Summer and Sunglasses: The perfect partners in crime of fashion

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Our summer outfit wouldn’t be complete without the much-needed and acclaimed sunglasses. According to studies I found in Vanity Fair magazine, the search for this famous and spectacular accessory has increased by 104%, especially in vintage and fantasy models. The reason? The freedom it gives us and also the style, even with the masks on. There is also something about their mystery that embellishes us.


If like me, you consider yourself addicted to them, I come to show you the fashion trends in this summer of sunglasses for women.


What sunglasses will you wear in 2021?


Fashion trends and Style- sunglasses - sunglasses

Have you had the feeling that the days are getting longer? Well, it’s a reality and in summer we can feel it firsthand -literally-. So, good protection for the eyes and part of the face is essential. Also, there are thousands of options available just for you and in all sizes: large, small, medium.


You just have to find the one that suits your face and you will be ready to impress.


Over time, the designs have become more creative, making it even more difficult to choose a single model that suits our face. It happens to me and I love them all! However, it should be mentioned that there will always be some models of sunglasses that remain in time.


It’s only a matter of creativity to find the perfect one for you.


Retro wave


Fashion trends and Style- sunglasses - Retro wave

Big brands already had some models for this summer collection. This is the case of the Italian Miu Miu. She was inspired by the sportswear of the 70s, using high neck sweatshirts, tops, graphic prints, and micro-shorts, without being able to miss pasta sunglasses with striking frames in her collection.


On the other hand, in the case of Bottega Veneta, creator of viral accessories, she was inspired by the future, but without leaving aside the retro wave, so her designs were with retro-futuristic sunglasses.


Now, as you have surely noticed, the retro style has taken over catwalks and collections for this season. They come in different formats: large-scale square frames, gradient lenses, transparencies, and prints.


For this reason, brands such as Missoni, pay tribute and elevate their style with innovative technology, with sunglasses in a cat-eye format in different colors: blue, pink, brown, and gray. This style will make your personality stand out!


Round and oversized


Fashion trends and Style- sunglasses - Round and Oversized

If your face is sharp, the design that goes with you are oversized and round sunglasses. They soften your face and offer you protection.


Based on this theory, Marc Jacobs proposed a new vision of luxury with elegant and sophisticated materials. Thus, moving away from any conventionality. This model is geometric and perfect to be the focus of your outfit.


On the other hand, Carrera proposes a model of sunglasses made of an extraordinary light material that highlights the effects of color and transparency. It also has thin rods, and they are inspired by the gasoline tank of motorcycles. Interesting, right?


“Aviator” sunglasses


These types of sunglasses are the “safe” ones, since, being a unisex model, it has the advantage of being completely timeless. By wearing this model of sunglasses, you are going to convey adventure and that, my dear, is very difficult to resist. The Hugo brand could not help but be inspired by this model; and adapted them with a genderless approach and returned to the cat-eye silhouette.


Square and big


Fashion trends and Style- sunglasses - Square and big

Without a doubt, there is something particularly glamorous about these types of sunglasses. The only drawback is that it doesn’t fit all face profiles. However, when you get it, it will grab the attention of everyone.


Boss proposed a timeless feminine design for these hot days. With its dark and neutral range, it’s the perfect model for oval and square faces.


Such is the case of Fendi, who decided to take metallic elements and details to give you authenticity.


It also has emblematic and sophisticated codes that will give you, with their four integrated colors, an incredible legacy.


With geometric shapes


Fashion trends and Style- sunglasses - Geometric Shapes

Sunglasses with geometric shapes, this season, has managed to capture the attention of many women, myself included!


Its Hexagonal shape, with a top bridge, will make you look slightly different and super original. Eyewear, a brand owned by former English footballer David Beckham, has created a collection curated and designed by him.


It is that in addition to being beautiful, it’s intelligent! It proposes modern sunglasses with architectural volumes and unique details, within these we find the key-shaped bridge.


The power of mystery


Fashion trends and Style- sunglasses - power of mystery

In the beginning, I mentioned that there was something related to the mystery that sunglasses give us. It turns out that, before the pandemic, digital magazine The Cut, carried out a study that linked the symmetry and the perception we have about beauty; and in the case of sunglasses, they discovered that they are the best, and even the fastest, resource to get those two points together. This is when you ask me why?


Well, it turns out that they cover up the oddities or asymmetries in the area around the eyes. In believe we are all prettier with glasses. They affirm that the eyes are a powerful source of information (here comes the saying that they are the window to the soul). Also, eye contact is the spark that will trigger someone’s judgment or intelligence. The power of glasses blocks that perception (it gives us a layer of security because it reduces our vulnerability).


In this sense, darkness also transmits to those who see it, making us seem more enigmatic, but at the same time confident. Simply put, the mystery is power and attracts people in a way we cannot understand.


Finally, sunglasses are an accessory that cannot be missed on this vacation, and apparently at no time in our lives. At Fashion Trends, we want to know what you think about this article and sunglasses. Are you one of those who cannot leave your house without them? Which of all these new models do you like the most? We want to read you and continue sharing experiences with you. Follow us on our social media and comment on what your trend is for this summer.