A Guide to wearing sports shoes and leggings

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A Guide to wearing sports shoes and leggings. It’s incredible how every day we can see how the fashion world evolves, grows, transforms, and varies. What we thought could never happen, is now happening and to the regret of many grandmothers, mine would be included in this package, those rules from before no longer apply.


The pandemic definitely changed our lives. Our way of thinking, our pace of life, so the way we dress wasn’t going to be left behind. I’m sure that many of us got the meme that said “every time you get dressed, remember that if it’s your last day, that will be your ghost outfit forever.” As a result of that, everything had to change, right?


We adapted to the basics and the clothes to be at home. Our style went from being casual to a little more sporty or street style. In this sense, we had to come up with combinations to wear outfits of this type like all princesses.


Do you want to know how to wear sports shoes and leggings? Keep reading that with Fashion Trends we have chosen this ideal theme for you!


How to combine sports leggings?


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Matching leggings can be quite a fun task to do. In the case of leggings with sneakers, it could be even more fun. Today, I want you to forget the possible and the impossible and open your mind to the new.


Starting from the color of your preference, well-combined leggings can offer you fantastic, original, and at the same time quite comfortable looks.


I want to invite you to take a risk with cosmopolitan looks with sports leggings to get the most out of it. Do you know that now stockings are worn over leggings and in medium size?


Total black look with colored sneakers.


Perfect for sophisticated looks, black leggings with a sweater or sweatshirt of the same color. Combine it with your colorful sneakers, preferably in neon colors, to stand out more. Empowered Diva!


Casual look with coats. Very modern.


What do you think of a top inside your pants? Risky? You can elevate this outfit with a bulky coat, an XXL bag, and white sneakers. You will be more than ready to be a trend!


Look in a white palette.


For a sophisticated woman, white will help you put together that outfit with different shades to achieve a chromatic scale up to the footwear, which, of course, should be this color or pink. Do it with white leggings, a white top, and a white blazer in different shades.


Pastel look and beige sneakers.


I’m sure you can achieve a cute and fun side by taking this idea. Combine beige leggings with beige sneakers. The top and the jacket in pink or light blue. You will dazzle with every step!


Textured look. 


Dare to use textures and synthetic hair in an outfit worthy of a princess. Wear textured leggings, sneakers, and a black sweater with a dark and gray-toned coat.


How to wear sports shoes in style?


Fashon Trends and Style - leggings - shoes

Sneakers are a very interesting accessory with which you can dare to use different colors, models, styles, with extravagant textures and designs.


Now, depending on your style, the shapes should also suit you and your personality.


So, the million-dollar question isn’t: what shoes to wear with leggings?


But with what garment can I combine them? And you will get it this way:


Basic sporty.


The first thing we must take into account is that it isn’t about how you look when you leave the gym, but how to combine them. How to put together a basic sports look? Simple: sneakers with black leggings and a basic T-shirt.


It’s important to note that this style doesn’t mean going to the gym, but it adopts certain colors and makes them casual. Functional for going to college or taking a walk.


Comfortable for winter.


You can wear leggings in winter, of course. It’s more than allowed to do so. And you can wear it with an oversize sweater and a colored scarf or hat. What sneakers? Sporty regardless of type. Even those that have bright colors. Take the risk of wearing stockings over leggings, you’ll impress!


Sneakers and blouses.


You can also achieve more relaxed and informal outfits, with leggings and sneakers as the protagonists of this style. If you have white shoes, you can pair them with light blue, pink, or aqua green leggings … actually any pastel shade. While in the upper part, a crop top or a blouse. Those you used to work or go out to dinner.


How to combine black leggings with tennis?


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There are infinities of ways in which we can combine black leggings with tennis shoes and look spectacular and very chic. First, you can choose a leather jacket with white sneakers and a gray basic one. Tie a plaid shirt around your waist.


Another option is to look like Khloé Kardashian and opt for a black crew-neck sweater, black leggings, and white sneakers. Tie your hair into a high ponytail and is Khloé you?


Now, if you are more oversize style, opt for a black t-shirt and you can wear it loose or tie it. A huge bag and white tennis shoes. What do you think of these combinations? There are so many more that will vary in style.


Guide to wearing sports shoes and leggings


Fashon Trends and Style - leggings - leggings

Do you already have an idea of ​​what you should wear to combine sports shoes and leggings?


I know that it can be a bit risky and that it can be a combination that not everyone likes. Some women are more reluctant than others when it comes to wearing this garment.


Now, today, together with Fashion Trends, I want to invite you to live the experience, take a risk and get that ideal style that suits you and who you are. Without shame, or fear.


I know some people have ideas about the garment. However, one option for failure is that the legging is not the right size. What do you say? Did this guide work for you?