Don’t be another one of the bunch: Discover the rules for an original style

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Don’t be another one of the bunch: Discover the rules for an original style. I love that when it comes to dressing, we feel ourselves and that we do not care what others say or think. We know that appearance is very important. After all, it’s what shapes people’s first impression of us. For this reason, beauty begins with making the decision every day to be who we are and the mysticism of expressing ourselves with a lot of attitude. Now, it not only depends on how you wear it but also why.


In this sense, I am going to explain some important points that are the basic rules so that your style is more original and you stay super faithful. So, if you take these tips into account, I assure you that you will always succeed. I guarantee you! We at Fashion Trends are excited to talk about this. Ready to learn with us?


What is style to you?


Fashion Trends and Style - Discover the rules for an original style - outits

I want to start by saying that style goes far beyond being elegant or dressing well. It has a lot to do with your inner self. That is, with the person you are and your personality. It’s what keeps you comfortable and makes you feel special and beautiful.


Likewise, you will be able to see yourself capable of everything and being different, in a way that elevates your mood, self-esteem, humor, motivation, and whatever you want to project, because if you feel good about yourself, you will show it in your style.


Now, you must choose the garments that best identify you and feel comfortable, so you do not lose comfort and you can see yourself as more than yourself. It is what defines you. In this way, you will identify the essential elements that will define your style.


What makes you look original?


Fashion Trends and Style - Discover the rules for an original style - outits

Although we all indeed want to look good and make an impact with each outfit and make even the mostbasic look of a shirt with jeans look like the most beautiful clothing in the world. Let people see it and ask, how did I do it? AHA! Take note of these tricks to transform this look.


The accessories that identify you.


Wear whatever accessories you feel comfortable with and go with everything no matter. They can be simple or extravagant chains or rings, depending on the style.


Repeat garments.


And without fear. You don’t need a thousand different accessories or clothes to find an original look. So those basic t-shirts and jeans in your wardrobe can generate a magical look by adding impact garments.


Layers, always layers.


Wear capes like a goddess. Scarf, coats, jackets, sweaters, jackets, everything that we add and use separately, put them together to create an impact look.


The blazers, always structured.


The structured blazer, that is, with different shapes and lengths can help you elevate a look from simple to incredible. Trust me!


What do you have to do to be stylish?


Fashion Trends and Style - Discover the rules for an original style - outits

Having style is a matter of attitude and good taste. Although it is not necessary to follow the fashion commandments to the letter, it is important that we at least take into account these rules that will be of great help to make you look more incredible.


Risk to win. 


You can always take risks to try an original style. Be careful, as long as you don’t lose your essence and your style. Although it seems difficult, I propose that you open your heart and let yourself be carried away to get it right. In short, fashion is an adventure.


Zero comparisons.


Forget comparing yourself to celebrities and fashion bloggers. Always seek to be different and reflect how you are on the inside, so I recommend that you forget about others and what looks good on the Kardashians and start looking for what goes according to your body type.


Imperfectly perfect.


The style is created daily with certain habits and tricks that you can take into account based on details as well as trial and error that help you pass tests. Accept yourself as you are … imperfect. It is what makes you perfect and unique.


Don’t overthink it.


Allow yourself to get out of control and let yourself go. What looks too magazine-like can lose originality. Always remember that individuality is always the key. Be guided by your instincts and your self-knowledge.


What others say, do not care.


The secret is to forget what they will say. If your aunt doesn’t like what you’re wearing, it doesn’t matter, because it’s not about your aunt, but about you and what you love. Dress to get excited and get the best out of yourself.


How to enhance your outfit?


Fashion Trends and Style - Discover the rules for an original style - outits

To achieve an original style you also have to manage to choose appropriate suits, as well as the dresses. Ensure the colors that favor us and know what we should use according to what occasion. Likewise, footwear is also important, since it can take center stage in your outfits.


In addition, you can choose purses and clutch that help you complement them so that they look casual and natural. However, do not forget about makeup and hairstyle, which will also help us enhance the outfit.


What do you think of the coats? Coats are incredible garments to wear and make the most original style. If you don’t want a coat, opt for a kimono, so you can have a very chic alternative.


Some clothes can help you make an original look. For example, the classic black dress that you can complement with striking accessories, vests, or jackets of different colors. Another option is that you are not afraid to show, as long as it does not go out of your personality. Opt for the neckline, back, or leg openings.


Now, the one-piece can also be a garment that can help you create outfits full of differences and combine them with animal print or colors that always attract attention.


Finally, always think about outfits with leather. They will always be striking and combine at any time of the day. In dress, jacket, crop top, shorts, skirts or pants. Leather will always be a great success.


At Fashion Trends we are happy to bring you the rules so that your style is more original and we want to know your opinion. How do you dress? What are you planning to do to give your look an original contribution?