Short skirts: Rock them everywhere you go by wearing them right

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Where are the lovers of short skirts? Undoubtedly, this is one of the most viewed clothing items in a woman’s wardrobe. This is thanks to their versatility since they combine with everything and can be worn on any occasion. However, it is important to learn to wear short skirts to look elegant and not fall into the ordinary.


The idea is to create an attractive and comfortable look using short skirts. So, to achieve this, you must first learn how to choose the best skirt for you.


Choose a short skirt that makes you look good


Fashion Trends and Style - shorts skirts - Outfits

When it comes to dressing, you must understand that keeping a good image will always speak for you. Because of this, every time you wear a skirt, it must make you look just the way you want. It doesn’t matter whether you’re going to a meeting or your office. You must always look good.


This feminine basic is the best garment to highlight your femininity. Because of this, you should always take it into account. However, if you want to take advantage of it, consider some details such as body shape, height, and style.


The truth is that all women can wear short skirts. You just have to avoid making any mistakes. That’s why, before putting on a short skirt, you should be aware of the following points:


  • The ideal height for a short skirt should be 5 fingers more above the knee, no more than that. 
  • You shouldn’t wear a miniskirt to go to your job. After all, your boss and co-workers may not like it or find it appropriate.
  • If you think that short skirts are very risky, it’s best to wear long ones. What matters most is your comfort, so never leave it aside.
  • Generally, these skirts aren’t the most suitable for women under 160 cm. However, if you have toned legs, you can make them look longer.
  • Use the right underwear to avoid marks on your tight short skirt.
  • When wearing a short skirt, you should wear a top garment that matches. In other words, if you wear a top with designs, choose a plain skirt or vice versa.


How to wear short skirts successfully?


The recommendations we have just given you will greatly help when choosing the short skirt that is part of your look. But there are still many tips that you can consider for the next time you decide to wear a short skirt:


Short flared skirt


Fashion Trends and Style - shorts skirts - Outfits

Short skirts that fit close to the body tend to roll up the legs and make you feel uncomfortable.


For this reason, short flared or A-line skirts are a great option because they are not tight, and you can choose a buttoned model with denim, pleats, or velvet.


Your short skirt must not stick to the body or rise if there is a breeze, so a model made with thick fabric is better.


Short in the front and long in the back 


Fashion Trends and Style - shorts skirts - Outfits

These hybrid-style skirts are also a great solution to avoid exposure when walking or bending over if necessary.


You can combine this skirt with blouses to create a casual and formal look. In the same way, you can use it with high-heeled or flat shoes, depending on the design and fabric.


In addition to having skirts like these, in stores, you can also find an asymmetrical model from one side to the other so that one of your legs is more exposed.


A short skirt that falls above the waist 


Fashion Trends and Style - shorts skirts - Outfits

To feel more secure, you can choose short skirts that your belt fits snugly over your waist, the narrowest part of the torso.


Also, preferably choose an elastic belt to adjust it to your body and have more movement freedom. 


Besides, short skirts above the waist look much better flared.


This way, they will accentuate women’s waist with short or curvy bodies.


Short skirt with shorts – Skorts


Fashion Trends and Style - shorts skirts - Outfits

Many wear these skirts since they don’t expose you when moving or bending over.


This model is known as skorts, and while some have the part of the skirt in the front area and the shorts on the back, others have panels that cover the shorts entirely.


At present, the culottes that the hidden short brings will help you look much better.


You can combine short skirts with a wide variety of clothing


Fashion Trends and Style - shorts skirts - Outfits

Short skirts allow you to create your style, as you can easily combine them with other pieces of clothing. First, you can pair your favorite short skirt with long-sleeved, high-necked blouses or sweaters that help cover your skin at the top since your legs will be exposed.


You can also use some layers over the short layer. So, you can add a jacket to your look to help counteract the length of this short garment. This way, you’ll feel more covered.

Another option that will not make you look uncovered are socks or stockings underneath, and the best of all is that you can find them in an infinite number of colors. However, stockings or leggings in neutral colors, such as white or black, will be easier to combine. Following this, you may want to show a little more skin; for this, you could also use transparent stockings.

And a tip that can help you a lot when you wear short skirts is to wear a short underneath. However, you must ensure that this is Lycra and short enough to avoid being seen below the skirt.

From now on, you will be ready to wear a beautiful short skirt with your outfit.

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