Puffed Sleeves: The New Trend?

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Puffed sleeves: the new trend? If we look at the world of fashion, we can realize that there´s a wide variety of sleeves. However, puffed sleeves have a particularity and have become a dominant element in outfits. The truth is that this trend is here to stay. So, you should know how to use puffed sleeves without mistakes.


In fact, on fashion catwalks since around 2020, this type of puffed sleeves has been seen very frequently. Consequently, they have become the star sleeves as models and celebrities wear them.


What are puff sleeves called?


Puff sleeves are also known by other names such as the Juliet sleeve, balloon, leg of mutton, Marie, and bishop. And they differ from others for being, as their term describes it, convex on the shoulders and with different designs in the area attached to the arm.


Let’s see the characteristics of the different types of puff sleeves:


Juliet Sleeve


This sleeve is long and puffed at the shoulders, while it´s wholly fitted at the arm for a charming effect.


Balloon Sleeve


This type of sleeve is voluminous from start to finish. This is why it has been given the name of balloon sleeve.


Marie Sleeve 


Fashion Trends and Style - Puffed Sleeves - sleeves

The Marie sleeve consists of a wide long sleeve, and it is tight on the arms at different points. Precisely, at two points along the sleeve and ends at the wrist in a bell shape.


Leg of Mutton Sleeve


This sleeve is very peculiar, just like the name it carries. And it consists of a long sleeve that becomes narrower from the elbow area.


Bishop Sleeve


The bishop sleeve is wide with a narrow ending due to a narrower cuff that creates a bulky effect in the wrist area.


How to wear puff sleeves?


Fashion Trends and Style - Puffed Sleeves - sleeves

Puffed sleeves are a striking piece that always becomes the focus of any look.


Therefore, it´s essential to know how to wear these sleeves to create a balanced and harmonious look.


That´s what this post it´s all about.


We want to explain the reasons why garments with puffed sleeves cannot be missing from your wardrobe:


They make any look seem fantastic


Fashion Trends and Style - Puffed Sleeves - sleeves

This is the most crucial point of puffed sleeves.


And it´s that no matter the occasion or the look you want to achieve, they´re an element that always looks good.


That´s why garments with sleeves like these become an ally for women.


Because they can be used in a simple look of a white shirt with high-waisted jeans, even with skirts if you want to go out of the ordinary.


Their versatility characterizes them


When these types of sleeves came out into the world of fashion, the main idea was to add them to a gala or haute couture dresses. However, times have changed, and fashion firms have taken it upon themselves to make different garments. Ones that can be adapted to any occasion. So, you can wear puff sleeves during the day with a casual look and at night with a formal look.


They help highlight the figure of any woman


Fashion Trends and Style - Puffed Sleeves - sleeves

Indeed, you think that because they´re sleeves with a lot of volume, they will not be of outstanding contribution to highlight any part of your body. But that´s not true. Because when there´s a lot of volume in the upper part, a visual effect occurs. And it makes the waist look narrower. Consequently, this style can be adapted to any body type and women of all ages.


They come in a wide variety of options


You can find puff sleeves on blouses, bodysuits, a long or short puff sleeve dress, an oversize, and much more. The best of all is that they come in different styles, designs, patterns, and necklines. To use them depending on her tastes. Thanks to this, once you wear a garment with a sleeve like this, you will love it for life.


They stay on-trend throughout the year


Fashion Trends and Style - Puffed Sleeves - sleeves

Garments with puffed sleeves become an excellent investment, as they remain in trend throughout the year.


You can wear these sleeves in dresses for spring or coats for winter.


You will get a surprise when looking for clothes with puff sleeves and seeing the variety.




How to wear puffy sleeves?


Fashion Trends and Style - Puffed Sleeves - sleeves

You can find puffed sleeves on any garment, so you can easily find the one that best suits your personality. Similarly, there are floral prints, bright colors, satin, denim, and much more. And so that you can combine them perfectly, we will give you the following ideas:


  • You can combine a top of this style with high-waisted pants so that your legs can look longer. All of this apart from being comfortable.
  • A white dress with puff sleeves is also a great option, perfect for summer. And to complement, you have to include some wedge sandals.
  • You can also combine long skirts with a top with puff sleeves. A look like this can be very cute or more daring if you add a print on one of the two pieces.
  • When it comes to trends, floral dresses fitted to the body with a sweetheart or square neckline and puffed sleeves are the ones to be in fashion at all times.


Try puffed sleeves, and you won’t regret it


To be in trend when dressing, if you don’t have a garment with different types of puffed sleeves, you´re still on time since they don´t go out of style. In fact, in your wardrobe, you can have a variety of clothes with these sleeves. Make sure your looks are in the best celebrity style!