Perfect masculine looks for those over 50

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Perfect masculine looks for those over 50. We cannot deny that as the world of fashion advances, so do people. And we cannot ignore that as we age our tastes change, this applies to all genders.


That’s why we have to be super consistent when it comes to dressing. In the end, we don’t want to be seen with our pants too low showing what we shouldn’t show, right?


So, today I have come to show you how to dress if you are between fifty and sixty with a lot of style. I promise that you will feel like Brad Pitt or David Beckham, maintaining, of course, seriousness and formality.


Now, this doesn’t mean that you can’t wear shorts and a T-shirt for a weekend, of course not! This means that when you use them, you will look so good, that you will feel like a young George Clooney. Are you ready?


How to dress well at 50?


Fashion Trends and Style - masculine looks - men

If you belong to this era where you are already on the fifth floor, I want to remind you that it isn’t bad.


It’s part of life, and the important thing is the attitude with which we decide to get here.


In your fifties, you should take into account these style tips to always show a good image: First, never add years to your clothes. Fifty means joviality, style, and good taste.


Next, prints and color are also valid, the important thing is to take them with balance. Finally, jeans, shorts, denim shorts are, of course, allowed!


How should a 50-year-old man dress?


Reaching 50 means that you have come a long way in life and that you are a responsible, respectable, and well-established man. If you aren’t already, don’t worry, we’ll start with your image. I will show you some looks that you can use for inspiration from now on.


Urban look.


Fashion Trends and Style - masculine looks - men

Who said it was not possible to wear a suit with sneakers? Yes of course! If the street style approves, so do we.


It’s important to redefine it according to your tastes and the items you wear. For the summer, you can opt for a synthetic suit to avoid excessive heat.


In the case of sneakers, they have already been considered a basic that we cannot ignore.


In this sense, a suit with a basic round-neck T-shirt and sneakers will give you an almost red carpet style.


A perfect option to go to the office or a casual event.


Sporty look.


Fashion Trends and Style - masculine looks - men

This option is interesting for weekend looks.


Those days when you want to stay home or go shopping, a short walk to the park or a day out.


No matter how old you are, the sporty look is highly approved to wear when you don’t feel like dressing up and have to do something quickly on the go.


Even for a family lunch, why not?


Colorful plaid look.


Fashion Trends and Style - masculine looks - men

The contrast of short-sleeved button-down shirts with jeans or chinos is a very interesting option without being too flashy for a day of social enjoyment or to go out for drinks with friends.


Wear it with sports shoes or loafers, and jeans that are somewhat skinny to bring youth to that outfit.


Trust me, you’ll have a few years to go!


Now, if you don’t want pants, get yourself some shorts. Trust me!


Formal look.


Fashion Trends and Style - masculine looks - men

A long or short sleeve shirt in neutral colors is the perfect option for a special occasion or event.


In short, the elegance that shirts convey cannot be compared to anything else.


Combine it with well-cut trousers, a belt, and braided loafers. You will draw attention to wherever you go.


Remember that for this formal look, it is very important to keep your hair well cut, as well as your beard.


Semiformal look.


Fashion Trends and Style - masculine looks - men

To achieve a semiformal look and make you feel like Johnny Depp, you can opt for a turtleneck sweater and pleated pants combined with a belt and loafers.


I assure you that you will be the personalized elegance.


Now, if you don’t want a turtleneck, you can also choose a plaid or patterned shirt to match with chinos.


Casual look.


Jeffrey Dean Morgan, at 55 years old, surprises us with his casual looks with dark jeans, a basic T-shirt, a black leather jacket, and a cap. Showing us that dressing casual can also be worn at any age, as long as we keep our balance.


How should a man dress to look good?


Fashion Trends and Style - masculine looks - men

In addition to the looks that I mentioned above, it is also important that you take these tips into account to continue elevating your style.


Good looks are worth a thousand words.


In this sense, you must take into account your body type and lifestyle.


Because what looks good on tall men will look good on short men.


Besides, you must learn to dress according to your age with appropriate clothing, put aside some basics and maintain good footwear, because it has to be highly comfortable and it should speak for you. Same as accessories: tie, watch, wallet.


How to dress in fashion with little money?


Fashion Trends and Style - masculine looks - men

AHA! I have come together with Fashion Trends to demolish that false theory that to dress elegant and fashionable we must have a lot of money, it applies to both sexes. Elegance and money don’t go hand in hand.


Wear a star garment.


The trick is in the balance you get in the looks. With a garment that stands out, it will be enough to look amazing.


Don’t use too many patterns and shapes.


Unless you’re wearing a total look, don’t mix too many prints of different types and textures. If you wear a garment with a pattern, try to keep the rest sober.


Don’t throw almost anything.


Unless it’s broken, too scruffy, or ugly. But do not get rid of anything, because although sometimes you think that “this shirt I will not use again”, the truth is that not and less currently where almost everything old is returning.


Perfect masculine looks for those over 50


What do you think about this article? How do you dress in your 50s? At Fashion Trends we approve of these varied styles and we are sure that when you apply them you will start to attract attention wherever you go. You will be a mature man with sexappeal and a lot of style.