The slip dress, the ultimate trend of 2021

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trendyIf I told you that the dress that will be very fashionable this season is a nightgown, would you believe me? At least I would stay with a raised eyebrow and say: everything okay at home?


In other words, the lace slip dress also called a “slip dress”, will become our best ally for any occasion. Starting from the beginning, we come from a quarantine that, ultimately, changed our perspective and the way we see the world.


What could previously be unconventional or impossible to take to the street, has been transformed into the opposite. We want comfort and simplicity, but also to be fashionable.


Are slip-dresses still in style 2021?


Fashion Trends and Style - slip dress - dress

Yes, and thousand times yes. As I told you, pajamas are more than clothes to sleep or be at home. For this reason, we should not be surprised.


The nightgown is back from the past and is accentuated as a super IN dress for summer.


Renowned brands, such as Rouje, opted to add lace and offer us colors such as baby blue or salmon pink.


Now, many runways have surprised us with everything they bring for this summer season, and within these surprises, they bring us concepts of this type of dress such as the vintage style.


Why is the slip dress so popular?


This garment is a fundamental element in our new wardrobe because it’s easy to combine. You can also use it with casual elements such as sneakers, jean jackets, or sweaters. This minimalist garment can transform looks and give us versatility for those changes of clothes for which we hardly have time.


Are slip dresses formal?


Fashion Trends and Style - slip dress - dress

Of course, as you read earlier, its versatility gives you the formality for a day/night look, even for an overly formal or informal occasion. Then you ask yourself why? Simple, because its retro style makes it ideal to combine with whatever we have in store.


It’s considered the sexiest outfit of the nineties and returns to give us an unforgettable season. It has been at the top of what we should not stop using this year. Almost like a basic in our closet.


With it, you will be able to evoke a moment in the history of fashion were nuances, drapes and lace were the main characters.


They used to highlight those exquisite dances that we would all want to attend at least once. That’s why designers like Alberta Ferretti took them to the catwalk with designs wrapped in transparencies, sandals with handcrafted and comfortable pieces …


What can you wear with a slip dress?


Fashion Trends and Style - slip dress - dress

They look good with everything; however, it is prudent to clarify on my part that everything means a balance between nuances, materials, and styles.


This garment is very striking; therefore, the secret will always be in how you wear it in a positive and trendy way.


As for footwear, this type of dress can be worn with a stiletto heel or high-heeled shoes.


However, you can also wear them with low sandals, even with men’s shoes, to honor genderless fashion. And with tennis? Obviously, that will put you at the top of the street style.


The slip dress and its many outfits


I know you want inspiration and I’m going to give it to you. So, keep reading as I will show you some ways to wear this garment with different formats: from the length to the total look.


Street style



I love this street-style fashion. If your dress has printed and is long, you can combine them over a white T-shirt and biker boots. This style will bring usability. Now, if your slip dress is monochrome, wear a long contrasting coat and your favorite high boots (flat or high-heeled). Going out with this outfit may be a risk that I already want to take.




Do you want to take the risk of a completely monochrome look? A midi slip dress with your matching blazer in the same color palette can give you an elegant and formal outfit for any important meeting at the office. Boots or high heels? It’s your choice!




Fashion Trends and Style - slip dress - Bohemian

This style consists of a long, loose slip dress, preferably with a leg slit, no jackets, or anything else.


If you like, you can add an interesting designer belt and a summer bag.


On the other hand, white sneakers and bracelets with stones will provide that loose and simple air that shows that you are quite happy and comfortable with life.


Now, if you want to look chicer, combine your dress with a fringed flower cloak, or perhaps a patterned kimono.


A casual look


Fashion Trends and Style - slip dress - Casual

For a more casual look, opt for denim or a jean jacket.


You can also find a collared shirt under the dress, it can be an excellent option to wear it casually, Parisian-inspired, and an excellent idea to make the change of season.


Enhance it even more by wearing a pair of sneakers and a cross-body bag. With this, you can go anywhere and look amazing.


The best? No one will know that there was almost no effort when it came to dressing.


To The Office


Fashion Trends and Style - slip dress - to the office

It is well known that this type of dress could mostly have a too sexy neckline or it could be too short.


For an office look, you could choose the silkiest, preferably in a warm color, and combine it with a patterned or striped blazer.


You cannot miss the heels and your purse.


One tip: Make sure your dress is not too tight or short. Otherwise, you won’t be as beautiful and chic as you want.


Let’s go cocktail!


Fashion Trends and Style - slip dress - Banner

For these summer days, a slip dress is one of the best ideas to stand out. It is functional because it is perfect with any footwear, accessory, or jacket.


However, the best way to wear it to a cocktail party is with a jacket, or you could go off the shoulder.


The color of the dress is complete to your liking. Opt for sandals with straps in summer or heels.


You can also complete your outfit with a wide-brimmed hat. Damn! What a beauty.


What else do I need to know?


Fashion Trends and Style - slip dress - dress

Now, I want to tell you some other things to make this garment a balanced and coordinated outfit.


First, if you love animal print, you can use it, but have in mind that it’s very striking. So, you can lower its intensity with simple flat sandals or white sneakers.


Next, using it with a blazer it’s also a good option for a business meeting, going to the office, or some important event.


However, if you want to go to the beach, you can wear flip-flops. This will also help remove the “night” air.


Which slip dress should you choose?


Your slip dress will depend on you and your taste. Choose the garment with which, after trying it on, you feel comfortable, sexy, and daring, without falling into the obscene. So, it is up to you who you feel best with. What I do guarantee you is that by applying these techniques you will look incredible.


Have you already got your slip dress?