How to style your hair when wearing a cap?

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Many women love to wear hats at all times. Or caps or beanies … and it´s thought that you cannot comb your hair while wearing one. The truth is that this is not the case. You can do your hair in a few ways while wearing something covering your head. And that’s what we’re going to talk about today.


So, if you love to wear hats, caps, or beanies and you have no idea what to do in your head, don’t worry. It´s no longer an excuse for not styling your hair when you wear one of these pieces on top.


The good thing about this is that style and comfort go hand in hand. And there are some ways to wear your spectacular hair, even covered. So, at Fashion Trends, we bring you some fabulous hairstyles that are also simple to do and will save you. Then, take note of these tips that we bring with love for you.


How to style your hair when you wear a cap?


One of the things that you should consider is that you can match your hair and hat and look perfect. First, you should keep in mind that your hair should be kept loose where it starts. And then you can tighten it little by little so that it doesn´t look like you have fought the comb.


Make yourself a braid


Fashion Trends and Style - How to style your hair when wearing a cap? - Caps

You probably never thought about this or you just didn’t think it was going to look good on you. But the truth is that yes, they go very well, and they look spectacular. The braid can go back or even forward. Another braid option is to make two and take it out from the sides, you will look romantic.


Waves that flow like the sea


If wearing braids is not your thing because you have no idea how to do them or you lack time. I recommend that you wear your hair down, and what you do are small waves at the ends. You will look very natural and beautiful.


Feel classic with loose hair


Fashion Trends and Style - How to style your hair when wearing a cap? - Caps

Ironed or natural. Even if it bothers you too much to carry it around, you can choose to accommodate everything to one side. But, try to mess it up a bit to make it look freer. And if ironing is in your plans, you can also put it under the hat or whatever you are wearing.


A bun is a good option


If you are a bun lover, I have good news for you. Some hats have a hole that allows you to put out the hairstyle from the top. Which will provide you with an interesting and disinterested style, but very feminine. You can also make yourself a low, tousled bun to suit a laid-back look.


If your hair is unruly


Fashion Trends and Style - How to style your hair when wearing a cap? - Caps

And by rebellious we not only mean curly but with too much volume or untamed.


You can wear it tousled and it will look great.


Especially for those days where you don’t want to brush your hair.


Put something on like a cap or hat and leave your hair as if you just woke up. You will look amazing.


How should a woman use the cap?


Fashion Trends and Style - How to style your hair when wearing a cap? - Caps

A lot of people think that caps are an accessory that can only be used by men. And the truth is that they are not. Caps are a must-have in the feminine wardrobe that can get us out of trouble. Or also help us protect ourselves from the sun when we can’t stand it.


Caps have a lot to offer and can also add a ton of flair to your outfit. They are versatile for casual outfits and still look super feminine and sometimes a bit bold. So, write down these ways to wear them like a fashionista.


A natural style


Caps can help you look very natural. You don’t need anything else to feel extravagant. They help you feel even protected. Wear it in a casual style with tennis shoes, jeans, and a black t-shirt.


With sunglasses


Fashion Trends and Style - How to style your hair when wearing a cap? - Caps

And here we think of Joe from You. With sunglasses you can go unnoticed, it´s not that it will change your personality or hide you from the world. But, wearing it with sunglasses will be a good option to load up on style.


Any time of the year


Caps are excellent accessories to wear in summer, fall, winter, or spring. Just use it in basic colors or perhaps a little flashy to complement your street style.


Leather jacket + cap = Perfect match


You will get a very rocker style wearing a leather jacket and a cap. Especially if you add military-style boots to your outfit. In total fashion? Of course.


With skirts


If they are tubed in midi length and with your favorite white tennis shoes. Plus, a basic shirt or tight blouse, and a colored jacket. You will be the queen of the night and attract a lot of attention.


How to make the cap fit you well?


Fashion Trends and Style - How to style your hair when wearing a cap? - Caps

It is no secret to anyone that not all women have a cap face. At least that’s what Mom says, by that I mean that not all caps will fit all women. It´s the same as glasses. You always must know how to browse so that you get that ideal model for you. Something that adapts to your face.


The trick is that for it to fit you, you must know your face type. We have talked about how to measure your face before, so once you know the main thing:


If your face is rectangular or elongated:


Look for a cap with a strap that fits your head naturally. Arched visors and similar, don´t add volume to the size of your skull and it will tone the elongated.


If your face is round


It´s best to wear a cap high on the crown, flat visor, and with an adjustable clasp. So that it adapts very well to your face and does not disproportionate your cheekbones.


If your face is oval-shaped


This face is almost perfect because it´s neither long nor wide and the chin is considered regular. Caps with a curved visor will suit you very well, as they provide you with balance.


If your face is squared


Fashion Trends and Style - How to style your hair when wearing a cap? - Caps

The best cap is the baseball cap, that is, a very classic model. Its height and shape will help you to balance the harmony of your face, which will make you look very good and with symmetry.


At Fashion Trends we love knowing that we can help you get the best of styles.


And with super basic and simple garments, such as hats, caps, or hats. In this sense, we hope that this article has been inspiring for you and that from now on you will dare to wear this as a chic accessory.