Sportswear: learn to choose the most suitable

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Sportswear: learn to choose the most suitable. Exercising requires special and specific clothing. We cannot wear the clothes we wear daily. Because, in addition to mistreating it, it is not suitable for this type of activity and our skin.


The fitness world, physical care, and exercise have expanded. And it is common to see more and more people practicing some sport. 


And if you are also starting in this world, you need to know what type of clothing is ideal for carrying out your routines successfully and comfortably.


Therefore, today we present this guide to help you choose the right sportswear to perform physical activities and take care of your body, skin, and health.



How to properly choose sportswear


Type of fabric


Fashion Trends and Style- Sportswear: learn to choose the most suitable - clothing

There are specialized fabrics for making sportswear, which help improve the person’s performance. Previously, cotton was a textile used for this type of activity. However, it is not ideal for physical activities despite being an organic, soft, and absorbent material.


When exercising, the body sweats, and perspiration is necessary. So, in this process, the textile used will have a great influence, with synthetic fabrics being the best for this.


Cotton clothing makes it difficult to expel toxins from the body, in addition to the fact that the garment fills with sweat and becomes heavier despite the passing of time.


For this reason, it is best to wear clothes made of polyester and nylon since they dry quickly and do not retain moisture.


Essential garments, which ones to choose?




Fashion Trends and Style- Sportswear: learn to choose the most suitable - clothing

This is one of the most essential garments to select since it is responsible for protecting the chest area and avoiding sudden movements and discomfort when performing physical activities, especially high-impact ones.


The first and most relevant step is choosing the correct size. Because if it is too small, it will only cause discomfort and even difficulty breathing. And if it´s too large, it will not be effective when using it.


The most important thing is choosing a bra that is your size. Therefore, before buying it, it is advisable to try it in the store’s dressing room. Once it is your size, it must allow you to move without impediments, that your breasts remain fixed and that you can breathe well.


Another detail is that the fabric does not twist on any sides, and the piece can be easily accommodated, removed, and put on.




Leggings, lycra, shorts, or sports pants are among the most used garments in sports practice. They provide flexibility, comfort, and in the case of pants, maximum coverage for those who feel better doing sports without showing their legs.


We can find this piece in various materials, colors, and prints. And the choice will depend on your taste, style, and the discipline you practice. Since leggings are the best option for yoga or pilates, while for running, shorts are ideal.


Also, there are the bikers, which are lycra or leggings that reach a little above the knee and have become very popular lately, and that combines the comfort of long pants and the flexibility of the synthetic fabric, being used by a large number of disciplines.




Fashion Trends and Style- Sportswear: learn to choose the most suitable - clothing

Here your style will be the determining factor. There are tank tops, short and long sleeves, flannels, and crop tops, also found in synthetic fabrics and tights, for all tastes and needs.


As always, the size is paramount.


And the type of textile suitable for sports of greater intensity is the main factor to consider when choosing.




Fashion Trends and Style- Sportswear: learn to choose the most suitable - clothing

Here the matter is a little more detailed since the shoes to choose will depend on the type of physical activity you carry out since there is a specific shoe for each discipline.


Therefore, the first step is to define your practice activity and look for the most suitable footwear specifically designed for that purpose.






Tips for choosing your clothes successfully


Fashion Trends and Style- Sportswear: learn to choose the most suitable - clothing

  • If you are starting out in the world of fitness and exercise, choose to buy loose shirts and flannels that give you extra comfort and help you hide that localized fat you want to lose during the beginning process.
  • Choose high-quality clothes and fabrics that are durable and antibacterial.
  • Select pieces made of fabrics that favor perspiration, such as polyester, elastane, and nylon. Bamboo and wool are also the most recommended fabrics.
  • Dress according to the activity you practice, such as tight clothing for spinning, running, or cycling, and loose clothing for aerobic exercises.
  • Make sure that the price of the clothes you buy is consistent with their quality, material, and finishes.
  • Your sportswear is like underwear, very personal, and you should not borrow the same.


Winter Sportswear


Fashion Trends and Style- Sportswear: learn to choose the most suitable - clothing

In times of cold, it is necessary that the clothing is different. And other accessories are incorporated and thus preventing the weather from wreaking havoc on our training and health.


A very common option is to wear several layers of clothing to maintain body temperature while exercising.


For this, it is necessary to incorporate thermal clothing resistant to cold, humidity, and rain. And then, put on a layer of waterproof clothing or the usual clothing you usually wear daily.


Windproof and waterproof jackets are also widely used in these months. Since they will protect you from the rain and help you in your training. They must have a front closure that facilitates handling and compartments that allow you to store your things.


Gloves, earmuffs, and scarves are also necessary at some point. So do not hesitate to have a supply of them when necessary.


And of course, in terms of designs and colors, your taste will define your choice, do not forget to always have fun in every sporting step you take, and wear your outfits with safety and style.