Stay fashionable at all times with flower prints

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This summer is offering surprises. After a pandemic season we all want to go out on the streets, and of course, always be in style. In hot times we seek to be as comfortable, light, modern, and elegant as possible. Because of this, simple floral prints, large flowers, or embroidery, are the flattering solution. After all, it offers a fresh look for all kinds of figures. Besides, they never go out of style! Today, we will help you discover how to combine them to look very chic, up-to-date, and fashionable. Stay fashionable at all times with flower prints!


This type of print is very popular since, in addition to being feminine, you can match it in many types of ensembles and colors. Every woman should have at least one flowered blouse in her closet. Besides, depending on the fabric, you can easily use it with shorts, skirts, or jeans. Being the most current, your wardrobe will be filled with these types of versatile garments.


Unique combinations for you


Fashion Trends and Style-It is always in fashion wear a flower prints-Unique combinations for you

If you have a silk or satin blouse with quite delicate flowers, you can wear it with tube skirts or wide-boot pants. It can be jeans, colored or black, always to your liking. This set will make you stand out and shine.


Paired with small earrings and silver and gold bracelets, high heels, and voilà, you’ll be ready to rock. You can wear the blouse on the outside or just insert the front part inside your pants. As a result, you will get a very original style.


You may have a cotton or linen blouse; therefore, it is advisable to combine it with square jeans, midi, shorts, or denim skirts. With this set, you will look jovial and prepared for whatever the day throws at you. Heels cannot be missing. Remember that it all depends on the type of flower color that your blouse has. You can also add eye-catching accessories and you’ll be the center of attention.


However, if low-top sneakers are more comfortable for you, it’s also allowed.


Choose the best bottom garments, flower prints


Fashion Trends and Style-It is always in fashion wear a flower print-Choose the best bottom garments

You can also get floral print pants, a skirt or shorts. I know, they are beautiful! With a monochrome half-sleeve or full blouse. To enhance your look, even more, you can also wear cream-colored high heels and a purse.


Remember that all combinations are possible and easy. The important thing is that you feel comfortable. By feeling comfortable in your outfit, you will exude confidence and leave everyone impressed.


Now, if you only have a light and flowered dress, the perfect combination is with low sandals or ankle boots, matching accessories, and the best of attitudes.


That is the master touch. It is certainly important to give ourselves a little self-love before leaving home.


Don’t go overboard, flower prints


Fashion Trends and Style -It is always in fashion wear a flower print-Don_t go overboard

Have you ever wondered how to wear multiple flower prints together? We recommend avoiding matching floral tops and skirts, because many elements together can be overwhelming, always keep in mind that less is more. In the same way, the size of the flowers must be taken into account, because the combination of the matching elements and accessories will depend on that. Shoes, Boots, and high or low heels will highlight the way you combine them. However, feel free to dress and mix as you like.


Consequently: if you have good taste, anything goes and we are ready to fall in love and flourish. No matter what type of flowers you have, if you match them well, you will easily stand out, making you feel confident and beautiful. Lose the fear of using them! Floral prints are beautiful.


At Fashion Trends, the idea is to make you look amazing from the inside out, and we need to know your opinion. Do you have a pattern at home and you don’t know how to combine it? Tell us in the comments and on our social media to know your opinion and how we can take advantage of that closet together.