Stay fresh during summer with the best outfits

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It’s summer! This means that we’re allowed to pack a suitcase and enjoy a few days of total disconnection in the city, beach, or mountains. For this, my first recommendation is to use sunscreen! Above all, this is the first thing we should pack. Right now, we’re in a beautiful time to follow trends and also seek inspiration to dare to try and be unique and feel special.


Our goal is to also make you feel renewed and very fashionable. I want you, after reading this article, to be more than willing and ready to change your style. It’s clear that even if it’s summer, overalls, sweaters, miniskirts, and light shirts are ideal. After all, just as they keep you cool on these hot days, they are very appropriate for the office. You can buy all our recommendations at Yesstyle, our ally, and together we will show you what you can use on different occasions.


What clothes can you wear in summer?


Summer is considered the happiest and most beautiful season of the year. This is because the sun comes out shining -and many times without mercy- to give us beautiful views and the desire to do outdoor activities. It pushes us to create outfits that take us out of a bit of our comfort zone. An outfit aligned with the colors of nature will make our figure look even more harmonious.


Summer outfit for the office


Fashion Trends and tyle - Summer

An office is a serious place, and in hot weather, it demands a comfortable outfit. That said, the perfect outfit allows you to face daily tasks without issues. Because of this, you need to wear comfortable cotton or linen garments. This way, you will have the freedom you need to move around.


Meanwhile, don’t forget that the essential thing in your wardrobe is a blazer in neutral colors that you can easily combine with practical pants and a shirt. This way, you will always be on top of the latest fashion trends.


Look at this fitted option that Yesstyle brings especially for you. You can also find it in beige, black, ivory, and purple in different sizes. If you want to look amazing, go right now and Buy here.


Now, if you are a lover of skirts, like me, I advise you to choose wide models and light fabrics in pastel tones or discreet prints. In the office, we don’t want to attract so much attention. And this can be complemented with a sleeveless top or light shirts. Buy here this complete outfit in blue or black 


An afternoon of celebration, that’s what summer is about



Celebration evenings and parties are now on the agenda. And how much we missed them! These social occasions are perfect to distract us from the confinement or simply to de-stress us from a heavy workday, and, in summer, these special occasions become more consequential.


Fashion Trends and tyle - Summer

That said, we must find the ideal look for the theme of the event, where we are more than sure to be fresh and comfortable.


If it is an informal event, the option for you are jeans, a top, and a leather jacket. Let’s just say that look will never fail. The jacket will help us in case it gets cold in the afternoon-night. And you know what? At Yesstyle, we have these beautiful high-waisted straight jeans in light blue and dark blue that I am sure you will want for your look. So? what are you waiting for go and Buy here. 


Of course, we cannot leave this look incomplete. Yesstyle has for you this beautiful satin sleeveless top, which will complement perfectly with some high-waisted jeans. Add some high heels or boots and you will be amazing, alongside your favorite lipstick. That way you would look super bold so Buy here


If you go to the mountains, seek harmony



Are you one of those who love to go to the mountains more than to the beach? I understand you perfectly. Everyone has different tastes and summer doesn’t only mean going to the beach and getting a tan. For this reason, the mountains are also ideal for vacationing.


Fashion Trends and tyle - Summer

So, if you want comfortable and informal clothing to move without feeling tied up, I recommend loose pants with simple, lightweight cotton sweaters.


Also, light colors will guarantee freshness, because they remove the heat from the sun.


I just found a lovely one on Yesstyle, with the word AWESOME written on it. You can find it in one size and black, cocoa, and light khaki. Go right now and Buy here.


If you want a jean model perfect for the mountains, I recommend this style to be comfortable and walk calmly in the mountains.


This outfit with white sports shoes will allow you to be fresh, comfortable, and ready for any climb. Look super chic in the mountains go and Buy here


What’s the perfect outfit for a formal summer event?


It’s quite clear that the synonym of summer is weddings, ceremonies, baptisms, and sometimes graduations … At least, for the most part, these are the formal occasions that are usually celebrated. In this type of event, you need a summer outfit that adapts to the seriousness of the occasion and gives you, in turn, elegance and style.


Daytime wedding 


Fashion Trends and tyle - Summer

If you have to go to a daytime wedding, keep in mind that heat and light will be the antagonists.


So, you can choose a fitted dress in pastel, plain or patterned colors.


In Yesstyle, we have a beautiful dress for an occasion like this, in light green or orange-red, and also a 4.9% discount.


You need to go right now and Buy here. 


Add to your look a short jacket that fits your figure, like this one we have here. In a black bold color, Buy here.


Night wedding



Women usually wear long dresses when it comes to evening weddings. Some choose dresses that cover their shoulders and in colors such as green, wisteria, pale pink, and blue. However, if you want to try something new and stand out, at Yesstyle we have a beautiful three-quarter sleeve dress.


Fashion Trends and tyle - Summer

It also has a beautiful floral embroidery that you can find in gray. Nonetheless, what you should care about is being elegant and comfortable at all times. So you need this beautiful dress so Buy here.


Finally, for other events, you can choose from jumpsuits, short dresses and take risks with skirts that frame your figure.


Here at Fashion Trends, we want to make you feel part of this community that seeks to interact with you and get to know you better.


So, tell us below what you think about these summer outfits and which one is your favorite. Have you already bought one? Which one did you like the most? Follow us on our social media and share how the looks turned out for you.