Skincare Part II. Products, Acids, Serums: What they are, and How to Use them

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The world of skincare is quite extensive. We had already given an introduction on how to get started in skincare. As it has been promoted for some time now.


But today, we will focus on the products. What types of products are commonly used in skincare routines, and what each is for.


Let’s start by getting to know the basic products and their use.


Micellar water


Fashion Trends and Style - Skincare Products Acids Serums - skincare

It´s a type of easy cleanser that combines water and oil. And is responsible for removing impurities, makeup, and any residue that may be on the skin.


Before applying the cleanser, it´s an essential part of the double cleaning and is considered the first step.







Fashion Trends and Style - Skincare Products Acids Serums - skincare

As its name indicates, it´s a type of soap, either in bar or liquid, that we use to wash our face and remove all impurities.


We know that the use of soap for daily cleaning is not something new. But one of the skincare purposes is to use a type of soap suitable for your skin and needs.


It happens that regular bar soap, like the one we use for daily body cleansing, is highly irritating and alkaline. And it brings consequences in the long run for our face. Because that skin is more delicate than the rest of the body.


For this reason, those who are spokespersons for skincare routines emphasize not using regular soap for the face. And instead, go for a less abrasive option.


That´s why today, there are many options adapted to each type of skin. With various ingredients that promise to improve the appearance of the skin and the possible defects that may be suffered.




The toner is a light liquid similar to water, applied after cleansing the skin. To close the pores, balance the skin’s pH, and prepare it for the rest of the products.


The tonic has recently been controversial since many skincare gurus assure that its use has no relevance. And supposedly doesn´t bring significant changes to the skin.


Others continue betting on the tonic, as a bridge for the rest of the routine and as an aid for the pH.


So, using it will depend on your preferences and budget.


Eye contour


Fashion Trends and Style - Skincare Products Acids Serums - skincare

The skin around the eyes is fragile and sensitive, so we recommend eye contour.


Depending on its presentation, the eye contour is a moisturizing cream or gel responsible for moisturizing that part of the face.


It comprises a series of vitamins to give luminosity, a smooth appearance, and reduce expression lines. We recommend its application, especially at night.




Fashion Trends and Style - Skincare Products Acids Serums - skincare

Serum is a liquid with a gel or oil consistency that contains vitamins and minerals in a concentrated form.


It´s said to be twice as effective as a face cream. And it has become an expendable part of the daily routine due to the number of benefits to the skin.


Its use is recommended immediately after cleansing and before moisturizing. It´s the first thing the skin absorbs and has more excellent absorption and consequently a more significant effect.


But remember that less is more. Abusing the serum by applying more than recommended can be harmful, saturating the pores and hindering its absorption.




Fashion Trends and Style - Skincare Products Acids Serums - skincare

As expressed, it´s that cream or gel intended for easy hydration. It´s used after applying the serum as a finishing layer to prepare your skin for the makeup in case you use it.


There are currently many types according to skin type. Gel or water-based moisturizers are ideal for oily, combination, or sensitive skin. In contrast, creams are more suitable for dry skin.


It´s an important step. Because it keeps your skin nourished and is extra in conjunction with serums to improve the appearance and prevent aging.




Fashion Trends and Style - Skincare Products Acids Serums - skincare

Last but not least, there´s sunscreen.


We have heard and read about the importance of applying sunscreen daily throughout our lives.


The main enemy of our skin is the sun. Exposure to this is super harmful because it can cause injuries, burns, and the least desired, the development of cancer. For this reason, we recommend its use even in closed spaces.


Light and UV rays penetrate the thinnest layers of the skin, causing dryness and aging, showing unwanted lines of expression in its splendor.


At the end of your entire routine, the mandatory use of sunscreen with the highest filter is recommended as the last step to go out with that extra security to the street.


In addition, it prevents the appearance of stains and possible marks in the future.


Now, let’s delve deeper into the subject of serums and see the types that exist and their use.


It´s important to note that serums are composed of acids, chemicals, or natural substances. All responsible for renewing skin cells in this particular case.


Its frequent use, as already said, improves the appearance of the skin, avoiding the damage of the passage of time.


Among the most common and used serums are:


Hyaluronic acid


One of the most popular and used in skincare because it´s not very aggressive and adapts to all skin types.


You can include it in both the day and night routines, and its function is to hydrate and firm the skin.


Glycolic Acid


Fashion Trends and Style - Skincare Products Acids Serums - skincare

It belongs to the family of alpha-hydroxy acids.


Glycolic Acid has an exfoliating effect of penetrating the deepest layers of the skin.


Its function is to improve the marks produced by acne, lighten the previous ones, close the pores and illuminate the skin.


Retinoic acid


It is an acid form of vitamin A, considered a powerful anti-aging serum.


It´s responsible for improving the appearance of the skin, regenerating cells, and treating spots and wrinkles to obtain a more uniform and smooth skin.


L-ascorbic Acid


Fashion Trends and Style - Skincare Products Acids Serums - skincare

Or better known also as vitamin C.


It is an antioxidant serum that provides luminosity and protection from free radicals to the skin.


Together with the sunscreen, they form a shield for the skin, preventing stains.


It´s also recommended for skin with acne marks, as it helps to fade them, also helping to prevent the appearance of expression lines.


Lactic acid


It´s another serum with an exfoliating effect. Its use is for sensitive skin and those with problems such as rosacea.


Salicylic acid


Fashion Trends and Style - Skincare Products Acids Serums - skincare

It is the quintessential anti-acne serum.


You can find this component in various products such as soaps, cleansers, creams.


It belongs to the beta-hydroxy acid family, with exfoliating and keratolytic properties. It also has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, enhancing its effectiveness against breakouts and the bacteria that cause acne.


Azelaic Acid


Another way to fight unwanted acne is azelaic acid.


In addition to fighting breakouts, it treats skin with blemishes rosacea and is sebum-regulating to keep oil production controlled.


You can use it in both morning and night routines.


Lactobionic Acid


Fashion Trends and Style - Skincare Products Acids Serums - skincare

Its moisturizing promotes collagen production. It rejuvenates the skin while preventing the loss of water and antioxidants.


When applying serums, don´t waste buying all types if you are starting. Choose wisely the one you consider necessary, and thus your routine does not become a daily viacrucis.


We hope that this guide will help you and guide you to have prettier and, above all, healthier skin.