7 types of shoes that look great with your jeans

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7 types of shoes that look great with your jeans. We love to dress well and look fabulous, right? Truth be told, we don’t need to walk in heels to do it. You also don’t need a head-to-toe suit. What you need is a lot of attitude and knowing how to combine the basics to achieve the extraordinary.


Today I’m going to show you seven types of shoes that look fabulous with your jeans and that you can wear to any casual event to get a laid-back look and still be very fashionable.


So, if you’re looking to achieve a casual outfit for a business day, all you need are basic garments: jeans, a shirt, a blazer, and shoes. Do you want to know which ones? Keep reading!


What are the best shoes to use for jeans?


What do you think if I tell you that you can’t always wear just any shoe with your favorite jeans? Technically there are rules that we must pay attention to, and here I will show you some that will be the perfect match for your jeans or denim pants.




Fashion Trends and Style - shoes - shoes

Ankle boots came to the beautiful world of fashion to steal a special place in our wardrobe. These shoes fit very well with different looks (not including party dresses) and in all four seasons of the year. Wearing ankle boots with your favorite jeans will give you a casual, trendy, and somewhat rocker look that will impress you.


They’re one of my favorite options. Wear your favorite brand, and they will go very well when it comes to wearing jeans to take a walk around the city, run errands, go out or go to the market. I recommend you wear them during the day and forget about them to go to work or for something very formal.


The sneakers


They are one of my favorite options and the most comfortable today. Wear them in the style you like, and they will combine very well when it comes to wearing jeans when you are going for a walk around the city, running errands, going out, or going to the market. Wear them preferably in the daytime and for casual and informal occasions, and avoid them for work or for something very formal.




Fashion Trends and Style - shoes - shoes

A very chic and fabulous option to wear at any time of the day and night.


The good thing about the heel (of any size) is that it’s very versatile, both to go to work and to go out to dinner on a Friday night.


Whatever color and style you want will make you look outstanding and taller.




Perfect for days when you have to rush through life and cannot wear a closed shoe. Sandals allow you to show off your foot and give an air of sensuality to the jean you’re wearing. You will attract all eyes!




I must confess that it’s my mother’s preferred option. It is the favorite choice of many, thanks to its comfort and ease to combine, being considered a basic and classic element of the closet and very tasteful.  They are perfect for all of us who don’t want to complicate ourselves too much when dressing and will give you that versatility of being able to use them with jeans for the night.




They look fabulous with a pair of jeans. It’s an option that you must have in your closet. They will give you an alternative with a preppy touch that will look great with your jeans. No matter the color, they will look amazing.




I could not pass up high boots as a shoe that will flatter your jeans. Tall boots with that find touch are essential for cold seasons. It will make the most of your basic T-shirt and jeans look. In addition, they’re elegant and practical.


What kind of shoes can you wear with baggy pants?


Fashion Trends and Style - shoes - shoes

Wide leg pants, also called elephant leg pants, can give you a very modern, elegant, and fashionable air.


Now, I know that tight jeans will remain in time, and the truth seems to me very well that it’s so. However, these days, the latest trend in fashion is wide-leg pants.


They go well with almost everything you have in your closet and can give you a lot of elegance. In general rules, it’s best to wear something tight on the top, and as for shoes you can wear white sports shoes, heels or stilettos.


What are the different types of women’s shoes?


Fashion Trends and Style - shoes - shoes

There are wide varieties of women’s shoes in the world. We find models according to the basic structure, in addition to those previously mentioned, such as espadrilles, brogues for women, mules, and clogs.


In particular, I think these also go super well with the jeans you like the most. As you may well realize, it’s a matter of taste and style. However, more than that is the attitude with which you teach what you wear.


We also have types of shoes according to their details and characteristics, such as bracelet shoes, biker, Chelsea, cowboy, flat, over-the-knee, and pumps, which vary according to style and design.


What type of shoes can you wear for each occasion?


It will vary in terms of the event or what the occasion is to take them. However, we must understand that some can be a success for specific circumstances and that with jeans, it will be a 10/10.




Ideal for the office or a party. They look great with your jeans for a sleek and modern formal look. Combined with a blazer, kimono, or jacket of your choice, it will give you a very casual and daring style.


Shoes without a heel.


With these shoes and jeans, you will get a very casual style. That’s why they’re not the best option for formal events. Now, they look great for casual outings with friends or a date.


Sandals without heels.


Known in the lower worlds as “flip-flops,” they’re perfect for summer. When worn together with jeans, they will give you a very fresh, minimalist, and simple touch. They are ideal for going for breakfast or a walk.


When to wear open or closed shoes?


Fashion Trends and Style - shoes - shoes

This is very important to keep in mind, so please, run to get a pencil and paper, because today I will give you the secret to choosing the ideal shoe for any occasion.


At Fashion Trends, we are prepared to show you some keys that will help you make the right decision on the right footwear. Above all, depending on the seasons we are in.


The best option for summer, autumn, and spring is sandals with heels or wedges. They also work well in spring and fall, allowing your feet to breathe, and avoiding bad smells and rosettes. While for a formal occasion, the ideal is a closed shoe with your jeans. On the other hand, if you go to a super important event, choose heels.


What do you think about this article? With what type of footwear do you combine your jeans? Tell us everything, we want to read you and know your opinion.