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7 summer looks that never grow old. Yes, I know that trends change in the blink of an eye. The seasons make us live in eternal doubt about what will or will not be fashionable when we wake up in the morning, and many times they leave us with the constant doubt if what we have in the wardrobe will simply expire forever …


Now, I have good news for you: Some garments will never grow old. It does not matter if they are basic or some special ones that denote simplicity. So, even if it is a limited number of pieces, it opens a range of creativity to your mind and therefore to your imagination.

What is the trend for summer 2021?


It is more than clear that in times when it is very hot, we can be more flexible when it comes to using patterns, strong colors, dresses, shorts, and skirts with different textures and shapes. However, we must also remember that no matter how much fashion varies, there are always basic garments that will give you a fashionista look.


Ready? Keep reading, I’ll help you find out what they are


A flowery dress will never fail us


Fashion Trends and Style - summer - dress

This garment will not go out of style. The reason?


It is a classic piece that you can adapt to anybody and varies in shapes and colors.


It is a very versatile option that you can combine with sandals or high heels. Not only that, but it’s a sure hit with sunglasses and a wicker bag.


The beauty of flowers is that you can wear them in all sizes, and colors and still always be in trend. They will give you a fresh and spontaneous look.


Silk shirts, with satin


Satin fabrics are completely complimentary for summer days. Also, you can vary the styles with prints, colors and you can even mix everything and be the most daring girl of the season. How can you be riskier?

I have the solution for you: wear a bag in a different color than your clothes.


Totally blank: the proposal that surprises everyone


Accessories do not necessarily have to be included in all outfits. In the case of dressing in white, choose a blouse and pants. It is an outfit that will make you look relaxed. This will never go out of style because wearing white in summer is neutral and cool. For its part, accompanying it with neutral colors will provide a quite chic touch.


Jean’s miniskirt, even with denim


Fashion Trends and Style - summer - demin

 The jean miniskirt is a success for summer days.


With it, you can turn your casual look into an outfit for the office by adding a blazer and some good flats. Beautiful, right?


Yes. It all depends on how you combine it and the accessories you choose. From low sandals, a belt, ballerinas, and the best bag.


With this style, you will get a romantic and striking air. And you can also wear it with baggy and strapless blouses. Always cute!


Our faithful friend: the black dress


Fashion Trends and Style - summer - black dress

This is the moment where my head is singing “You’ve got a friend in me… You’ve got a friend in me… When the road looks rough ahead… And you’re miles and miles… From your nice warm bed”.


Don’t you think this song could be dedicated to us by theblack dress? Well, I do think so.


Definitely, the black dress is that garment that will never look bad and that you can wear casual or formal, day or night.


The look will depend on you, how you combine it and the accessories you wear.


All black, elegant as the night


Fashion Trends and Style - summer - all black

These days I was talking to an acquaintance about black clothing and he told me that unfortunately it reminded him of very sad days and that is why he no longer used it so much.


For his part, I tried to encourage him to put those thoughts out of his head, because black is a pretty good look.


A complete black outfit will minimize the error when dressing, it also allows you to play with cuts and materials.


It is aesthetic. Do you want me to wear a little color? Opt for a metallic bag and voilà.


Metallic sandals, a very interesting trend


I say that it is interesting because metallics are very present in any season. What better way to always wear it than in footwear? I’m sure it can never expire on your summer looks. Some designs mix textures and colors so that you ensure that fashionista that you have inside.


What is the trending style for 2021?


Fashion Trends and Style - summer - style

It might surprise you if I tell you that it is a romanticism that will rule the roost.


This age is feminine in all four seasons. The only thing that varies will be the way they are carried in terms of designs and patterns.


However, jean is also part of that which will not grow old in your summer looks.


So, if what you want is to impress, combine it with a feminine garment and, why not, a bobble neck?


What colors are popular in 2021?


There are five colors that, as I have explained in previous articles, will be in fashion this year. Within them, we find pink, green, blue, orange, and yellow.


However, any of these colors may be functional to enter these summer looks that will never go out of style, including black, white, and metallic.


What is in fashion for young people?


What will make the difference in the summer garments that will not grow old, will be the denim. Everything that is pants and skirts, since this style is combinable with everything if you do it well.


Summer looks for women


Fashion Trends and Style - summer - women

Now, we already know which outfits will not go out of style in our lives. And there are several that we must also take into account, especially for those days of sand and sun. So, look for the sunscreen that we will pack in a suitcase!


You can’t go on summer vacation without a bikini or swimsuit. The plain and monochrome are that friend that will not fail you, as well as the black dress. The sarong is that almost essential basic in your suitcase, it brings functionality to your looks. Long Beach pants to go for a walk and a basic white t-shirt are perfect to avoid the sun. On the other hand, a hat, sunglasses and your favorite sandals will be your best friends.


At Fashion Trends, we are incredibly happy to show you these garments that can be durable over time and thus help you not to go crazy when summer arrives and you do not feel in fashion. Tell us in the comments:


What time do we leave for the beach?