Renew your look with the boho style for this spring 2024

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Renew your look with the boho style for this spring 2024. The boho style remains one of the most popular trends of the current season.


Although it is not new in terms of fashion, it is constantly renewed and updated to adapt to current trends.


For spring 2024, romantic and retro boho versions stand out, with influences from the 70s and a chic touch.


At Fashion Trends, we understand the importance of inspiration when creating an outfit. Also, there is a need for guidance regarding looks, especially if you are interested in trying a new style.


In this article, we will provide you with a complete guide so that you know everything about the boho style and can show it off in the best possible way. We will include recommendations for clothing and combinations that will help you incorporate this trend into your wardrobe.


What does Boho mean?


Fashion Trends and Style - Renew your look with the boho style for this spring 2024

The word Boho is short for “Bohemian Homeless.” This term refers to the nomads of the Bohemia region (Czech Republic), who belonged to the gypsy ethnic group.


This “gypsy” style of dressing of the nomads differentiated them from the bourgeoisie of that time.


So, the bohemian or boho style is not only a way of dressing. But it also implies a way of living apart from the rules and following a particular way of wearing fashion.


For this reason, boho is identified as freedom and creativity, which are the premises when creating looks with garments from this design line.


What is boho style?


Fashion Trends and Style - Renew your look with the boho style f

The boho style is a way of dressing born in the 1960s and 1970s. It was created to meet the fashion canons of the time. In this style, garments and accessories from different styles and periods are combined, creating fresh and eclectic looks.


Boho is a form of personality and free spirit expression that can be adapted to any age, period, and gender.


Characteristics of boho clothing


  • The clothes used are usually loose and comfortable.
  • Floral, ethnic, and paisley prints prevail.
  • Earth tones are the most used colors, in addition to vibrant ones. Accessories are relevant, and we find pieces such as hats, necklaces, bracelets, and rings with beads, embroidery, and details.
  • They give great importance to sustainability, which is why using organic and ethical materials is normal.


What is the difference between boho and boho chic styles?


Both styles converge in terms of freedom, comfort, and ethnic inspiration. As well as the creativity to experiment with combinations. However, they differ in certain aspects, namely:


Boho style


Fashion Trends and Style - Renew your look with the boho style f

  • It is perceived as more relaxed, loose, and comfortable clothes worn and made with light textiles and prints that evoke gypsy culture.


Boho chic style


  • It is worn in a more sophisticated and elegant way.
  • In addition to the basic garments, luxury, and design elements are included to add modernity to the look.
  • It is common to see pieces of more sumptuous fabrics, such as silk or velvet.


What are boho colors?


We previously mentioned some of the colors that are manifested in this trend, to which are added:


  • Earth tones such as brown, mustard, and olive green, alluding to nature.
  • Pastel tones, such as pale pink, sky blue, or baby yellow, are perfect and trendy for spring-summer.
  • Bold colors such as red, orange, and intense yellow.
  • Together, an essential color in boho is white, which is associated with purity and tranquility.
  • Likewise, metallic tones such as copper, gold, and silver are included, providing these touches of elegance to your outfit.


How to wear the boho style this spring 2024


Lace dresses


Fashion Trends and Style - Renew your look with the boho style f

One of the essential pieces of clothing in this romantic boho way of dressing is the lace dress.


Combine it with clothes where the sensual meets the delicate and add accessories such as a gold belt to add a special touch.


Wear tall leather boots to create an exciting contrast.


Biker Jacket


When it comes to boho chic, including garments such as a biker or leather jacket will help you easily create this look.


Mix a slip dress with an oversized leather jacket and a matching bag for the perfect look for any occasion.




Fashion Trends and Style - Renew your look with the boho style f

Both high boots and Swedish-style footwear are part of the basics of the romantic boho style for spring 2024.


They are versatile and look amazing with long dresses or retro-style midi skirts.


These types of boots, over the knee, will add a sophisticated touch to any bohemian outfit.


White dresses


White dresses are a basic of the boho chic wardrobe.


They are perfect for creating a wardrobe with a natural image. And these are ideal for good weather and transmit a romantic and relaxed image.


To enhance these last aspects, choose a model with embroidery that highlights the charm of this style.


Crochet garments


The crochet fabric is another detail that is considered emblematic of the boho style.


It is associated with the freedom and relaxation of good weather but can also be elegant and sophisticated.


Incorporate it from dresses to tops, and add a special touch to any bohemian look.


Flowing garments


Fashion Trends and Style - Renew your look with the boho style f

This type of clothing is practically mandatory in boho chic clothing.


In addition to being comfortable, they add elegance and can elevate any outfit.


Go for pieces like a top with finished sleeves to give a sophisticated touch to your bohemian style.


Baggy clothes


Following the same line of fluid garments, loose garments with fresh fabrics and a retro touch adapt to current boho trends.


Dresses with transparencies


To continue adopting the boho chic trend, a safe choice is transparent dresses with ruffled details, which are sexy and elegant.


Oversized sweater


Fashion Trends and Style - Renew your look with the boho style

A long, loose sweater with a denim belt is a great way to wear the boho style in spring 2024.


You can go casual but feminine with this look, incorporating boho elements with a touch of animal print to create striking and modern outfits.


Dresses with fringes


The fringes have the property of becoming protagonists, providing an original and very striking touch to the garments.


Dresses with fringes add movement and much personality to any outfit.


This season will be no exception. Boho and fringe continue to go hand in hand with dresses and other pieces.


Paisley print


The paisley print, also known as bacteria, has a folk and psychedelic air that has made it a symbol since the 60s.


Additionally, this pattern was popular during the hippie movement of the 60s.


This print type is still in trend, and it is the perfect time to incorporate it into your bohemian wardrobe.


And remember that, although spring continues its course, the boho style is in force all year round. You can adapt it to the elements of the season and thus wear it appropriately without losing its essence and charm.