5 styles that will take fall 2021 by storm

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5 styles that will take fall 2021 by storm. Fall is my favorite season of the year! And not only because of the spectacular colors, nor because of the temperatures, which are in fact my favorites. But because of the great variety of combinations and styles that we can see in the world of fashion.


This year is fascinating, because thanks to street style and new trends that seek freedom and simplicity in our outfits, we have a wide variety of combinations that make us excited as kids. In autumn, we will find from synthetic leather to padded outfits, at least that was what was shown on the catwalks in Milan and New York.


This does not mean that we have to say goodbye to summer, of course not. We still have time to live it and enjoy it as it should. However, it is prudent to start analyzing the autumn-winter 2021 trends to prepare our wardrobe and know what it is that will make us be at the latest in fashion.


What should I wear today, fall 2021?


Fashion Trends and Style - styles for this fall - clothing

It is prudent that, when transforming our wardrobe, we can find a perfect mix of tastes and styles personalized to your taste and personality. I love that we can find inspiration, color, clothes, accessories, and a thousand things that we can wear and enjoy.


Before I show you those styles, I will show you what will be in fashion this season.


Prints, like new patterns. 


This is where we celebrate painting lovers. The cool vintage king print will be worn with tartan versions and in shades of brown, red, and green.


Fringes, fringes everywhere. 


Yes, fringe lovers can jump up and down because they add a little more boho. You can add accessories with details so that you experiment and feel alive.


Wool and knits.


Fabrics open up a range of styles and formats that blow our minds by how beautiful they are. As in the case of the bralettes, shorts, or total wool looks. After this, we can say that it will become timeless.


The bone-white knocks on our door. 


White is quite a unique color, and although it is a bit scary to use, it’s a boom we cannot escape. In the world of fashion, we can also find it with shades of beige to create a classic and romantic air.


The leather effect, inspired by the earth. 


They will provide us with an original and sophisticated outfit. Plus, it will inspire consistency and immediately communicate that we are connected to Mother Nature.


Total red look. 


Would you wear a total look in red? The truth is quite risky and at the same time unique. This year you can find spectacular dresses, tailored coats, and pants. In turn, you can play with accessories, sweaters, jewelry, and other clothes that help you vibrate.


What should I wear during fall 2021?


Fashion Trends and Style - styles for this fall - clothing

You can wear what you’ve always used: coats, sweaters, pants, shorts, socks, scarves, hats.


However, I must tell you that many garments will help in this transition of seasons. They are garments that really cannot be missing in your wardrobe.


  • Jeans are your best friend. Denim has to be your ally.


  • No matter the type and style you prefer, however, for this fall, there’s nothing better than a pair of flared pants.


  • Draped off-the-shoulder shirt. Spectacular and ideal for casual outings. They look great with jeans, pants, shorts, or denim skirts.


  • Jackets, the trendiest garment. The newest is double-breasted, military jackets or coats.


What styles are popular in 2021?


Fashion Trends and Style - styles for this fall - clothing

The trends for this 2021 come in bright colors, digital nascent, and oversized jackets. Pens and accessories.


It is interesting to see how the retro wave of the 70s and 90s has taken over this year. However, they differ in brightly colored sportswear and street style.


It is well known that fashion changes, transforms, and evolves.


The post-COVID era has managed to reinvent itself to find unique combinations, and what could have been frowned upon before is now considered the most trendy.


What are the clothes to wear in the fall?


Fashion Trends and Style - styles for this fall - clothing

5 styles that define fall 2021


Now, the most awaited moment. I bring you the trends that will define your style this fall winter 2021. The good news is that the Y2K mood board looks are back to stand out. Keep reading to know more!


The Y2K mood board


This style consisted, twenty-one years ago, of low-rise shorts, chain belts with butterfly embellishments, and knee-high pointed boots. This year is even more loaded with sensuality than in the 2000s. How so? Well, now they come with shorts worn with padded turtleneck sweaters or aviator jackets.


Organic skins


Today, cruelty-free skins are the protagonist of different fashion catwalks. We can find this garment with hyper-realistic colors with furry edges and dark tones. It is more diffuse, false, and therefore, more fun.


Padded dresses, Styles for this fall 2021


No, they are not bedspreads, although they are not very far from there, being their inspiration. It is a collection quite out of the ordinary and almost taken from fairy tales. Made with fabrics such as quilted taffeta and silk, it will bring to those who wear it a spirit of freedom and fun. Because in short, if you can take that bedspread to the city, who said fear?


Black mini dress


Now for an almost radical short. It is a jet-black dress that symbolizes resilience and romance. These days it can be quite punk. With this garment, you will be assertive about your identity, almost anarchic. Very chic.


Preppy knitwear, Styles for this fall 2021


What do you see when I ask you: What is the set of knitwear that you used as a girl? That exact dress of generous proportion. A dress is a solution to get ready so fast that you will feel like a college girl again, or if you already are, then you will feel good and unique.


Now, you can be well up to date for this autumn-winter 2021 season. At Fashion Trends, we want to know your opinion about what’s new and the looks that will define autumn. Would you wear them? What is your favorite? Tell us in the comments and follow us for more.