8 pieces of clothing that every man should have in his wardrobe

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8 pieces of clothing that every man should have in his wardrobe. Men are also great consumers of fashion, and it is for this reason that they sometimes invest in good quality garments that add functionality to their looks. Now, have you ever wondered what you should always keep? Or what are those basic garments that can be with you for many years?


Does it happen to you that you fear filling your closet with things that you know you will never use? I know this is quite ambiguous to answer. So, today, I will show you what are those clothes must be part of your wardrobe. This way, you will avoid this situation. 


What clothes are essential for a man’s wardrobe?


It is important to note that this is quite subjective because it will depend on your tastes and style. However, I can give you several options so that you can get an idea of ​​what you should always keep.


  • A white shirt is your best ally


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This is the staple of all basics, even for women. In short, a white shirt cannot be missing from your wardrobe.


This garment will give you elegance and comfort at the same time. Do you have more than one? The answer is that it effectively depends on you.


My recommendation is to get different models and combine them with jeans or dress pants.


This is the perfect solution for when you have no idea what to wear. It is versatile for both formal and informal looks.


  • One suit, forever to impress, clothing


Using it together or separately, the suit can be mismatched and combined with more garments. For more arranged outfits, a complete suit is a safe option. However, if you want to go more casual, wear a blazer with nude jeans or pants, a shirt underneath, and brown shoes. Great idea, right?


As for the color, you can choose between black, gray or blue. It will save your life.


  • The leather jacket, for a more biker look, clothing


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Do you love leather jackets? I’m a fan!


In this case, we can be a little riskier and instead of one, have two: a rocker and a smooth one.


How to combine them?


The plain black leather jacket can be used with formal clothes and the other for a more casual look.


Either way, you will look great.


  • The classic jean, for casual looks, clothing


Ideal for outings and adaptable to any occasion. The jean is a good match for those basic white t-shirts, polo shirts, plaid shirts, or any color, really. Jeans are that garment that gets anyone out of trouble.


They can be combined with trench coats, t-shirts, shirts, leather jackets, jean jackets, and suits. They also go with any footwear.


  • A polo shirt, for not so informal looks.

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Polo shirts are a very functional garment because they will make you look neither as formal as a shirt, nor as informal as a T-shirt.


A polo shirt will give you that perfect point, even summery, very casual, and even for the office.


I recommend having three basic colors: White, black, and navy blue.


Combined with jeans or dress pants, it will suit you very well.


  • A sweater will give you an innocent air, clothing


It is perfect for cloudy or cold days. In fact, it is functional for every month, depending on where you go. If you mix it with any shirt or polo, there is no fault. Round neck or V-neck depends on your choice. However, the important thing is that the sweater has to be basic.


The colors to keep are black, beige, navy blue, and gray.


  • Boat shoes are essential


These shoes are ideal because they are in the middle between loafers and sneakers. They can be those superheroes to save you on more than one occasion when choosing is more complicated than it seems. You can also consider brown and black loafers with braids for formal events.


  • Belts and ties, necessary to impress


The belt is a garment that you should always keep in mind. I remember that at home they always gave Dad belts, purses, and socks and I did not understand.


It wasn’t until one day he explained to me that there are informal belts such as plain brown and aged buckle and the one for suits that is plain black, fine, and without being narrow with square buckle.


Regarding ties, there are certain steps that GQ magazine proposes to choose them. Regarding the fabric: silk is the most traditional. Wool for more informal or knitted cotton, which is what is more in trend.


For its part, you must also choose in terms of width, taking into account that the narrower the tie, the more it visually expands to the width of your shoulders and vice versa.


Finally, colors. This is controversial, and when in doubt you can choose sober and muted tones. However, if you don’t like the sober, navy blue, maroon and bottle-green are for you. If you want patterns, you can opt for diagonal stripes or discreet micro-patterns.


How many pieces of clothing should a man have?


While it is true that one must be minimalist, I cannot tell you an ideal number for all the above-mentioned garments.


What I can recommend is that of all these, at least you have three types of each, also depending on your budget.


However, this is completely up to you and what you always want to use and purchase for yourself. As these are basic garments, I am not including the rest and this does not mean that you have to limit yourself too just this.


Fashion is constantly changing and transforming, so it will depend on you and your style.


How to have a perfect wardrobe?


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Perfection is also subjective.


However, to achieve a proper wardrobe, the secret is to follow an ideal strategy, and it is not about buying things on impulse, but about making this process somewhat conscious and analyzing things well.


Am I really going to use this? Add what is of good quality and that are considered wardrobe items.


What is a wardrobe base?


Timeless garments that are not part of a particular fashion or a season are called wardrobe bases. They are good quality garments that can be used for many years.


Now, did you like this article? Do you have these basic clothes and you know you can’t go out without them? At Fashion Trends, we want you to tell us more in the comments and tell us what you think we lacked as an essential in a men’s wardrobe. We want to read you and know more about you.