New trend alert! Statement-collars and their influence in 2021

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There is a special charm in vintage garments that move to everyone’s lips in less time than expected. Today, in this return to the 60s, 70s, and 90s, they are the ones on the top of fashionistas. Because of this, we can say that statement collars are an outfit worth paying attention to.


As you may have noticed, social networks have given way to this trend of the statement collar. If you haven’t even thought about this, I am sure that you will soon fall at its feet. After all, it’s a super romantic detail that has been present in the most recent collections. So, it’s time to accept them as they will stay for a while.


Where does the name statement collars come from?


Fashion Trends and Style - Statement- statement collars

It’s a great trend this season that, in addition to transmitting childish and genuine airs, comes to stay with more styles in the maxi neck, baroque, and even more dramatic styles with lace styles. It’s used mostly in white; however, you can also include it in your blouses without problems.


Its name comes from the Bohemian Bourgeois, which is an informal sociological classification that describes the members of an ascendant social group in the era of new technologies. In other words: they were the hippies and bohemians of that time.


Thanks to this class the use of the statement collar spread, and it began to be called silly because of the social class that this garment represented.


The latest statement-collar trend


Fashion Trends and Style - Statement- statement collars

It is at this moment where that inner girl that we all have inside begins to jump completely excited by a large number of blouses, dresses, sweaters, cardigans, and even T-shirts that may even be adaptable to this new trend.


This new proposal reappeared on the international catwalks, but it was introduced in a very subtle way, since it was not seen in every garment, except in autumn-winter garments.


Later, several influencers and celebrities appeared with it, wearing it as an element, which in its purest 70s style, stamps that FASHION label that we want so much to have on your forehead.


Thanks to this versatility of the garment, the so-called statement-collar, has become the most sought after. Its name goes back to those doll dresses, so it tends to be compared to childish, sweet, romantic, and evoke airs of innocence.


The embroidery or openwork invokes that connotation more.


Detachable statement-collar


Fashion Trends and Style - Statement- statement collars

As you may have noticed, old trends can be updated, or are simply to remind us that they can still be a reason to show a different air in our outfits that can be unique and very chic. In this way, you can also detach statement collars as they often don’t come attached to our garments.


This is where you ask me, how? The answer is simple: it comes as a unique accessory. It’s made of different materials. For example, simple and classic such as white with embroidery and transparent fabrics.


This style provides many possibilities when it comes to dressing. Combine it with a shirt, straight tailored suit, flat shoes … so that the neck stands out for its femininity and romantic airs.


Looking for a more feminine style? Wear it with a skirt, floral or plaid prints, and sneakers. This accessory, or garment, offers versatility because it will give the necessary touch to make you stand out.


Is yours a more street style? Use jeans, sneakers and a sweater. Add the statement collar and you will be ready for dinner, lunch, a walk with friends, a party, or even to go to work …


How do we adapt it to our dressing room?


It is a new trend that is everywhere, and I must confess that I am more than delighted with it. Especially since we can adapt it to many garments that we already have in our wardrobe. Follow me to see some examples of combinations with the statement collar.


With sweaters for discreet looks


Fashion Trends and Style - Statement- statement collars

This “Peter Pan” neck detail will subtly give you a unique update. It will give you an elegant and romantic air to make you feel like Anne with an E.


And now, in a more minimalist line, you can wear it with any type of sweater. It is quite elegant and combinable with whatever you want.


You can wear it with baggy pants, leather pants or with your favorite jeans.


Do you like skirts? If so, you can also combine the sweater with skirts and use the statement collar.


In street style, to stay in trend


Fashion Trends and Style - Statement- statement collars

It is clear that street style practically took over the world. And it has brought proposals that, in addition to being sophisticated, are very appealing with this type of garment.


It’s so beautiful and interesting that it can be an essential basic for hopeless romantics, like me.


With pleated pants and cardigans… jeans, blazers, blouses, and even with wide shoulders.


The different types of the neck can show that even those that come in the shape of a sharp peak, can take you to that seventies’ discos that will make that look an incredible style.


Types of statement-collars


Fashion Trends and Style - Statement- statement collars

I want to tell you that this trend is inspired by Lady Di since she was one of the first to wear it, and this symbol comes to complement our outfits.


Although this style may be something that does not suit you or makes you feel uncomfortable, don’t hold back from trying it on your favorite garment.


If you like it, then let’s use it! If not, don’t worry.


  • Checked collars: This proposal comes from Asos and comes with gingham checks. You can use this accessory with a different complement to your background sweaters or blouses.
  • Openwork white: This comes in white to make you look romantic and full of style. As it’s a knitted garment, it can bring light and sober style to any of your sweaters, including those made of wool.
  • Plain-edged collars: This style allows you to feel in that time of Anne, and also, if you have children, you can combine them with them too. Precious, right?


Statement-collar dresses


Fashion Trends and Style - Statement- statement collars

The dress is a garment that reinvents itself over time, and with a statement collar, you can achieve a fairly contemporary look. If you let yourself go, you can complement it with a long-buttoned dress, with sleeves and a bib. Can you imagine it? I do.


Now, you can include these garments with dresses, blazers, cardigans, or blazers. Here at Fashion Trends, we want to know your style and how you will wear this iconic style and we want to know, which style do you prefer? Do you prefer sobriety or elegance? Would you wear the style, colorful or black?


Do you already have your statement collar?