How to combine your favorite sneakers with a long dress

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How to combine your favorite sneakers with a long dress. Until recently, people only used sports shoes to go to the gym. But now, this element has become vital thanks to its comfort. In fact, you can now combine your dresses with sports shoes to put together a new look.


Sports shoes have become essential footwear, so much so that we even saw them in this year’s runways. That’s why you should lose the fear when combining this element with your long dresses to create a great urban style.


If you don’t know how to achieve a good combination with both elements, don’t worry. Today we will explain what you should do.

What can sneakers you wear with long dresses?


Fashion Trends and Style - sneakers with a long dress - clothing

Now that you know you can wear sneakers with long dresses, the next step is to achieve a good mix with these fascinating elements.


First, you should put aside the idea that long dresses are exclusive to high-heeled sandals. Today, you can use your classic sports shoes such as Reebok or Adidas while wearing a long black dress or in the tone of your preference.


However, you must take care of certain details, since the idea isn’t to end up doing a forced combination. The best recommendation we can give you is to have in your wardrobe some classic sports shoes, preferably white.


For example, fashionistas have basic sports shoes that maintain their classic style and are smooth. However, you can also have a more sporty model to mix with this garment without fail.


Achieve the perfect sneaker-long dress combination


Fashion Trends and Style - sneakers with a long dress - clothing

Now, we have made it clear what is the type of sports shoe that can be the best compliment when wearing a long dress.


The next step is to explain how you can make different combinations without losing your style, much less glamour.


Therefore, we have gathered a wide variety of looks that can be used to create an outfit that makes you feel comfortable and sure of yourself when wearing long dresses with sports shoes:



Basic long black dress


Fashion Trends and Style - sneakers with a long dress - clothing

This is usually the basic look to mix these two very charming elements for women of different ages.


In general, a long black dress becomes the best option to be complemented with sports shoes.


Besides, you could also use some accessories, such as a small cross-body bag, to finish with a fascinating look.


Vintage style long dress


There’s no doubt that some women admire the vintage style, but many think that they cannot be mixed with sports shoes. The reality is that a long vintage dress can blend perfectly with sneakers of this style, especially if they’re a classic and white model.


Long shirt dress


Fashion Trends and Style - sneakers with a long dress - clothing

A shirt dress is perfect to wear with your favorite sports shoes.


In fact, as it has more sporty characteristics, it looks great with sneakers of any design.


In stores, you can find sports shoes from the most classic to the most current. So, you can choose any of them to combine with your dress.


For example, you can choose a pair of very striking colors, and even metallic ones.


Long dress with prints


Thanks to the variety of dresses with prints that exist in the market, you can find a design that fits with your favorite sports shoes. This style can be ideal in case you have to attend an informal meeting.


Midi dress


The midi dress is above the ankles and at the same time below the knees. That’s why, if you want to achieve a perfect look with this type of dress, you can easily complement it with sports shoes. As for accessories, you can include a hat and a purse to look great.


Be careful when making the following combinations


Fashion Trends and Style - sneakers with a long dress - clothing

In this post, we gave you some ideas to create a look with your long dresses and sports shoes. However, this type of footwear doesn’t go well with any type of dress. Because of this, you must take into account the following details:


Long dresses with see-through are likely to lose glamour when complemented with athletic shoes. In such a case, it’s best to choose sneakers in neutral tones. In other words, forget about neon or metallic colors.


Concerning patterns, you should choose the most appropriate. This way, you look with sports shoes won’t lose their charm. Our recommendation is to choose minis prints. After all, they tend to look better in long dresses, in case you want to wear sports shoes.


If you want to get out of your comfort zone, instead of wearing white sneakers, try other more striking colors. In this case, you should choose a long plain dress and take care of accessories. This way, your outfit won’t appear overdone.


Combining long dresses with sneakers is easier than it seems


In short, white sneakers cannot be missing when creating an easy long dress look. Besides, it’s best to use dresses in neutral tones. This is because they will always be great allies to combine them with sneakers of any model and color.


Similarly, to put together a quick look there is the option of black & White since both colors will always work for any occasion. So, if you choose a long dress and black sneakers or vice versa, you will be ready to go to a meeting day or night out depending on the dress code.


If you like long dresses, you no longer have to wait for a special occasion to use them with high-heeled shoes. After all, sports shoes can also give you a lot of style and comfort.