What’s the semi-formal style for men about?

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What’s the semi-formal style for men about? Men’s fashion is a topic of conversation. We can find different styles that define, among other things, your personality and part of your essence. Today, I come to talk to you about a style that can be one of the most confusing for many when it comes to understanding it. Even its name is confusing.


When it’s time for guys to choose their clothes to attend a semi-formal event, the thing can get complicated. And no wonder, because this type of event can be very misleading since it is not something elegant or etiquette where the rules are clearly established, nor is it something informal where we can go in tennis shoes.

Of course, always when dressing, what will dictate the choice of clothing, will be the style of each person, adapted to the occasion. So, we´re here today to give you a hand in those moments when you may find yourself not knowing how to look.


What is semi-formal?


Fashion Trends and Style - What’s the semi-formal style for men about? - men

First, I must explain to you what is the difference between a formal and a semi-formal style.


The formal style has long meant wearing suits, tuxedos, and variations to match black ties. However, at present, that has been left behind. It’s challenging to find the difference between them.


The difference is simple: the formal style is contemporary and requires a preferably black suit, tie or bow tie of the same color, and a white shirt. In contrast, the semi-formal style is a lot more relaxed.


I have some important tips that you should consider regarding what clothes you can wear and what accessories can add to your look to succeed.


  • Nothing too fancy. Sometimes we get excited when we find a style that complements us and goes with us. That’s why you must put a handbrake when combining. Since if you dress too elegantly, you could look out of place.
  • Nothing too casual. Sometimes you can find yourself undecided about two garments, and you should choose the most formal one. No jeans or sports shirts; that would break the style.


What type of clothing is casual?


Fashion Trends and Style - What’s the semi-formal style for men about? - men

The casual style consists of dressing elegantly and professionally using the most relaxed daily style.


For example, chinos with a light shirt, blazer or jacket, and loafers.


Now, semi-formal looks for men are a very successful success in terms of style.


So it’s important to be clear about some tips. Take note,


I’m sure you will want to read this!


For a daytime event:


 Formal isn’t allowed; however, you can wear a light-colored blazer with navy blue pants and a plain patterned shirt. Combine with black shoes.


For an evening event: 


To achieve this, you must combine a dark suit with a shirt of a lighter tone. You can also wear cuff links and a tie. When it comes to shoes, some dress shoes with laces will be a perfect choice.


You can also relax a little more and wear velvet chinos, a blazer, and loafers. With this option, you will look confident, masculine, and with an avant-garde style that will attract the attention of everyone around you.


What is a semi-formal men’s style?


Fashion Trends and Style - What’s the semi-formal style for men about? - men

First, you must understand that the phrase “semi-formal is a shirt and jeans” is false. A semi-formal outfit for men consists of combining a dark suit with a shirt of a lighter shade. Semi-formal clothes are usually requested for important events such as cocktail parties or day weddings.


Its history dates back to the 1800s when Eduardo VII changed from a white evening dress to something more relaxed with a jacket, something more comfortable. Starting from understanding the concepts of today that formal means a tuxedo and semi-formal a dark suit, with a conservative dress shirt and tie.


What is the best semi-formal attire for men?


Simple and easy, so much so that I am convinced that after this you won’t be able to stop using it. First, you should consider whether you want to wear a suit. That’s when you can choose the rest.


However, there are seven basics to wearing this outfit that you must pay attention to. Do you want to know which ones? Keep reading. They are effortlessly combined, and versatile looks change from day to night.


White shirt or Vichy plaid. 


Fashion Trends and Style - What’s the semi-formal style for men about? - men

We all have one, including women. Today you will find many models and shapes.


However, for a semi-formal outfit, you need shirts with a Mao collar because they’re modern and very chic.


For their part, Vichy’s paintings are a variety to vary the monochromes for something more modern and different.


In navy blue, it’s a very modern and elegant option.


The V-neck sweater.


Fashion Trends and Style - What’s the semi-formal style for men about? - men

Any material: wool, cashmere, or cotton, are an excellent investment to achieve those semi-formal looks that you want so much. On a long-sleeved shirt that shows the neck and the sleeves of the sweater protrude a little, it will give you an attractive essence.


A blazer is your best ally.


Nothing like a blazer to complement your daily outfit. It’s considered a key piece for adding layers and giving a breather to your casual or semi-formal business look. To combine it, add white or black colors.


Pleated pants, jeans, or chinos.


I’m sure your closet has an incredible variety of jeans and chinos or pleated pants. Any color between black or camel will be very in trend. For its part, the straight jean could work as total denim.


Comfortable shoes.


Essential for semi-formal outfits. Comfort is the main thing for these outfits and styles. Likewise, some white sneakers are also a good option as long as it’s for a day or more informal event.


What is the semi-formal style for men?


Fashion Trends and Style - What’s the semi-formal style for men about? - men

In Fashion Trends, we hope it has become more apparent than water what it’s to dress semi-formal.


We are happy and grateful to you for reading us and letting us enter your closet and life.


Finally, remember that the most important thing is that when you dress, you enjoy it and express your personality.


How would you put together your semi-formal style in the fall?


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