Running fashion

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Running has become one of the most practiced sports disciplines, reaching a considerable increase in recent years.


It is a sport that we can practice freely in the street, so it does not imply a relevant expense. Also, it is an excellent option to stay healthy, and if we practice it in a group, it is fun.


However, what we do not spend in practice should be invested in being in tune with the right clothes, and why not? Being fashionable.


Dress up in style


Fashion Trends and Style - Running fashion - fashion

Sports fashion has diversified and evolved over time.


Before, a simple sweatshirt and a jumpsuit or shorts were more than enough to go for a walk or do aerobics.


But today, and thanks to the brands that have been tasked to create more and more clothing with striking designs, going for a run does not have to go unnoticed.


Currently, the imagination is the limit when dressing to run.


But what garments are the most common? Let’s review.




Fashion Trends and Style - Running fashion - fashion

Leggings are perhaps the most famous piece for practicing any sporting activity. They give full coverage and support to the legs.


Leggings stylize your figure apart from the fact that they´re a super comfortable garment. And, well, if we have not shaved, then this task skips us.


We can find them plain in countless colors, prints, even in textured fabrics, and with details such as transparencies.




Fashion Trends and Style - Running fashion - fashion

Another essential garment is the running shorts.


If you like to feel freedom on your skin, then this option is for you.


Running is a purely cardiovascular exercise, so burning calories and sweating are the main companions of the day. Shorts are a piece that can help you cope with the temperature generated by physical effort.


Here the length will depend on your comfort and style.


We find them in a variety of fabrics and colors.




Fashion Trends and Style - Running fashion - fashion

The top or sports bra is necessary because running is a physically high-impact sport.


And the upper bust area must have adequate support for the rebound that occurs with each stride.




Another complement is sleeveless T-shirts.


If we are not to exhibit the skin to a large extent, the use of these garments is the most appropriate. Since they cover our torso and chest while giving us mobility when running.




Fashion Trends and Style - Running fashion - fashion

A piece that is also currently used for running is the skirt, in a style similar to that of tennis players but a little more open.


They look beautiful, feminine and most of them have their short-type coverage on the inside.







Fashion Trends and Style - Running fashion - fashion

The jacket will be your ally for days with low temperatures or cold climates.


Because it will give you that necessary extra protection and complete your look.








Fashion Trends and Style - Running fashion - fashion

This type of jacket is usually required in specific competitions.


Its material is generally waterproof and offers full coverage from the neck to the hips.


They come in different colors, models, and styles to choose from according to your taste.






Fashion Trends and Style - Running fashion - fashion

This accessory is vital for covering and protecting us from the sun.


And the absorption of sweat it possesses is one of its main objectives, preventing it from falling into your eyes and face.


There are visors of various materials and colors to combine in the best way.




Fashion Trends and Style - Running fashion - fashion

Like the visors, these also have the function of absorbing excess sweat that can make you uncomfortable when running.




The bandanas are another accessory that has become mandatory, like the visor and the cap. It prevents sweat from falling and keeps your hair in place without bothering you.




Fashion Trends and Style - Running fashion - fashion

During the day or in the late afternoon, the sun can wreak havoc on your eyes.


So, a good pair of shades is ideal to avoid being dazzled and compromising your vision when running.


Currently, many models are made especially for sports and running specifically.


You just have to look for the model that best suits you and your style.




Fashion Trends and Style - Running fashion - fashion

Socks are a must when you go running.


It is essential to avoid using cotton socks at all costs. As cotton is a material not recommended for practicing this sport, it does not provide a temperature balance and can cause chafing and the appearance of blisters on the feet.


Instead, opt for socks made of polyester or acrylic, which release sweat, keeping the foot cool throughout the work.


Like many other garments, in terms of stockings, today we find a wide variety of models, plain, printed, even cartoon, famous characters or motifs so that your style is super cool.


Last but not least:



Fashion Trends and Style - Running fashion - fashion

The main protagonist in this sport are tennis or running shoes.


The amount of clothing you can have, while it gives us style and an extensive sports wardrobe, does not compare to the importance of tennis shoes.


The selection of the correct shoes is everything in this sport.


These will give you adequate support to run, avoiding an injury.


If we practice this sport without the proper footwear, we will put our bodies and health at risk.


The ideal is to have several pairs that we can combine with the different outfits that we have.


Currently, we have a vast number of models from different brands. Every time they release a new series, they take great care in their design. Thus, having shoes with classic and sober colors such as black and explosions of color for the most daring.


And having talked about the importance of tennis, let’s know what the main ones are:


Best sneaker brands


Fashion Trends and Style - Running fashion - fashion

Here we name the ten shoes that will continue to be a rage in the world of running in 2022:


  • Saucony Ride 14 ViziPro
  • Skechers Go Run Ride 9
  • Nike Zoom Fly 4
  • Adidas Adizero Pro 2
  • Adidas Adizero Boston 10
  • Asics Novablast 2
  • Puma Deviate Nitro Spectra
  • Saucony Endorphin Pro 2
  • Hoka ONE ONE Clifton 8
  • Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38


Suitable materials for training


Fashion Trends and Style - Running fashion - fashion

There are various materials, but some, in particular, are of great support when training.


Let us then know the most successful ones to obtain comfort when running.



Being resistant and stretching quickly, this type of material can mold your body and facilitate mobility.





Fashion Trends and Style - Running fashion - fashion

They were perhaps the first materials for exercise clothing, and they are still used today.


They are similar to nylon, being equally resistant and elastic and providing ventilation, vaporizing sweat efficiently, and not sticking to the skin when running.





Microfiber & polyester:


These two materials are currently the pioneers when choosing a sports garment.


Both are synthetic and help evaporate sweat quickly, avoiding chafing that causes irritation or blisters on the skin.


They are ideal for hot climates.


When running, the important thing is that you feel comfortable in the first place and that the clothes you choose reflect your style and personality.