Find the best clothing for rectangular-shaped bodies!

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Find the best clothing for rectangular-shaped bodies!. Our body shape is very important when it comes to dressing. Knowing our bodies, what we like and dislike is also a plus that will complement our style and also what we will communicate our outfit.


We don’t all have the same body type. There are different shapes and we must be aware of what we carry, and above all, feel proud of it. Not to be ashamed or feel bad, but to take advantage of it.


Today, together with Fashion Trends, I walk about rectangular bodies and the best clothes for them. After this, you’ll be able to get the most out of it. Ready for this adventure? I do! Accompany me!


What are the body types?


Before getting into the subject, we must first talk about body shapes. There are many of them, and most relate to geometric figures. For example, there is the oval, triangle, inverted triangle, diamond, round, pear, hourglass bodies. Today, however, we will be talking about the rectangular body.


How do you know what your body type is?


Fashion Trends and Style - best clothing for rectangular-shaped bodies - body shape

The rectangular body is characterized by shallow curves, a straight silhouette, and broad shoulders, as well as having a low waist and very long legs. Do you think you have this type of body? Now, if you think that’s how you are, and you want to know what to wear to exploit the virtues, you’ve come to the ideal place. Ready?


There is a way to know what our body type is, and it’s through the 5 cm rule. What does this mean? Simple, the body has five basic measurements that consist of shoulders, bust, hips, waist, and belly. Although they are similar to each other, there is one that can be greater than the rest by 5 or more centimeters, and that is the secret.


Let me explain: The first step is to find a tape measure and measure from shoulder to shoulder in front and then behind. Second, you must measure the bust above the nipple. Followed by doing the same for the waist just above the navel and the belly that is three centimeters below. Finally, the hip.


With all the measurements recorded, check how many centimeters of a difference there are between each one and the one that is 5 cm or more than the rest, there you will know what type of body you have.


Did you know this rule? It is super easy to do. In the case of the rectangular body, the measurement will be given by the waist.


What kind of dress should I wear if I have a rectangular body?


Fashion Trends and Style - best clothing for rectangular-shaped bodies - body shape

Take into account that the rectangular body means that your shoulders and hips are similar, and the waist doesn’t exceed 25%. In this sense, you should always try to show the waist. This means that you should make the belts your best friends, in addition to playing visually to create overlapping volumes.


On the other hand, you should avoid oversized garments or extra wide garments, since they will not favor you, as well as straight cuts in clothes. And yes, they are probably scratching their heads wondering, so what should I wear? Don’t panic! The recommended are fitted dresses. Pay attention that the skirt is high-waisted and has pleats or ruffles. Always fitted at the waist. Also, choose a belt to create contrast between waist and hips, and in this way, you can accentuate the curves.


However, if you are tall, midi lengths are recommended. While if your height is medium, you have the freedom to choose any length. Remember that what you must achieve is harmony. In the case of evening dresses, try to choose the one that flatters your silhouette with crossed details, for example.


How to dress a woman’s body?


The body H is also known as the rectangular body. They are usually the “model bodies”. They are very thin and do not have much bust or butt. An advantage of this figure is that almost everything looks good on them, even too low necklines.


What should you wear? Take note! I bring you some ideas.


Skinny jeans. 


They are a basic that should never be missing in your wardrobe, especially if you have this type of figure. If they have a cut to the hip, it will be the plus that will help increase the volume of the area and will become the best ally.


Shirts, t-shirts and jackets.


These options should never be missing in your wardrobe. Now, keep in mind that when using them, your goal will be to show curves, so choose garments with ruffles on the shoulders, horizontal or diagonal stripes, not vertical. The V-neckline to flatter you.


Long necklaces and wide belts.


Necklaces are perfect for highlighting the neck and drawing attention to that area. When it comes to belts, they fulfill the function of widening and adjusting. Basically, they help your waist to look smaller. 


Can I be curvy and have a rectangular body?


Fashion Trends and Style - best clothing for rectangular-shaped bodies - body shape

Yes, to tell the truth, you won’t always be an hourglass even if you’re curvy. If this is your case and you had no idea, you came to the ideal place. The rectangular body is also called a column body, to know how to dress it in an ideal way, find out by reading a little more.


Stylize the waist.


Curvy or not, you must highlight the waist with cuts or with the help of a belt. This helps you hide some areas with loose clothing, and always adjust the waist to give that illusion of a waste.


Some other garments.


Fashion Trends and Style - best clothing for rectangular-shaped bodies - body shape

Do you love ruffles and necklines? Follow them using. The neckline will flatter you and help balance the proportions. Also, the seams and cuts of the upper garments will help you to a V shape that will make your waist slimmer.


Ready to get the best out of your figure? At Fashion Trends, we hope to be of help to find what you need to make your outfits more incredible than they already are, making the most of your potential.


It does not matter what type of body you have, all bodies are beautiful and just as they have advantages they have disadvantages, the important thing is that when dressing you get to look beautiful and highlight those areas of the body that favor you and also make you feel very comfortable.