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Talk about fashion and trends, but at no time have we explained what styles really are. It is important to highlight that our image arises from within, intimately relating to our personality and that is what has projected abroad, becoming our style.


Therefore, we must wear what reflects who we are. Honestly, there are many times when we tend to confuse the concepts of fashion and styles when they are different things.


What do I mean by this? Simple, fashion varies seasonally based on trends, while style is what represents your essence. So today together with Fashion Trends I am going to explain what those seven main styles of fashion are and how you can quickly identify them so you know and have better knowledge about them. Take note!


What is a stylish person?


Fashion Trends and Style - Discover the seven styles of fashion - fashion

The personal style is based on the external that we have on the internal. It is defined with the elements such as makeup, hairstyle, wardrobe, and accessories. It is created little by little and it is a variant.


Not only that, but it goes hand in hand with self-knowledge and is a form of expression.


They never go out of style, we can still mix shades of what is in seasons.


In this sense, we never have a single style, but we mix several. Therefore, I invite you to discover them.


Who Invented the 7 Universal Styles?


In the 90s a theory emerged proposed by the sociologists: Alyce Parsons and Diana Parente in their book entitled “Universal Style: dress for who you are and what you want”, or in English “Universal Style: Dress for Who You Are and What You Want”. They identified the seven universal styles in which all people feel represented.


What is universal style?


The incredible Coco Chanel had a very interesting phrase that could facilitate the process of understanding the difference between trend and style: “Fashion passes, style remains.”


Starting from there, we discover that style is what identifies us and differentiates us. It goes far beyond the clothes we can wear. However, it is how through the personal image we show who we are without fear. Now, without further ado, I explain the universal styles.


Natural style. 


Fashion Trends and Style - Discover the seven styles of fashion - fashion

Also called “casual style”. Of the seven, this is the most predominant. You are natural if you prefer to wear simple, close, and natural garments.


It is associated with ecology and comfort, which is the key. However, the garments are fluid and allow that freedom of movement.


Likewise, you prefer natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, or jeans and very neutral tones such as white, beige, earth colors, and gray.


Nothing in your outfit draws too much attention, which is a plus that you can use when you wear something that attracts attention.


Traditional style.


Known as the classic style. This style shows elegance, professionalism, and leadership. People in work or corporate contexts use it a lot. They are traditional, classic, and sober garments that allow you to take risks without fail.


It consists of sets in plain and neutral monochrome and we can find garments such as suits, midi or tube-shaped skirts, as well as straight pants.


Elegant style.


Fashion Trends and Style - Discover the seven styles of fashion - fashion

Considered an “update” of the classic style, this style consist of garments full of elegance.


However, you can also mix it with trends. It’s a somewhat risky style, with colors that always attract attention.


We can see eye-catching bags, shoes, or accessories.


We see exaggerated sleeves, large shoulders, deep necklines, and colors that do not go unnoticed such as electric blue, black and gold, orange or red.


Romantic style.


This style is one of the easiest to identify. It’s made up of feminine, soft, delicate garments that themselves reflect a delicate, sweet, sensitive, and dreamy personality.


Within the colors, we find dusty, pinks, nudes, or white. The patterns they always choose are florals and elements of embroidery, bows, ruffles, pearls, lace, and gauze.


Creative style.


Fashion Trends and Style - Discover the seven styles of fashion - fashion

I don’t know if I need to explain it, but people with this style are very creative and don’t mind setting their trends by mixing different patterns and textures to create a unique style full of personality.


We can find combinations with patterns and shapes full of color that show originality and innovation, such as striped squares, colored prints, tennis shoes with long socks, and a blazer. What comes to mind!


Dramatic style.


It relates to the creative, however, the difference is that it goes much further. Their mixes are risky and contrast without fear. It’s a style that doesn’t obey the rules but remains elegant and sophisticated.


It’s run by people who are unique and very quirky. They go outside the norms without taboos and shame. We can find flowery crop tops over long dresses and tennis shoes, metallic pants with white boots, and a patterned shirt.


Seductive style. 


The garments that classify this style are short and tight. This way they fit your body in a very sensual way. In addition to necklines in the back and front.


We can find fabrics such as Lycra, transparencies, and glitters such as satin or satin. Within its color palette, we see red, black, and metallic, as well as print. It is very elegant and daring, worthy of very feminine women.


Can you mix styles?


Fashion Trends and Style - Discover the seven styles of fashion - fashion

Yes, within these styles, there are variants called “artistic currents”. For example, such as the hippie, rocker, vintage style, and all those that follow a particular trend.


Now, these styles are not immutable. Remember that they always have to show elements, and we don’t necessarily have to pigeonhole into one. We can vary and experiment depending on the occasion that comes our way. So if you identify with one or two more of these, that’s fine!


Wear what you want as long as it reflects who you are and what you like. With which style or styles did you feel identified? Let us know in the comments.