Skincare in your 40s

Fashion Trends and Style - Skincare in your 40s - skincare

Skincare in your 40s. As time passes and we get older, our skin changes. Lifestyle, our routine, and daily actions also determine the appearance and health of facial skin.


It does not matter that you are 20 years old. We may look much older if there is excessive sun exposure or nicotine abuse. At the same time, we can find ourselves in our 40s and have radiant skin thanks to the care and style of a healthy lifestyle.


Of course, the passage of time does not forgive, and the appearance of the signs of aging is inevitable. It is mainly reflected in expression lines, wrinkles, and dull, uneven skin.


To combat all these symptoms, applying a daily skincare routine is necessary. Which is responsible for effectively slowing down and delaying the tired appearance of the face and any other typical characteristics due to aging.


And to begin with, logically, the care that skin needs at 40 years of age is different from that required by younger skin. Therefore, if you are in your 40s or very close to them, we tell you how to start taking care of your skin. And thus keep it radiant and young for longer.


Skin when you´re 40 years old


Fashion Trends and Style - Skincare in your 40s - skincare

It is important to emphasize that our skin’s appearance at 40 years of age will be the consequence of the care we gave it at 30 and so on.


But before continuing, we see what happens to the skin when you reach 40 years:


  • The skin is usually thinner and looks duller.
  • Dark spots appear due to sun exposure or red spots on the skin.
  • The elasticity and collagen are progressively lost, as well as the tone, the latter showing irregularity.
  • Wrinkles or expression lines begin to accentuate.


Daily skincare routine at age 40


Indeed, careful skincare should start at the age of 20, however, do not be alarmed. It is never too late to start.But, if you have already come up with an established routine and follow to the letter when you reach 40, you should only make a few slight modifications regarding the ingredients and products you use. Since it is necessary to intensify the care and nutrients our skin receives.


Whether you are new to skincare or already have notions about it, here we leave you the basic steps. And the essential ingredients at this age for effective skincare begin to counteract unwanted signs.


Daily facial cleansing


Fashion Trends and Style - Skincare in your 40s - skincare

It is well known that the skin of our face accumulates dirt daily. Since it receives the external agents to which we are exposed, as well as oil, makeup, and sweat, among others. So daily cleaning, both in the morning and at night, is necessary to keep it clean and avoid clogged pores and the dull appearance that can come from poor hygiene.


A neutral soap based on salicylic acid is recommended for oily skin or moisturizers for dry skin. Avoid cosmetic soaps that irritate the skin and alter its natural pH at all costs.





Fashion Trends and Style - Skincare in your 40s - skincare

Exfoliation is a technique that, with the help of a particular product, is usually sandy or rough in texture. The skin is massaged to remove dead cells, as well as deep clean the pores and achieve a brighter face.


It is recommended to do it a maximum of 2 times a week and apply special products that do not cause so much abrasion to the skin and can cause some damage.


Daily sun protection


Fashion Trends and Style - Skincare in your 40s - skincare

No action shows more love for your skin than the daily and obligatory use of the solar project on the face.


Regardless of whether you are constantly exposed to the sun or not, applying this product is vital to avoid the spots that do so much damage to our skin and its appearance. In addition to preventing other types of diseases caused by UV rays.


Sunscreen is necessary even in closed spaces, where we are in artificial light. And if it is the case that you must be outdoors, it is essential to carry out a touch-up every so often, ensuring that the protective filter to be applied is of 50 SPF and above.


Facial Massage


Fashion Trends and Style - Skincare in your 40s - skincare

This step is necessary from the age of 30, but when you reach 40, it becomes simply mandatory. There are facial rollers or brushes to perform massages along with the daily routine. Therefore, begin to include them progressively until they are part of the routine.




Hydration is vital in the facial care routine. Whatever your skin type, you should not skimp on hydration. However, when you reach 40, it is also necessary to incorporate an anti-wrinkle cream that is, above all, powerful. And for this, the key ingredient of this stage of life is retinol.


For this reason, it is mandatory to include products that contain this ingredient and thus stop wrinkles and expression lines.


Abundant intake of water


Fashion Trends and Style - Skincare in your 40s - skincare

One of the causes of skin aging, which is reflected in our face, is dehydration.


That is why doctors, nutritionists, and dermatologists insist we have a high daily water consumption.


This way, we will stay hydrated and have healthier and more luminous skin.




Aesthetic Treatments


Fashion Trends and Style - Skincare in your 40s - skincare

This age is ideal to start in the world of non-invasive aesthetic treatments such as the application of Botox, hyaluronic acid, peels, or chemical peels that help tighten the skin and keep it glowing.









Facial Serums


Fashion Trends and Style - Skincare in your 40s - skincare

We dedicate a section to discussing serums, which, although included in the daily routine, are so relevant that it is necessary to talk about them individually.


Serums are concentrates of active ingredients that penetrate the skin to act directly on it. And they do the job that corresponds according to the function that each one has.


They are applied directly after facial cleansing. And, of course, it becomes necessary to include another ingredient to improve the appearance as we age.


So, the serums that are recommended when you reach 40 years old are:


Vitamin C


Fashion Trends and Style - Skincare in your 40s - skincare

This ingredient is recommended to be used from the age of 30, extending its use to 40.


Thanks to the loss of luminosity in the skin and the possible spots and marks on the face, a serum is necessary to help attack these symptoms, which is why vitamin C is essential in achieving this goal.





Ascorbic acid


Fashion Trends and Style - Skincare in your 40s - skincare

It is responsible for repairing and regenerating cells, and this ingredient is a powerful antioxidant, helping the skin look healthy and young.











Fashion Trends and Style - Skincare in your 40s - skincare

It is the quintessential anti-wrinkle ingredient, and its use, as we already mentioned, is mandatory at 40 years of age.


At this age, blemishes and wrinkles are two recurring problems that must be faced firmly. For this, retinol is crucial and thus helps the cell renewal process to easily remove dead layers and make way for new ones, together with the luminosity, which must be reflected.


Skincare is something we do every day, no matter how old we are. Let’s try to have a healthy diet and good habits. Use the right products without falling into excesses and give our skin a new opportunity to stay healthy daily.