Take a look at this complete guide to have the most beautiful face

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Take a look at this complete guide to have the most beautiful face. Let’s talk about skincare! A subject that I particularly enjoy a lot. After all, it’s very broad and also too controversial. The truth is that not everyone pays attention to it and having cared, fresh and hydrated skin isn’t only for adult women.


Although it’s no longer just a topic for women, because now men are also paying attention to it, it’s important to always have a routine to maintain well-groomed skin.


In the case of the face, our daily routine consists of makeup, foundations, dark circles and we also subject it to high exposures to the sun, bacteria in the street, and even to the light of the telephone, television, or computers. All these agents affect it negatively.


It’s for this reason that we must acquire meticulous habits and, above all, respect them. At Fashion Trends, we put together an interesting guide for you with basic techniques for taking care of your skin that I am sure will help you start. Take note of these tips!


What is the best way to take care of the face?


Fashion Trends and Style - complete guide to have the most beautiful face - skin carer

First, I want to share a secret with you: having healthy skin is about consistency and sunscreen.


It isn’t about using moisturizers in the moments that we feel it dry or making masks when we see a pimple. Like everything in life, there are certain steps that we must use to take care of our skin to see ourselves as new. Of course, with a lot of judgment.


This first step is very important because it’s useless to take care of it when we see that there is no longer a remedy or when we are bored and we say: I am going to make a mask to take ten years off. Consistency is the key to healthy skin.




Know what type of skin you have, since not all are the same and not all products are ideal for us. Do you have oily skin? Mixed? Dry? It’s important to know this to choose the ideal products and not to generate the opposite effect.


Wash your face.


Ideally, it should be twice a day. One in the morning to eliminate those toxins from the skin that stick to us when we sleep, and the last one at night to enhance the repair of the skin during sleep.


Serums and moisturizers.


With the help of a dermatologist or someone who knows the subject, choose which are the treatments you should use and which are the ones that best suit you according to your skin type. The serum goes first and then moisturizer, always. Law of life. And it isn’t the same for the day as for the night.




The sunscreen should be that friend who never fails, the best ally, what you can not let go of with your personal documents. Whatever time it is, it is very important to use it. Even if you’re just going to be home watching TV.


Make sure this is the last product, it usually goes after the moisturizer. On the other hand, don’t use the same sunscreen you use for your body. The skin of your face isn’t the same as your body. The one with for your face is different.


How to do a skincare routine?


Fashion Trends and Style - complete guide to have the most beautiful face - skin care

As I explained earlier, well-groomed skin with daily moisturizing cleanings will help keep your skin healthy and free of bacteria.


The products you choose should be adapted to your skin type.


This way, you will help combat external influences such as the sun, excessive heat, or cold. It also soothes irritated skin and prevents diseases.


There are four basic steps to doing your skincare routine: cleanse, tone, care, and protect. Take note!


Clean up.


Basically, as I explained earlier, cleansing is the first step to conscious skincare. By cleaning your face you can remove sweat, sebum, and makeup, and also prepare the skin for care.


In general, the best soaps for the face are gel ones. However, that depends on many factors, so to clear up any doubts, consult a dermatologist.


Tone up.


The second step is to choose a toner to refresh your pores. Many make it with rose water and that’s fine. The important thing is that it’s sprayed or expanded with a cotton compress. However, in this step, it’s important to consult with your dermatologist for better information according to your skin type.


Look after.


This is the step of the serum and moisturizing creams. These products hydrate and replenish your skin. Some treat specific problems. The important thing is that the ones you get are the ones recommended by your trusted specialist. Many popular brands are in trend, find the one that suits you best.


To protect.


I insist sunscreen is essential in your facial care. UV rays are the main cause of premature skin aging and should be applied at least twice a day.


How to start caring for damaged skin?


Fashion Trends and Style - complete guide to have the most beautiful face - skin care

Aha, damaged skin shows up after those long hours of staying up late, partying, eating badly, drinking too much alcohol, and little water. All this brings consequences! So if you’re already noticing spots, redness, or fine lines that were not there, act fast! In Fashion Trends, we bring some tips to repair this damage.




The lack of moisture in the skin complicates and is more prone to diseases such as atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, or rosacea. In this sense, you must drink a lot of water and use products with moisturizing actives such as vitamin C and hyaluronic acid.


Exfoliate and apply masks.


I’m not a big fan of homemade masks, however, I’m aware that some may suddenly work. Now, check it first with your trusted doctor and let them tell you the best ones.


Every week exfoliate with products that help you expel everything that your skin accumulated.


Take probiotics.


Probiotics are good bacteria dedicated to tightening the skin and reducing redness or irritation. We can consume them in foods such as dairy. You can also use them topically.


How to prepare the skin before sleeping?


Fashion Trends and Style - complete guide to have the most beautiful face - skin care

A facial routine at night is very, very important because there you can eliminate dead cells from your skin and allow them to perspire. For this reason, it’s important to use the right products to achieve these effects.


The first step is to remove all the makeup or cream that you have on top using a cotton ball with micellar water. Second, wash your face with a dermo-cleansing gel or dermatological soap and finally apply lotion, serums, and moisturizer for the night.


Remember to sleep well, as sleep repairs and helps your skin regenerate. This way, you will feel fresh as a cucumber in the morning. What do you think about this article? Do you already have sunscreen? I hope that these tips can help create the best skincare routine for your skin.