It’s best to take everything out at least once a month and leave it out in the open. Also, avoid gas heaters because of the water vapor. One option is to use mixed charcoal with chalk.


How to remove the bad smell from wet clothes?


Fashion Trends and Style - How to take care of clothes from humidity - Clothing

If you have damp clothes, it’s very important to know how to get that unpleasant odor off of you. Getting this smell out of it is complicated and tedious. However, here I bring you some tips to eliminate it permanently.


  1. If you are handwashing. In a bucket, add a third of a cup of vinegar and water. Let soak for at least fifteen minutes, then wash normally.
  2. If you use a washing machine. If you are washing in the washing machine, add a cup of vinegar where it says softener.


What do you think of these tricks to keep clothes smelling good? At Fashion Trends we always want to make your life easier and help you do it effectively. Have you used these tricks? Do they work for you?