Discover the most relevant fashion trends for 2022

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Discover the most relevant fashion trends for 2022. 2022 is a year that comes loaded with everything. The best vibes, the best attitude, and the best opportunities. Of course, after a long season in a pandemic, now what we want is to let go of our hair. And squander health, life, more freedom, and above all, the will to live.


In this sense, if you are looking to make a more conscious purchase for your wardrobe this coming year stay tuned. Because we bring you, from Fashion Trends, some of the trends that you must know already. So that you can consider them when the time to get your clothes for your new wardrobe comes.


So, I hope you keep reading me, so you keep up to date with the trends that rule. Including colors, and cuts that will be very present in the coming year.


What are fashion trends?


Fashion Trends and Style - Discover the most relevant fashion trends - Trends

Fashion trends are the forecasts of the consumption of a product. In this case, it can be shoes, a bag, shirts, dresses, accessories. Everything that we wear. This refers to the intake times in a period that is usually short. However, this is changing with the arrival of slow fashion.


It also includes colors that stand out and models, textures, patterns that´ll become popular during some seasons or just one. This means that they are fashionable products that we tend to buy even if it is not always consciously.


If you find it difficult to understand this, first you must get that fashion arises as a trend. But it is not born or dies out of nowhere. What we see is superficial behavior that is boosted by studies of the social context. This happens because we spend all our time imitating what we see, and that is why trends emerge. “I want those glasses that David Beckham sells”, and the truth is that yes, I do want them haha.


For this reason, macro-trends and micro-trends must also be identified and differentiated, the former being the broadest and most global. Which is based on the positioning, behaviors, and sociocultural phenomena that are identified in society over time. Something that influences the future of fashion as a whole, in addition to other routes. 


This works as the umbrella of consumer trends that, in turn, are channeled through various segments: fashion, design, among others. And that is what we will call micro-trends.


Now, the micro-trends are the materialization of the macro-trend that is segmented in its most perceptible and commercial form. It´s what we tend to call a trend when talking about a specific product. In this sense, a macro trend is a fashion trend.


What will be the 2022 fashion?


Fashion Trends and Style - Discover the most relevant fashion trends - Trends

It´s no secret that fashion varies, just as life is changeable, fashion is cyclical and always open to a range of changing opportunities. Every year we can feel that life changes since some things stay, others go, and therefore, new ones arrive.


One thing´s for sure, short skirts, transparencies, and tight garments almost like a second skin are returning. And the truth is that is no longer a scandal that for some time we have been wearing lingerie such as elegant dresses that take us back to the Y2K style.


However, after a summer full of zero insecurities and where we´ve learned to love ourselves as we are. We´ve given ourselves that space of freedom, which has been shown that it is not only about marketing. Because now, designers have been seriously finding new ways to interpret this sensuality that allows us freedom when dressing.


That is why we now see more often these sets of transparent fabrics that are also tight to the body. In Paris, we can also find some collections of leather strips braided together.


Some other brands have also joined this world full of sensuality such as Versace. Who injects wiggle when walking with thigh openings, mesh fabric, midriff, and latex. While Gucci opted for sheer lace minidresses, leggings, Garters, and accessories that explore sensuality. On the other hand, Prada explores other sensual horizons with marble wool cafeteria and demure hems.


In this sense, we can see that fashion is making its way into the world of sensuality. And shows us that sexiness comes in all shapes, tones, skin, and sizes. It also brings with it the body inclusion that is much needed on runways.


What colors are in fashion for 2022?


Fashion Trends and Style - Discover the most relevant fashion trends - Trends

Color is also part of the main things that we must pay attention to when it comes to being up to date. They set trends, the temperature of society, and fashion. The choice of color is not something we do without a second thought. There is always a more social, economic, and cultural background that defines it.


We can realize it on Pantone, or the Street Style catwalks that set the standards in color trends. And after this complicated time the colors we acquire will be classic and bright like khaki or camel that will continue to boom.


While bright colors such as yellow, lilac, or metallic are those that will help colorimetry. For its part, we realize that metallic will continue to be in trend and you don’t only need to wear it at night. And the most representative color of the season and the one that rules it all is Quetzal green.


It reflects the freedom, independence, changes, everything positive that we need for this new year that is coming. And you, do you already have the color palette that best suits you according to your skin tone to wear this 2022?


From Fashion Trends we hope you do. And that from now on you know which are these most relevant trends that must accompany you without fault. As you can see, this year will be full of sensuality and life, so take make the best of it.