Like peanut butter and jelly, Summer and Stripes go together this year

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Like peanut butter and jelly, Summer and Stripes go together this year. Fashion keeps moving forwards as always. However, some styles and garments won’t go out of style. In fact, some of them are still popular even today. In this case, striped garments have been with us since the beginning and can now be considered a classic that will always be with us. More impressive is how this season they were present on the catwalks of Dior or Michael Kors, who implemented it in long dresses and incredible prints. For its part, Versace opted for the underwater reference. Burberry or Miu Miu adapted them horizontally with sporty airs, while Luis Vuitton bet on sailor stripes.


Stripes are a classic year after year, as they adapt and are present to never forget them. For example, navy blue and white striped shirts and sweaters, as the main source of inspiration, opened a gap to mixes of stripes of different sizes and colors. Thanks to this, this season they can be worn in skirts, dresses, and pants. They are also complemented with flat and high-heeled shoes, scarves of various styles, and bags.


The queens of summer


Fashion Trends and style - Stripes - queen of summer

Horizontal or vertical, narrow or wide, many colors or bicolor … You can find several types of stripes. What’s important is to choose one pleasing to the eye dimensions.


Adapting to the street style, you can wear them in casual shirts, with a neutral bottom. If you wear striped pants, use a neutral shirt.


If you would like to opt for stripes on both pieces, that is, shirt and pants, you can opt for the classic blue striped shirt with pants of the same pattern but in other shades to generate a balance between both parts.


These options are versatile and very much in trend. As a result, you will look unique and very cool.


Forget about gender


Fashion Trends and style - Stripes - Gender

We already know that this year is full of news and breaking traditional boundaries. All these new trends are in favor of caring for the environment and animal care, which is why brands have been breaking stereotypes.


For this, they have managed to create awareness and now seek to eliminate gender in clothing through different campaigns on social media. This way, inclusion becomes more real and the fear of not looking “adequate” for various events is lost.


In the case of striped garments, we can now wear masculine cut shirts with them. I’m going to go out and buy several!


This dynamic style gives you the freedom to make fun and original combinations.


Striped midi skirts


Fashion Trends and style - Stripes - Striped midi skirts

These types of skirts have a very interesting role this season because there are different types of colors and stripes.


In this case, this is an A-line skirt with front buttons, an elastic waist at the back, and no lining.


It favors any type of figure and you can combine it with a flannel or shirt, a jean jacket, and low-top sneakers.


On the other hand, you can also turn it around and make it an evening look with a blouse, blazer, and heels of your choice.


Breaking old stereotypes


Fashion Trends and style - Stripes - Stereotypes

Here, I want to invite you to open your mind and remove that belief that horizontal stripes create volume to your figure. It is not always true because you can learn to combine them and create the opposite effect. However, it is completely up to you and the clothes you wear.


For example, if you want to hide your curves, the key is a dress or a shirt with black pants and on top of that, a jacket with horizontal stripes. It’s not what you wear, but how you wear it.  The jacket will fulfill the function of covering the sides of your body, making you look slimmer. Explore your creativity with different colors, not everything has to be black or white.


If, on the other hand, you want to gain optical volume, you should use the thick horizontal stripes in the hips and chest area, they will make them look bigger. This technique will also give you height. Break the mold and dare to experiment with colors and textures! You already know that to look good, you just have to feel comfortable with yourself.


In case you want to lengthen and refine your figure, vertical stripes will always be the best option. Wearing them in pants lengthens and stylizes our legs. Although it is still a difficult combination, we can opt for monochrome. Similarly, the fine vertical stripes in jackets and pants, especially in black.


The ideal combination


Fashion Trends and style - Stripes - Ideal combination

It is no secret to anyone that stripes are quite complicated to combine, that is why we have to have a critical eye when doing it. The ideal is not to mix flower or cat prints or crop tops when you have stripes. Plain garments are ideal for this type of design.


If you know how your body is and what suits you, you will know what you want to achieve with the combination of clothes you wear.


In summer, we can play with striped shirts and combine them with shorts, or flared skirts, even long wide-boot pants.


We will always want you to look elegant. As we have already told you, less is more and in the case of clothes, it is always important to wear them in harmony.


The sky is the limit


Fashion Trends and style - Stripes - Sky

We already talked about skirts, combinations, the good and the bad, what favors us and what does not. Just as we have this whole range of ideas, there are also various types of garments with vertical or horizontal stripes on the catwalk.


If, on the other hand, you like risky things and you don’t care about anything other than your comfort and happiness, you can take a risk with stripes and squares, stripes and flowers, in bright colors, striped dresses over long-sleeved shirts (a combination that seems to me to be chicer).


You can also find it in jackets, jumpsuits … and we can’t forget the striped swimsuit.


They exist in any shape and cut. If you love stripes, they really are pretty IN right now. Take advantage of grabbing yours to be in trend this vacation.


As you already know, at Fashion Trends, we want to know more about you and your styles. Do you have any striped garments that you don’t know how to combine? We want to read you and know which one and how you would combine it. Comment on our social media what you think of stripes and how you would like to implement them this summer.