The return of denim and how it’s taking over 2021

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Is here! It arrived, and it is a trend. Denim on denim is also possible. The important thing is that it is back, and we love it!


Starting from the new times and seasons, 2020 brought us back a seventies style, which prompted the resurgence of a little more retro trends. Pop culture almost made them disappear, but today they’re back with contemporary cuts, vintage vibes, and sporty styling.


We love how flared pants, sparkly blouses, sequins, and leather have become in demand. Like puffed sleeves and tiered dresses, denim distinguishes looking good with whatever is in season. Yes, also baggy tailoring.

Is denim back in style?


Fashion Trends and Style - Denim - clothing

If it comes back, let’s all jump on one foot! And this is due to everything we experienced in quarantine and pandemics that changed our way of thinking and also of dressing. In fact, Levy’s, in an interview, emphasized that sales would increase by 25% in the first half of this year.


As a result of what has been experienced, the demand has increased thanks to the fact that people look for clothes beyond tracksuits and sportswear. We want to feel free, relaxed, and baggy and jeans like the “Mom jean” and the “boyfriend jean” have been the most sought after.


Do denim trends ever die?


Although it can be confused for being inspired by work looks, it is a trend because thanks to different modern designers we can find perfect combinations ideal for any situation in our life.


The beauty of denim is that it goes with everything and if you mix them, it can be a rather unusual, but chic, success. You can play with colors and create unique outfits and very “street style”.


Now, I want to give you a crucial tip when it comes to wearing this style: dark ones create a slimming effect, while light ones attract attention. However, make sure the cuts are thin, especially on the legs. By combining this little secret properly, you will achieve an ideal look.


Are skinny jeans out of style in 2021?


Fashion Trends and Style - Denim - clothing

In short, yes.


And I don’t know whether to laugh or cry because, to tell you the truth, I have mixed feelings.


In addition to skinny jeans, we ditch the hip-high pants, thank God!


In any case, we indeed open the way and opportunities to other styles that are more “exaggeratedly” baggy and easy to move.



Is it okay to wear a denim jacket with jeans?


Let’s see, of course, it’s allowed! Although it is difficult to get it right, you can wear a denim jacket with jeans as long as you are sure that there is a lot of contrast between the two pieces. That is to say, that the color is quite distinguished between one garment and another.


What color are the jeans in the 2021 style?


The boom of jeans in 2021 style is, without a doubt, the faded ones. However, this does not mean that it is the only thing you should wear to be in trend. Starting from a world of constant changes, I want to share with you some trends to know how to use denim and find that inspiration to put together incredible looks.


Wide boot jeans


Fashion Trends and Style - Denim - clothing

Let’s face it, we must say goodbye to tight pants! Rest in peace. In turn, open the doors to mom jeans, boyfriend jeans, bridal jeans, and flares.


They come to give style to all kinds of silhouettes and also add your confidence, the one you need to feel like the queen of the night, or of the day.


With them, you can use them from boots to sneakers.


This pair of jeans arrives with a tall cut and just a little kick to the bottom. They are structured and, no, they are not elastic.


How to combine them?


You can go for ankle boots, with a shirt inside or outside, and no, you won’t look like a tunic, because this type of jeans is designed to create an optical illusion. You can also use pleats. With this, you will be surprised!


Straight jeans


Fashion Trends and Style - Denim - clothing

The straight jean is booming, so it’s time to dust off the closet because you will be quite in trend when you wear it.


This slim, straight-cut jean reaches the waist or slightly higher, with a fly, zip, or button.


You will not expose your ankles!


This is because they fit your figure very well.


How to combine them?


With these jeans, a combination of denim is perfect, because combining it with a buttoned denim shirt, with a bit of shine around the neck, and polished shoes, you can look like a diva.


Baggy jeans


Fashion Trends and Style - Denim - clothing

Also called relaxed or dad, barrel or skater jeans.


This pair of jeans is an option that fits very well with any type of body.


It is very loose jeans and it doesn’t matter if you wear it with a loose blouse, it will not seem that you like swimming. It is actually quite the opposite.


How to combine them?


This type of jeans is ideal to wear with blouses inside it, unless it is a crop top, obviously. For this, the shoe can be boots or sports shoes.

Are flared jeans trending for 2021?


Fashion Trends and Style - Denim - clothing

As you have read before, yes, they are trending. However, it has changed, because they seek versatility as an advantage.


For its part, the length and width may vary depending on the models. This year, they cover even the heels.


Let’s not forget the high waist, which has the particularity of correcting the figure and lengthening the silhouette.


Of this type of jeans, we have several models that define this wide cut and are also in trend this 2021.


  • Full baggy. In this type of jeans, the extension starts from the waist and creates lightness and fragility. The length of this piece can be classic or cropped.
  • Baggy from the hip. This is a very classic and versatile option. With this garment you can hide the hips and excess weight, they also add growth.
  • Baggy to the ankles. As you can imagine, the length ends at the shin and the length can vary from small to very wide. It is to your liking. This jean contains elements of fashion from the 70s, such as the high waist.


Finally, at Fashion Trends, we are happy to share with you this trend that we know is here to stay. We want to know your opinion about denim. Would you combine it? What do you think about it? Do you consider it a timeless garment? Tell us your opinion.