Here’s how to find the perfect shoes for your beautiful skirt!

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Here’s how to find the perfect shoes for your beautiful skirt!.


If you love skirts and take them everywhere to the point they are already a part of your style and daily outfits, but sometimes you don’t have the slightest idea of ​​how to combine them or which shoe can be perfect, don’t worry! You aren’t the only one.


It has happened to many of us that we have a skirt in our closet, and we have no idea if the shoes we choose are the correct ones or if we are simply combining them at random.


You may have stilettos, boots, flats, wedges, sandals, or sneakers of all sizes and colors that give you various options. However, it isn’t about how many shoes you have, but how to combine them and which one suits the situation.


So, if you’re a fan of skirts and need help combining your shoes, I invite you to stay. Today, at Fashion Trends, we will offer some incredible tips to combine these two as a perfect match.


What kind of shoes can I wear with a skirt?


Fashion Trends and Style - the perfect shoes for your beautiful skirt - shoes

Although it may not seem like it, or you see it as a subject that doesn’t require attention, the truth is that it’s important. After all, only by understanding it and applying it correctly, will you be right with the style you wear. In other words: you will stand out.


Not all shoes go well with different types of skirts, and if you don’t take that into account, it can be a disaster. For example, you may look smaller, sturdier, longer, or disproportionate.


So, we leave you this guide so you can have a better idea when choosing the shoes to go with your outfit with a skirt:


Maxi skirt.


Long skirts look great with medium, high, or extremely high heels. Flat sandals will give you a very boho look, ideal for summer. However, what you should take into account is that with this last model, you can look sloppy and not stylish. You can also combine it with colored ankle boots for a more pop style.


Skirts with prints.


If your skirt is animal print, it’s perfect with black or strappy sandals. They are spectacular and will give you a relaxed and very chic style.


Flower skirts.


The floral print is ideal for a very romantic style,  if you combine it with bow ballerinas, Mary Jane’s, or mules they will perfectly complement your outfit.


The tulle skirts.


Ideal for very rockstar looks, especially if you combine it with military boots. Its contrast will be very striking, and you will look very in trend. Don’t be afraid to attract glances!


If your skirt has an opening 


You can combine this skirt with a classic Converse. You will look incredibly good and sexy you will bring elegance with each step. Not only that, but you can also wear it with heels for a more professional look. What do you think of these combinations?


The miniskirts


If you wear a miniskirt, choose low shoes like ballerinas or low heels. I don’t recommend wearing a miniskirt with high heels, because it can be very over-the-top and flashy.


What shoes can I wear with a white skirt?


Fashion Trends and Style - the perfect shoes for your beautiful skirt - shoes

A white skirt is an interesting outfit that can get you out of trouble, it’s a basic that combines perfectly well with almost everything, allowing you to create many outfits. Activate your creativity! Learn to combine.


With white shoes


Even in a total white look, a white skirt is perfect. This way, you can transmit a lot of peace and tranquility. You can also add a colored accessory or garment as a cape to always stands out. Besides, you can use, depending on the length of it, some leather heeled sandals, flat sandals, sneakers, pointed-toe high heels, or lace sandals. Even oxford sandals.


With nude shoes


Another successful mix that will allow you to combine it very well with other garments is the nude color. In addition to giving you that elegant touch, it is perfect to wear on top the color you want without fear of making a mistake since there is no way you can look wrong.


What kind of shoes can I wear with a knee-high skirt?


Fashion Trends and Style - the perfect shoes for your beautiful skirt - shoes


Yes, you may have a perfect look with your midi skirt on your head when trying it on, you realize that the shoes have nothing to do with what you are wearing. Either because of the color, style, or disproportionate to your figure. Quiet! At Fashion Trends, we will help you find that perfect shoe depending on your skirt.


Skirt to the knee.


Although it adapts to any type of shoe, you must take into account your proportions and height. Therefore, if you are short, you can wear stilettos to stylize your figure, while if you are tall, you can choose flat mule-type shoes.


Midi skirt. 


The length reaches mid-calf. Yes, it may seem a bit complicated. However, it isn’t if you know how to adapt it to you. In what sense? For a formal look, wear heels to lengthen your leg. However, if you are looking for something more casual, opt for tennis. Although, if you want a more rocker look, military boots are your option.


How to combine an A-line skirt?


Fashion Trends and Style - the perfect shoes for your beautiful skirt - shoes

Type A skirts are those that are tight at the waist and more open when falling. So it is recommended to wear them with low and comfortable heels, also mule shoes, sandals with straps or those that cover your ankles. Also, they look really great with sneakers.


The only problem with this type of skirt is that it makes the legs look short and the hips wide, so high or medium heels are the ideal option to balance your silhouette. Choose the heel depending on what you have to do. If you feel comfortable, you can choose tennis. They will always go well.


Remember to consider that it is not only the type of shoe that looks good with the skirt but also the one that suits our figure. It is the main thing that we must always take into account when putting together the perfect outfit, besides making sure it’s comfortable. If our clothes do not fit our body type, nothing we wear, even if it is in trend, will look good.


In this sense, you can also think of knee-high boots, ankle boots, or closed shoes. For example, if you have a wrap skirt, it can be adapted to any type of body, as long as the shoes suit you. This is why it is somewhat complicated, but once you get the hang of it, there will be no going back. Trust me!


What do you think of the skirts? At Fashion Trends, we say yes to wearing well-matched skirts, so we hope this article has been of interest to you.


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